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Wall of Water | Full Album Lyrics

Wall of Water - Wall of Water cover art

Wall of Water

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPost-Black Metal
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > W > Wall of Water Lyrics (4) > Wall of Water Lyrics (4)
Submitted by level 17 서태지 (2016-09-12)
1. Untitled (4:07)
I bare a razor blade smile
The disfigured reflection of a failed generation
As revolting as the world that broke me
As honest as a suicide's last choking breath

The mirror's broken and the shards of glass reflect my shattered emotions
And the shards of shattered hopes and dreams
Their blades are sharp but carving new wounds has lost its luster
And there's only so many tears to feed on

And only so many tragedies before you're a monster
So what's the cure when you're consumed
By the certainty of a bleak empty future?

I bare scars that reflect the world I was born into
That reflect the cry for help for help from a generation left to rot

As sickening as the current state of life
As haunting as an Abyss of debt
As depressing as this world of illusion
As certain as the future's great depression

And all of the churches prayers, and all forefather's regret
Can't save us from the fucking grave that's been dug
Left without hope, without a fighting chance
Of meaning or a purpose, or an end
2. No Moment of Clarity (8:51)
I saw the world from between my eyes
Guidance in cryptic alien writings
A language lost in mind, known in the soul
A warning from a remorseful future

The truth illuminated in the patterns beyond

My mind's eye stared into the sun
Instincts petrified by god-like optics
Sneaking through forbidden corridors of enlightenment
Knowledge that I'd kill to purge from memory

Suddenly a different world surrounded me
Skies of satellites that tracked my every move
Privacy slaughtered in the trendiest of social growth
Men as human sacrifices
To their newfound cyber gods

I can't hide from their all seeing eyes
The pyramid a few stones from completion
Will you smile when you abolish freedom?
With a face that has two empty bleeding sockets?

We're drowning in their oceans of pills
Poisons to contain the mind- to halt all spiritual growth
Enslaved to lethal foods that regulate the population
Our psyches bound in torturous chains of materialism

And what hope does our generation have?
Wallowing in their prison made of debt and unemployment
Can we revolt against the tyranny they're growing?
That's devouring what's left of hope.... and democracy

My god.... this will be our future....
My god
this is our tomorrow
3. Water of Life (2:44)
4. Exposure (4:01)
Exposure, blur the face in sight
Fade into the light
Exposure of this war I fight
Waged on through the night.....

Shutter now, oh soul of mine
Your scars are poisoning my flight
Bleeding out, I'm losing time
Take my soul and save this life

Sacrifice all the sins I had in mind
Fate hangs on the edge of the line
Slice the aura with a crystal knife
Excision of the hate inside

Drown me in light....
This darkness serves me no more...

Surgery of a spirit torn and mangled
Losing hope.... as the chakras all turn black

Exposure, blur the fear in sight
Fade into the night
Exposure of this curse I fight
Walk now, towards the light....
5. Clairvoyance (9:23)
Who is to blame for this wasteland?
Who is to blame for the walls caving in?
I see the end times on the horizon
Is it paranoia or vision just too accurate?
These waters have cleansed the Earth many a time before
The most prosperous of past empires have fell.....

Fuck! How do I evolve?
How do I preserve the few things that ever really mattered?
The signs I see everywhere, is it end or rebirth?
Will these memories haunt me through the wormholes of space time?

Is this just my world crumbling?
Are these just the fears of a man completely broken?
Then why do I see the sorrow in faces around me?
Could these thoughts be echoing through collective consciousness?

I see fire, I see deep waters rising.....
I see an order of corporate deities pulling the strings of power
I see cycles of violence, and certain extinction
I see the truth and it's so fucking tragic

Floods will fill the grave we dug
Tidal waves will rise and smash the population
Walls of water will cleanse the Earth of life again
But who will be too weak to evolve?

....We chose this....

The scent of dead flesh that invades my senses
is my own
peeling away, revealing the raw red birth of new life
the old is burning away, pouring from every wound
What gives must take, and what's taken can never be regained
6. Astral Hauntings (6:30)
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