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Black Metal
SPIRE - Nostalgic Wake of the Dead CD Photo by Counttormentor
Title Items Date
SPIRE0Oct 16, 2023
Artist Genres Country Albums Votes Date
previewSPIRENecro Metal / Black MetalBrazil1111Oct 16, 2023
cover art Artist Album Release date Rating Votes Date
Nostalgic Wake of the DeadpreviewpreviewNostalgic Wake of the Dead2024-011001Jan 27, 2024
The Funeral Flame Within the AbysspreviewpreviewThe Funeral Flame Within the Abyss2023-011001Oct 16, 2023
Necromantic Infernal LegionspreviewpreviewNecromantic Infernal Legions2022-011001Oct 16, 2023
Forged Under the Dark Empire of Black FlamespreviewpreviewForged Under the Dark Empire of Black Flames2021-011001Oct 16, 2023
Suffocated to the Majestic DespairpreviewpreviewSuffocated to the Majestic Despair2020-011001Oct 16, 2023
The Cold Lament of the Cursed SoulspreviewpreviewThe Cold Lament of the Cursed Souls2019-011001Oct 16, 2023
On the Atmosphere of the Night the Principles of NecromancypreviewpreviewOn the Atmosphere of the Night the Principles of Necromancy  [EP]2019-04901Oct 16, 2023
Magic Spells of HellpreviewpreviewMagic Spells of Hell2018-041001Oct 16, 2023
Black Eyes of the NecromancerpreviewpreviewBlack Eyes of the Necromancer2017-04951Oct 16, 2023
Necros 2 Unholy Black MetalpreviewpreviewNecros 2 Unholy Black Metal  [Demo]2015-09-15751Oct 16, 2023
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preview  SPIRE preview  The Funeral Flame Within the Abyss (2023) 100/100    Oct 20, 2023
The Funeral Flame Within the Abyss SPIRE
Necromantic Black Metal


The Dark Night Guides Us Through Dark Senses Possessed Instincts Among Dark Emotions To Blacks Impulses Within The Dark Ceremony Consecrated Mysteries Felt Through Cold Flesh In The Dark Night Where Ritualizes The Black Spirit The Cremation of the Dark Flame Through the dark subconscious The icy breath of the dark feelings Contemplate the black instincts that to the dark hidden mysteries reveal themselves between Ritualistic Bodies Among the Black Nocturnal Bows To the tiniest desires of the dead Flesh Demons Within the night Celebrate among the bodies The Dark Occult Evocation In between the coldness that wanders Free Cream of the Dark Ritual Flames Mysteries Of The Nocturnal Spectral Diabolic To The Dark Enchantme ... See More
preview  SPIRE preview  Necromantic Infernal Legions (2022) 100/100    Oct 20, 2023
Necromantic Infernal Legions SPIRE
Necromantic Black Metal


The Black Night Ceremony Celebrates Infernal Domains The Gloomy Veloire Transposed To The Dark Black Cult Bodies, Spirits, Demons. This Dark Necromantic Celebration Reveals Us The Shadows Demonic Possessions The Black Soul In Battle The Dark Mystic Transgression Of Veiled Dark Bodies By Blacks Spirits, The Obscure Cult Of The Devil Through Dead Flesh Revering The Funeral Hidden Where The Buried Awake Inside The Obscure To The Dark Bloodthirsty Ceremonial Ritualistic The Frozen Winds That Echo The Dark Murmurs In The Black Called To The Obscure Hidden Void Over Serene Land Where The Dark Rests And Within The Obscure Black Ceremony Of Black Flames The Fire Where Personified Black Flame Ritualizes The Black Necromancy To Dark ... See More
preview  SPIRE preview  Forged Under the Dark Empire of Black Flames (2021) 100/100    Oct 20, 2023
Forged Under the Dark Empire of Black Flames SPIRE
Necromantic Black Metal

Forged Under The Dark Empire Of Black Flames

Into Hell Among The Dark Mysteries To The Cold To Walk Into Darkness The Hidden Black Reveals The Dark Waters We Carry Through The Dark Journey Through The Dark Abyssal Paths Under The Demonic Trail That Guides The Dark Spirits Among The Burning Flames That Eternalize Into Hell To The Cold Dark Judgment Revealed The Night Eyes Over The Black Infernal Empire Of The Black Forces Of The Shadows For The Cold Consequences That Live In The Cold Blood Between The Black Transgression Felt To The Dark I Regret That Abyssal Bodies Regression To Cold Agony Between Torments Within From The Black Twilight The Black Judgment Of The Lives Sins Through The Senses The Black Blood Possessed Among The Dark Flames That Lead Th ... See More
preview  SPIRE preview  Suffocated to the Majestic Despair (2020) 100/100    Oct 20, 2023
Suffocated to the Majestic Despair SPIRE
Necromantic Black Metal

Cold Winds Blow Within the Tormenting Darkness In A Dark Ceremonial Dark To The Dark Blood Sighs The Morbid Dark Essence Transpose Within The Dark Night To The Dark Dark The Dark Rite Ceremony Contemplate The Black Spirit That Coagulates Over The Black Blood The Dark Celebration To Dead Space Ritualizes The Black Consecration Of The Dead Meat Suffering Within The Dark Under The Black Transcriptions Revealed In This Necromantic Celebration Consecrating Black Rites To The Cold Blood That Flows Through The Dark In This Black Ceremony.
SPIRE - Suffocated To The Majestic Despair
Ritualising in Black Ritual Invocations The Black Spirits Convention The Black Plane of Shadows Awakening Through Blood To Black Rites Between Ceremonial and Necromantic Night The Bla ... See More
preview  SPIRE preview  The Cold Lament of the Cursed Souls (2019) 100/100    Oct 20, 2023
The Cold Lament of the Cursed Souls SPIRE
Necromantic Black Metal

Then Also In The Same Year Of Their Will Be Released The Third Album Of This Black Horde SPIRE.

SPIRE - The Cold Lament Of The Cursed Souls.

Buried To The Everlasting Torments Of A Cold Universe Dark And Dead Where The Burning Black Flames Cream The Meat Through The Shadows The Blacks Rituals To The Cold Blood Celebrated The Funeral Honor Of The Mystical Hidden Infernal Universe Of The Necromantic Demons Transported Through Millennia Prophecies Of A Black Era Where The Lived Battle Has Begun The Black War Appearing The Hidden Black Instinct Of Cold Thoughts In The Dark Reflections Of A Black Universe Where The Dead Regret For All Eternity Their Lives Thrown In The Abyss Human Bodies Cream Eternally Among The Black Hell Flames Watching For Their Sins ... See More
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