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Hell Yeah Lyrics

VenomSpreader - Hell Yeah cover art

Hell Yeah

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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-07-13)
1. Humanic Disease (4:13)
Imagine that, from the moment you were born I had planned your execution
Value of life, if not human nothing more than pick and choose exclusions
Dead inside, hopeless at the start but mortal vessels have yet to expire
Circle of life, weeks and months at a time, lifespans unnatural, mother nature the liar


Where's God now?
We are God, and given God's consent we've manufactured this man-made hell
Production screams murder, factories to frozen isles
Function complete, and all you had to do was die
A hell for man, but not for man
All hell is man, but not for man

No, this can't be right, perhaps we went awry somewhere in these calculations
To feel this way, is not the way, since when did life become something to be cherished?
because it was never enough to be the greatest thing since sliced bread
Everything else had to be made lesser, and belong on sliced bread

It should be only humans
Dying from humanic disease
Don't feel for them, the helpless, feed on them
They're not us, they don't look like us

And only after your body is crippled by sickness will you meet the end

The ire I feel for what's transpired on this mire of death
Dubbed the killing floor climbs higher than Everest
Terror flavor bitters your tongue, blood rusts metallic like iron
Seasonings, cooked in fire, until the corpse is desired
Bodies, fuck your euphemisms
For once, can we just face the facts and call things what they are?
Flesh of innocents tortured, murdered and burned
Worth nothing more than fuel to all you bottomless tombs

Hate for you takers of life
I've seen the reaper in all of your eyes
Scythe blade re-forged
Death dealt with fork and knife
No remorse as you gorge to bursting, course after course and
Numbers don't lie for you takers of life
And my math says that with you dead instead there'd be far less corpses
2. The Rights of Upright (4:11)
Under your footprint a world being trampled
Over your head, coexistence and change
Outside your grasp, resolutions you've searched for
Why does it matter, when all is your birthright?

Take all you want and
Destroy what gets in your way
Be it conscious or earthen
Spare only what stands on two legs

Outcast by your mass, a world slowly smothered
Over your head you think saviors await
Outside your grasp all concepts of renewal
Step over it all, all you've claimed your birthright.

Disgusting, the amount of disregard
For all things, not us, justifications for
Exploitation of environs
Atmospherical Earth, and the ones on all fours

Unleash the hordes, no one to stop us now
Walking in stride, we topple all
Feel no remorse, born man the chosen ones
These are your rights, the rights of upright

But standing so tall
Only makes it easier for us to look down
Only makes harder to hear the pleads
Sounds of a planet crushing under two feet

Took all you wanted
Destroyed what got in your way
Now live alone in the barren
Sympathy died on two legs

Eclipsed in your shadow lay the scarred remains of a dead world
And over your head, dead space holds no escape
Too far from your grasp now lay all second chances
The fault is your own, and death is your birthright

What is right? Defend our wrongs with these rights we've granted to us alone
The rights of upright
For those who do what they will unconscious of consequences
I’ve stood upright, forever weighted downward by the shame of my kind
No longer upright. Identifying with the dying masses, not their chain wielding masters
3. Dead Body Slide (3:54)
Oceans of blood churn violently beneath a storm of panic
Gore avalanches, tectonic plates of flesh collide, loose the bodyslide

Onward to your doom, go forth and suffer
Resistance leads to broken vertebrae, electric prods in your eye
Egotism and traditional ignorance have somehow justified
There's just no other way, you'll have to suffer

Chains round your leg begin to hoist
No, this is not your ascension
Tell me, how do you like your new perspective?
Upside down, face and eyes swollen, reddened
Now know the knife, as all you ever were is drained from your body

Bleed, bleed dry
You were made to die
For greed, for feed

In postmortem bliss you dance, dead nerves fire their last, carotid spray turns the world red
The blade, like karma, comes full circle, pierce the roots and remove the head
I take my prize from 'neath your hide, fruits of your youth torn at their ripest from your bones

Dismembered as you're transformed from sentient being into product
Feel the pain, know only pain
As I lay everlasting waste to your race

When death fetches the highest price
Totally missed the meanings of life
Forgiveness runs dry, what is dealt comes back twice
Cognitive dissonance, murderous device

Onward to your doom, go forth and suffer
What better reason than destructive nature and insatiable appetites?
There's just no other way, you'll have to suffer
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