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Rise of the Wise Full Album Lyrics

Wisdom - Rise of the Wise cover art

Rise of the Wise

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-01-04)
1. Over the Wall (1:05)
2. Raven's Night (4:03)
""Who knocks here? Who knocks here?" It is the raven black:
In its beak is the note, or one like it, brought back."

Ravens painted black the sky above our hiding place
Brought to us some messages and filled our hearts with faith

Time has come to arise and wait for the sign of destiny's calling
Now we have to be wise and safe for a while then we have to go

Ravens' night is the name of our last fight
Evening falls here we are to break down the walls
We will fight hard until we die
Ravens, give us the sign!

Wiseman gave us all his guidance by those mighty birds
We are all prepared against the evil by his words

Days are passing away together we wait for destiny's calling
Say your last words and pray before it's too late then we have to go

This is not a legend but the story of our life
In this battle we will win or we are gonna die

Come on HEY come on NOW trust and never fear
Come on HEY come on NOW Ravens' Night is here
3. My Heart is Alive (5:00)
"When faith is lost, when honor dies, the man is dead."

The rain falls down on my face
The rain falls I've been losing my faith
The rain falls still nobody cares
Just empty promises, nothing else

Where should I go, oh what can I do?
I want to know just like you

I wonder how frail I am
Remember how I was a blind man
Pretender, no I'm not a fake
My feelings poison me like a snake

I stand for a while, realize why I live
My heart is alive, I want to believe
Now I let the rain wash away all my pain
My heart is alive and I will find my way
4. Hunting the Night (4:02)
"The werewolves are certain sorcerers, who having anointed their bodies, with an ointment which they make by the instinct of the devil; and putting on a certain enchanted girdle, do not only unto the view of others seem as wolves, but to their own thinking have both the shape and the nature of wolves, so long as they wear the said girdle; and they do dispose themselves as very wolves in worrying and killing, and eating most of human creatures."

When the full moon lights the sky
Time is right for mastery
Sharpened claws and mystic eyes
That's the werewolves' destiny

Ancient fever in my bones
Long ago my fate was done
When the sun goes down I feel
Yes I know my time has come

Hunting the night, out in the wild
You will be my sacrifice
Hunting the night, out in the wild
Your blood keeps me alive

When I turn into the beast
Hunger is my enemy
Every prey is like a feast
That's the werewolves' destiny

Sense of guilt in human shape
This is how it has to be
No one sleeps when I'm awake
That's the werewolves' destiny
5. Hero (3:07)
"Heroism is the brilliant triumph of the soul over the flesh that is to say over fear: fear of poverty, of suffering, of calumny, of illness, of loneliness and of death."

Battle cries in the deep of night
Burning fire and steel
There's a hero to win this fight
To defeat the enemy

Soldiers of destiny many dead and gone
Killed by the bravest one

Hero, creature of war
Glorious forevermore
Hero, king of the field
His name is feared

Early rays of the morning sun
Lights the large battlefield
Silence kills when the war is done
Many died or disappeared

Soldiers of victory celebrating and
Praising the bravest man

Hero, creature of war
Fearless and brave to the core
Hero, keeper of faith
No question he never fails

Hero, creature of war
Glorious forevermore
Hero, king of the field
His name is feared

Hail the hero
Praise the hero
6. Trough the Fire (4:24)
"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself."

When you are in flames and close the door
Crawling back into your shell
You're just falling deeper more and more
Only you can help yourself

See the world in another way
Life is more than pain

Have you ever tried to make a change
Whenever you feel alone?
Now I think it's time to break your chains
Like I did it on my own

See the world in another way
Feel it in your vein
I believe and I know today
Life is more than pain

Through the fire I walk the line
Maybe one day I will arrive
Something inside tells me to go
Where the wild winds blow

Crazy little things could break my heart
And my life was so surreal
Then I didn't know myself but now
Everything is crystal clear

See the world in another way
Feel it in your vein
I believe and I know today
Life is more than pain

Through the fire I walk the line
Maybe one day I will arrive
Something inside tells me to go
Where the wild winds blow

Road to nowhere I'm on my way
Feeling higher day after day
I will never, never return
Let the fire burn

I don't know what waits for me
Where the wild winds blow
I just know that I will be
In a place where I belong
7. Nightmare of the Seas (3:25)
"Damnation seize my soul if I give you quarters, or take any from you."

Far in the island I was born
Deep in the wildest thunderstorm
Mother who cared and covered me
Was the wide eternal sea

Father, the wind has cold embrace
I let his fingers guide my sails
Where there is something to be done
He will never let me down

All in my hand
Fortune and fame
Born to command
All people fear my name

I'm the king of piracy, the nightmare of the seas
Sailing through the stormy waters for a thousand years
Never give a chance to enemies, I've learned it all before
Nightmare of the seas I ride the storm

Sailin' against the wind and fight
Ridin' the waves all day and night
Livin' among my loyal crew
This is like a dream come true
8. Believe in Me (3:32)
"Never do anything when you are in a temper, for you will do everything wrong."

Outside the window, I see the moon
Gives little silver light in the gloom
No breath of wind, no rise in the ground
Only my thoughts are whirling around

Morning will find me awake
Oh it's always the same
Something must change or I'll go insane

Still many times I lose control
I am just like the man I don't wanna be
Give me a final chance, one more
You can trust and believe in me

Face in the mirror, seems like he cries
I look into his desperate eyes
Try to deny what sanity tells
Whether it's me or somebody else?

Morning has found me awake
Oh it's always the same
There must be change or I'll go insane

Trust and believe in me
9. Secret Life (3:09)
"Imagination rules the world."

I am the great pharaoh
Building my tomb for tomorrow
I am the last true knight
Prepared to fight tonight

I am the Raven King
Killing the black bird for my ring
I am the hand of fate
Bringing the end of days

You say with evil irony this is just fantasy
What if you free your mind and try to see?

Magic and lights stories and lies
Anything goes in my secret life
When the night falls and the dark grows
Anything goes in my secret life

I am the son of God
You eat my flesh and drink my blood
I am the old wise man
Teaching the best I can
10. Welcome to my story (4:26)
"The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work."

You want me to create something
I will make it, I won't rest
So you want me to spread my wings
I will do my best
You want me to follow your way
I will try it, keep in touch
So you want me to work all day
Don't you want too much?

Everything I do I always do it from my heart
But I never liked to make it hard
Welcome to my story

Waiting just waiting for honour and glory
No more I can do let me say I'm sorry
Hoping just hoping that fame will come for me
That's all I can do, welcome to my story

You want me to improve my life
I will make it, I won't rest
So you want me to use my mind
I will do my best
You want me to follow your word
I will try it, keep in touch
So you want me to join your world
Don't you want too much?

Sometimes I feel like I'm inside the storm
Maybe I'll raise high or sink like a stone

Welcome to my story
Welcome to my story
11. Rise of the wise (6:00)
One justice, one wisdom, one night of glory and pride
We're fighting for freedom until we die

Inside this evil empire where I live
The bloody walls are the dark signs of tyranny
They took my freedom, soldiers are all around
Who rise against them is forced to the ground

Now it's time for change in battle we unite
This will be our last fight over the dark night

They want to break me or send me to the grave
Maybe I'll die but I don’t wanna be a slave
I saw the ravens the mighty birds of hope
But I see dying in my horoscope

Come on make your choice there's no more time to waste
Join us and break your chains; freedom awaits

Rise, rise up when you feel that's your only choice
Rise, rise up let the world hear your voice
Rise, rise up to defeat evil tyranny
Rise, be master of your destiny

I'm a prisoner in this world there is
No escape if I just lie here and wait
Pain and suffering oh I can't stand it
I must fight against what I loathe and hate

Come along and join us now everybody counts
Hearts on fire we feel the power of freedom that surrounds

Now we hear the ravens' sign, see the falling walls
Revolution the sole solution is here we must go forth
Now or never lets fight together against the evil force
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