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Antiquus - Eleutheria cover art


TypeStudio Full-length
GenresProgressive Metal
LabelsCruz del Sur Music
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Eleutheria Lyrics

Submitted by level Scotty Vortekz (2017-04-11)
1. Oh Captain, My Captain... (6:37)
Journal entry, fourteen-seven-four,
Our nation's ruler, empowered by God above;
Has made me Captain of the vessel, Mercy Childe,
Across the Second Sea, we search for lands unknown.

I am a servant, I follow my command,
My men are able; strong and worthy hands.
I leave my family - my wife will wait for me,
The ship is all now, the crew responsibility.

Enter unknown... stars will guide us home.

Two dead crewmen, the Mercy Childe was lost,
Drifting aimless, upon the Second Sea.
The Pilot missing, his post is vacant long -
I read the charts now, their meaning is obscurity.

The journey has begun - the journey has begun...

The stars that guide our crossing course,
Seem to me so cold and small,
Beacons I don't know,
Beacons I don't know at all.

Questions stalk my stalwart vessel,
Plagued by dreams of mutiny,
Frightened for my own survival,
Has the answer come to me?

Has the answer come to me?

The stars that guide our crossing course,
Seem to me so cold and small,
Beacons I don't know,
Beacons I don't know at all.
2. Eleutheria (5:59)
Captain, you are alone in your hope,
To travel on into this emptiness, where none have been!
Further, we will not go with you,
The ship will turn around the mark is set for home.

The pilot charts, they mean nothing now -
He had lost his mind before he disappeared.
Take them all, may they serve you well,
Live or die upon the Second Sea.

What do the pilot charts mean?
(Circling in the sky...)
Something recalled from a dream?
(My hysteria...)
Seems like a memory to me;
(Distant birds they cry...)
The sky reaching over the sea...
3. Meta Incognita (3:46)
...journal entry, date unknown. Having lost command
of the Mercy Childe as a result of infamous mutiny,
I find myself in a small vessel, jettisoned into the
uncharted territory of the Second Sea. With a
stroke of ironic insolence, my first mate has
provisioned me with only me journal and the
mad writings of the missing Pilot. Are these
strange dots and dashes intended to be some
sort of chart? I must sadly admit that as of
yet, I cannot decipher them. And so, I relinquish
myself in to the hands of God, may His blessing
find me in my hour of need...
4. Redemption (6:56)
The shores of this coast
Ascend into a forest of pine;
What have I found what have I?
What have I found now?

Asleep, and untouched -
Thoughts begin to grow in my mind...
What have I found what have I?
What have I found now?

The bounty I have found
Exceeds in worth the Mercy Childe lost,
What have I found what have I?
What have I found now?

My King will recognize the truth
And return with me, whatever the cost
What have I found, what have I?

From sea to sky
'Cross far and wide
As God's my guide
This land is mine!

Through rolling plains
To forest glades
By my own hand
I claim this land!
5. I'm Alive (11:13)
...and at last before my eyes,
no longer alone, I realize.
There are tracks on the sand,
someone else has come before me -
making plans for this land,
laying claims that are not mine!

Through the trees I see him kneeling,
and he looks to me like Christ.
Gethsemane crosses my mind,
but the doubter here is me -
Can it be? Can it be the truth before me, all the while?
Can it be? Can it be the Pilot lost from the Mercy Childe?

Now my Captain now you see the truth;
I am alive, I am alive!
The pilot charts were left for you to find your way
To my side, I am alive!

How are you here, O my pilot?
You cost me my command -
And the Mercy Childe is lost!

This doesn't matter now,
let the cares escape your mind
the never-ending is your home now,
forever - Eleutheria...

Your Mercy Childe has gone,
and so too flies your duty and your charge.
You shall live in this land now,
The quiet shores, forever - Eleutheria...

I don't understand, your words confuse my mind.
This land is now the King's domain,
The other constraints compromised.
I will commandeer your vessel,
Return to serve my oath,
Build a second, better crew -
And lead them back to colonize...

My friend you have not understood,
Freedom is not a boon to man.
There will never be a ruler here,
But you and I can share this land.

You talk and talk at me Pilot,
And you begin to test my nerves,
Captains give commands -
Pilots serve!

So this land is yours?
Well I say it's mine!
Many resources so rich and grown...
I must bring him word,
what I've witnessed here
Mighty King and countrymen at home...

You owe it to our struggling nation...

I owe nothing to the lives of men.

You cannot stop progress Pilot!

But I will stop you if I can...

if I can!

...Captain? Are you still with us, Captain? Why is it that you've stopped speaking? You are in a public hearing for your own defense this morning, and neither His Majesty, not this Court - are in an obliging mood. You've returned to us empty-handed, and although your claims of mutiny have been delivered with passion - they do not persuade us. You'd best think carefully about what you have to say in your defense - for your very life is at stake...

Thank you, my lord, for your learned advice - but I am aware of the stakes involved in this hearing. I must admit, it is this part of my tale that is most difficult to tell, for - you see, despite my best efforts to convince the Pilot he wouldn't concede. He claimed that the new land was to remain virgin, unused and primitive, and our argument reached a fevered pitch. He was speaking treason my lord, and - God help me - with a stone from the river, I - brought him down. My God, I killed the Pilot. But I tell you now Councilmen - I did this in defense of His Majesty's regal claims... Listen to me - for there is none more faithful than myself. I have ever worked to serve this land, and my lord the King, and to that end I have brought the proof that will both exonerate me, and lead our Nation back... Do you see? Do you see them? These are the Charts! And I understand them now! Believe me, Council - grant me a ship, and I will find the way. The land is there, the land is there - it's for us now! These charts are a map to Paradise! Believe me when I tell you, the stars will connect - we'll find the way - the passage opens the Sea - the Second Sea...

Ad lib.
6. Leaves of Grass (9:15)
Journal entry fourteen seven five,
Our nation's ruler has granted me my life,
To lead this vessel and show him what I saw -
Upon the distant planet Eleutheria...

I upload thoughts into the host disc acting as guide
My console flares, I drive the captain's knowledge inside.

The stretching space reveals the path disguised in the charts
I fold the map, the stars connect, a phasing now starts.

Through warping space our ship emerges out of the air
A synapse pulse shuts down the Drive of Alcubierre...

But as I peer out,
The landscape seems strange,
The shores are a wasteland,
the planet has changed.
And here, where the rocks lie
In broken profusion
The slain Pilot's body,
I turn in confusion.

...the planet's a desert...
...nothing is here...
...murdered the Pilot...
...he's led us astray...
...killed all his crewmen...
...the Captain's insane...
...lied to the nation...
...grasp him and bind him in chain!

Something's wrong! / What has changed?
cliffs and shore / rearranged?
Must have made / a mistake
Something lost / route I take
to this place / difficult
phase is wrong / not my fault
passage through / Second Sea
It was here / Listen to me!

Abstracted, I whisper excuses,
Injustice, their judgment effuses.
They watch me, but they will not see me -
A pattern, moving so precisely.

Then thousand is still not enough time
Remembrance the sentence for my crime
The endless, the faithless, the cities
The foolish, the sordid, the pity...

A leaf of grass, one blade completely,
holds worlds and suns - but size defeats me.

O me! O life! What good amid you?
The play goes on - my verse contribute.

"I open the scuttle at night
and see the far-sprinkled systems,
And all I see multiplied as high as I can cipher,
edge but the rim of the farther systems.

Wider and wider they spread,
expanding, always expanding
Outward and outward and forever outward."

- from "Song of Myself" by Walt Whitman (1819-92)
7. Mechanismo (6:46)
It left a pulse in my circuitry,
The echo down from the satellite to me,
Heed the bulk of your industry,
Move the throttle and take control.

You left it to our devices for far, far too long -
Running cables and wires we mapped your home
Two-hundred channels and lies, coming down through our eyes,
The patent mark of our kind,
A mechanical mind...

Lead the way, our souls will follow,
EMP, outside the cage of Faraday.
Symmetry, a joy and sorrow,
does not replace collective thought - NTSC

Mechanismo -
We gained control.
What does it mean -
To learn to dream?
8. KT Event (3:47)
We are divided now,
Our ocean-born are gone,
And those who tread the Earth,
Have to the Earth returned.

Our kind cannot predict,
Can't read the warning signs,
Sediment and stone alone
Recall what we have learned...

So we grew and changed -
Scales shed like summer rain,
Transformed - feathers growing now
Our blood has warmed...

Once we ruled the day
Once we ruled the night -
The sea, the sky and land
Was our Archean right...
If we had the chance,
If we had the sight, we'd go
The winds of change defined our line of flight...

When the Earth rolled low,
Madness challenged gravity -
The highlands broke so slow,
The mountains fell into the Sea...

Once we ruled the day
Once we ruled the night -
The sea, the sky and land
Was our Archean right...
If we had the chance,
If we had the sight, we'd go -
The winds of change defined...
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