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Concepts of Math: Book One Full Album Lyrics

Watchtower - Concepts of Math: Book One cover art

Concepts of Math: Book One

GenresProgressive Metal, Thrash Metal
Album rating :  95 / 100
Votes :  4
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2016-11-19)
1. M-Theory Overture (3:38)
2. Arguments Against Design (4:12)
A universe so complex and intricate
Some believe arose from grand design
A product of art and contrivance
Attributed to a power divine

Does our knowledge, so incomplete
Lead one to this conclusion?
Better to be a sKeptic
Than to follow a false illusion

A source of hope and fear
That puts power in the hands of priests
A force to reward and avenge
And tame the savage beast
A doctrine that takes refuge
Where science can't yet tread
We choose not to trust our logic
But imagination instead

To police our earthly behavior
And keep the masses under control
To assuage our fear of death
The promise of an immortal soul

Faith cannot move mountains
We see them where they're not
We believe in the ancient myth
And not our rational thought
A doctrine that takes refuge
Where science may soon tread
Rather than imagination
Let's find the truth instead

Man created in his own image
This great dictator of events
And the priests shall inherit the Earth
While the innocent man repents
3. Technology Inaction (6:20)
Technology in Action

T, T, T, T, Technology inaction

Technology ascends fast-paced; it's inspirational
Don't get too inspired cause it's devastational
Can't keep up with the latest gen, it's operational
Both lines of offset growth are relational

Confused and incomplete we struggle to keep pace
Lost in our device - lost and bound for dark fates
Scientists who cut the edge they fall short as well
Morality; sluggish at best, a sad tale to tell

T, T, T, T, Technology inaction

The most advanced machines are born from creative minds
But the thoughts of the end user, always lag behind
Like the dawn of the Internet saw transformation
Info superhighway to e-commerce solution

Just cause we have power or technical prowess
Doesn't make us ready to own such progress
To be responsible takes a quantum leap
Into the unknown - for most, a dive too deep

Technology in Action
Technology in Action
Technology in Action

T, T, T, T, Technology inaction

A modified environment is the path we've all been on
Since proto-humans sharpened their first stones
With goals meant for good, a subjective idea
But the best intentions still lead us to fear

For millennia we have had the tools
To bring about our demise - spears in hands of fools
People will do good or evil regardless
Of what technology helps them do it best

Technology in Action
Technology in Action
4. The Size of Matter (4:51)
Numeric truths evaluate
What we are conditioned to think
Signals, ideas, information
And messages all interlink
Taking account of images
Pushing accuracy to the brink

But errors exist
When gauging reality
And glitches persist
In actuality

The question lacks a conclusion
The answer continues if it fades
Attempting to pinpoint estimates
With edges sharper than blades
Compilations compute an average
As the constancy retrogrades

To understand the matter
It boils down to the parts
Disengage the factors
With figures off of the charts
To what degree can we take it?
What's the value of a face?
How do we define existence,
With numbers on a decimal place?

In the universe that's microscopic
Electrical forces overtake
Time is short, ticking faster
Few laws of gravity to break

As a pest securely fastens
To the surface as it crawls
Hanging upside down it clings
To the sheets, to the walls

In the universe beyond colossal
Immense spheres taking shape
Pulling mass toward the center
Gravity can't escape

Countless sums show a difference
Too numerous to neglect
The slightest change having impact
Results one would not expect
The tipping point is critical
Which leads to a drastic effect

To understand the matter
It boils down to the parts
Disengage the factors
With figures off of the charts
To what degree can we take it?
What's the value of a face?
How do we define existence,
With numbers on a decimal place?
5. Mathematica Calculis (9:54)
I - Origin
As time appeared a system premiered
Synced, clicking, clocks ticking
Facts set in stone, logic on its own
In the making, for our taking

II - Translating Nature into Numbers
A miracle confronts us, a method to explain
Madness that surrounds us - the rules of our domain

III - Addition, Multiplication, Substraction, Division
To combine computations, carry over the stacked rows
To align in formations as the column overflows
Fundamental building blocks - forced to ingrain
To the dozens etched away, buried in my brain

Reduce with deductions, find the difference of the two
In declining productions, the opposition's for review
Break it down and separate, attempt to contain
Sliced up into bits to the same degree
What furthermore persists - it will remain

IV - Geometry Part 1
Making points for reference capricious in design
Two determined targets constitute a line
Two congruent figures, if they translate equally
Reflect or rotate - by law we can relate

- Geometry Part 2
Critical concepts captured in results beyond refute
Discovered, not invented, no reference - absolute
A language to decipher, teaching us to arrange
Patterns of space and structure and elements of change

V - Number line - Part 1
Scattered across and placed sequentially
Continuing on and on into infinity
Ascending to peaks too towering to gauge
Descending to depths extending off the page

- Number line - Part 2
To the left - consecutively decreasing
To the right - consecutively increasing
Too indefinite to comprehend?
There is no end...

VI - Calculus
Differential or integral
Newton's motion and gravitation's pull

VII - Imagine...
Living only inside my head apart from y and x
I squared equals minus one, a friend that seems complex

VIII - Algebra Part 1
Two sides to each equation, follow all of the signs
A road to the same destination on either side of the lines
A perfect pair estranged - separated at birth
Isolate what has changed to find its worth

- Algebra Part 2
To transfer from side to side, perform the inverse
Collect what is defined - far from the diverse
End the search for the unresolved in problems attained
With all values revealed for the unknown
In the final result - the balance maintained

Imagined and real, composite and prime
So many numbers, so little time...
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