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 (Republic of Colombia)
CapitalBogotá, D.C
Area1,141,748 k㎡ (26th)
Population48,400,388 (28th)
GDP$293,243 million (37th)
292 artists
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
HeathenismPagan Black Metal, AmbientColombia300
Odio a muerteBlack Metal, Death MetalColombia100
A Night of the Battle CityThrash Metal, Speed MetalColombia1210
no imagePagan Black MetalColombia000
Rompiendo cadenasHeavy MetalColombia200
Críptico y BlasfemoBlack MetalColombia100
LulumoyBlack MetalColombia100
CondenadosBlack MetalColombia100
PaganoPagan Black MetalColombia100
The Black HostBlack MetalColombia100
Diabolus IratusBlack MetalColombia100
EquilibriumHeavy MetalColombia500
Born For WarThrash MetalColombia100
Gloriosa muerteDeath Metal, Thrash MetalColombia200
Gray VisionDepressive Black Metal, Post-RockColombia200
Kill The HuntersMetalcore, Groove MetalColombia100
no imagePagan Black Metal, Death MetalColombia000
Engrendo de guerra (demo)Death MetalColombia200
The Human SicknessBrutal Death MetalColombia300
El Arribo De La Legión CarnalBlack MetalColombia100
Severa MollejaGroove MetalColombia100
Zombie GoreGoregrindColombia300
Rise of the Evil SpiritsLyricsMelodic Death Metal, Groove MetalColombia100
My Darkest DaysMelodic Death MetalColombia400
The Throne of ArmageddonDeath MetalColombia400
The Prison WithinMelodic Death MetalColombia500
Awakening Of The Last ResistanceRaw Black MetalColombia100
no imageGrindcoreColombia100
DemoDeath Metal, Thrash MetalColombia100
ÆvumLyricsTechnical Death MetalColombia300
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Info / Statistics
Artists : 42,140
Reviews : 9,954
Albums : 151,681
Lyrics : 198,398