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Dispossessed in Rapture (First Wound) Lyrics

Vastum - Orificial Purge

Orificial Purge

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Death Doom Metal
Labels20 Buck Spin
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1. Dispossessed in Rapture (First Wound) (6:56)
You were there
You put it inside me
Hate filled the annals of my mind
Filled my body
Fire decayed, I was losing time

Abyssal, transfixed
Undoing, what if...
Pleasure so fast, so precipitous
This absence of my life in your myth

Tell me a story you feel
(Gaping aura)
Gaping aura, so surreal

You, my void, innards of bliss
(Into obsession)
Into obsession, lost, adrift

Churn in your center
Feel me arrive
(Don't lose faith)
That this fist is alive

Even in absolute death
In mystical fires
Where nothing is left

Time of this void
When love, hate, knowledge
Burn your inside
Burn and recoil

I am your body
Flesh of your flesh
Eternity, timelessness of grief

Churning center, feel me arrive
(Don't lose faith)
That this fist is alive

Tell me a story you feel
(Gaping aura)
Gaping aura, so ethereal

Eros ablaze
Mourn no more mourning
Together again
We hold us within
You churn in the maelstrom of these guts
In wounds of a body, nadir of lust
In dreams of eschatology

I ate your tongue and your hands
Organs that hold and keep us from falling
This is my impossible call
To reach you in spite of it all
Suffering Eros ablaze
Absence in absence, the only way

Through nothing, forever, no time
You destroyed my wretched life
The fire of this union in death
Seeding an earth where nothing is left

Through nothing, forever, no time
In mystical sin, together we die
Separate forever, our infinite death
Now is the time
Exhale... dispossessed
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Vastum - Orificial Purge
Orificial Purge - Lyrics
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Vastum - Orificial Purge
Orificial Purge - Album Credits
  • Daniel Butler : Vocals
  • Leila Abdul-Rauf : Guitars, Vocals
  • Shelby Lermo : Guitars
  • Luca Indrio : Bass
  • Chad Gailey : Drums
Other staff
  • Greg Wilkinson : Producer
  • Laina Terpstra : Cover Artwork
  • Daniel Butler : Additional Artwork
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