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previewSlumpark CorrectionalDeath Metal, Thrash MetalSyria43Nov 17, 2009
cover art Artist Album Release date Rating Votes Date
T(h)rash of the OrientpreviewpreviewT(h)rash of the Orient  [EP]2008-08-28701Nov 17, 2009
F.T.U.N.previewpreviewF.T.U.N.  [EP]2007-04-13661Nov 17, 2009
Classified As ScumpreviewpreviewClassified As Scum  [Demo]2006-11-11-0Nov 17, 2009
no imagepreviewpreviewDreaming Underneath Destruction  [EP]2005-11-11901Nov 17, 2009
preview  Slumpark Correctional preview  T(h)rash of the Orient (2008)  [EP] 70/100    Nov 17, 2009
T(h)rash of the Orient F.T.U.N. left me with an ambiguous feeling, as the compositions were simply too close to what Soulfly and Sepultura had offered on their album and the vague suspicion that some ideas had been recycled by the Syrian band could not be shaken off. The similarities are still there on T(h)rash of the Orient, but the band attempts to move out of the shadows of their archetypes a bit and progresses into a new direction by webbing elements from the Arabian music into their own compositions.

A facet that has remained the same is the performance by the vocalist, whose voice still reminds on Max Cavalera. Maybe this is just a strange coincidence, but it leaves the listener nevertheless perplexed about what is going on here. Presumably, I am not too nit-picky here, because the vocals are performed ... See More
preview  Slumpark Correctional preview  F.T.U.N. (2007)  [EP] 66/100    Nov 17, 2009
F.T.U.N. Slumpark Correctional are from Syria and it is interesting to see that even in this country metal bands can exist and record music, but they might be given a hard time by the government or religious authorities. Metal and Islam do not go well along in the eyes of those in charge in Muslim or Islamic countries and the examples told by the Lebanese band Kaoteon in interviews give an impression on how things might be in the even less 'modern' Syria.

The first impression left by this release is its good sound. Another would be the obvious background of at least some band members: Sepultura and Soulfly; the emphasis lies on the latter one. Yes, there is a cover from the Chaos A.D. album, but the general approach is more in vein of Max Cavalera's solo project. The music is thrash/groove meta ... See More
preview  Slumpark Correctional preview  Dreaming Underneath Destruction (2005)  [EP] 90/100    Nov 17, 2009
no image Coming out with hard hitting beats and raging vocals, Slumpark Correctional manages to break free from your traditional 1980’s metal scene. This new band has its roots in Syria and you can even hear it in their music. While thrashing and bashing, oriental tunes flush out a sound that is refreshingly unique. Female vocals that appear on some of the songs tend to give harmony to the rage while the male vocals are brutally deep.

The band was put together by visionary artist skeeter who plays lead guitars and writes the lyrics for most of the songs.

I was pleasantly surprised with ‘Summer’s End’, a song that sounds medieval and spacey all at the same time. While some songs are meant for hardcore fans some songs such as ‘Guillotine’ can easily satisfy music lovers from all age ... See More
preview  Hate preview  Awakening Of The Liar (2003) 92/100    Nov 16, 2009
Awakening Of The Liar Effectively, the only way I even found out Hate existed was basically due to seeing a picture of Decapitated frontman Sauron wearing a band t-shirt of theirs whilst milling about at a live gig a year or so ago. Of course, with the size of my respect for Decapitated, I took the approach of what's good enough for him, I've got to at least give it a shot.

Now regardless of whatever label you want to stick on this band, there is no doubting whatsoever that this band is without a shadow of a doubt a death metal band. Both technical and brutal, possibly brutal through technicality, Hate manage to bludgeon you senseless with a big stick but at the same time amaze you by the intricate nature of the riffs and how all the instruments come together in the musical equivalent of a Communist ideal an ... See More
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