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Disenchantment Lyrics

Veil of Mist - Disenchantment cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSymphonic Metal, Gothic Metal, Progressive Metal
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Lyrics > V > Veil of Mist Lyrics (6) > Disenchantment Lyrics (6)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-03-06)
1. Fané (6:10)
Slow days, grey walks
Buzzing thoughts, black sounds
All illusions were crushed
We're swept away by years

Something has broken
The past has misted over
This future I feared so often
Has finally fallen on me

Tout est fade désormais,
A une ou deux exceptions près
Rien qui puisse raviver
Un peu l’éclat d’un cœur fané

Les ans ont tout emporté
Sauf l’amertume et les regrets
Qu’est-ce que le temps a légué
Hormis la somme de nos lâchetés ?

Flames embrace, bodies flicker
Sorrow’s reign becomes greater
So many pains and wounds
That no cure will ever heal

Cold fragments of joy
Like splinters in my soul
I wait in autumn nightfall
To join you hereafter


I worked myself to death for so long
Now I kill time until time kills me
J’ai payé mon tribut
A cette aveugle absurdité
Machine à broyer
Qui des rêves ne laisse qu’un reflet brisé
2. Scarecrow (4:29)
I eat the scraps of a dinner I can’t afford anymore
The face in front of me has changed since yesterday
His empty eyes remind me of those I see on the windows
As I walk away to another night of aches and anguish

I am the scarecrow of your existence
The cluster of rags on your flat screen
Which tells you every time that nothing is granted
That all can collapse anytime

I used to look away when I saw...
Who I became I’m in his shoes now and despise who I used to be
People don’t cut off their noses to spite their faces
They resign themselves, forget to be humane
3. Sham Existence (7:05)
Insidious and inpalpaple, their
ascendancy grows (day by day)
By dint of bombarding us, our critical minds finally surrender (lulled into illusions, we gradually give up)

Preachers, salesmen, no matter how we name them (as long as we have faith)
They will despoil us to better sell us imitations (is it so easy to forge someone’s life ?)

Tacite agreement
Why risk being pointed at for abstract principles ?
Silent renouncement You will never challenge their rules but you can’t even tell me why !

CHORUS: What does it all mean ?
If nothing’s for real anymore
What does it all mean now ?
If all feelings are virtual
What does it all mean ?
If existing’s a deceit
What does it all mean now ?
If we have to dream our lives

Lazy and submissive, we have become extensions of our screens (marionettes)
Force-fed with information, it has become impossible to sort (Condemned to satisfy artificial needs)

Leaders, dealers, no matter how we name them (as long as we consume)
They will control us to better sell us superfluity (is it so easy to forge someone’s will ?)


Get back the voice that you don’t hear anymore
Get back the senses you forgot long ago
And choose what you really want for yourself !
4. Weight of Regrets (3:58)
It is a fragrance of the past,
A piece of existence slowly vanishing
A lost feeling that reminds me of you.

But there was a time when
Some words had to be said or concealed
And I kept silent with my pain and pride.

Countless days, countless nights have passed
But it still grips my heart
And remorse lingers but it will not change anything.

CHORUS: Oh, when it’s done, when I’m gone,
Will you understand my choice ?
Do you believe all those who claim
They never felt the weight of regrets ?

And I no longer believe in
Those clear-cut sentences I once said.
Time eroded the deepest feelings.

Even though I’m trying
To live with the burden,
I curse myself for being so weak.

Countless days, countless nights have passed
But it still grips my heart
And remorse lingers but it will not change anything.

My former self died, buried in my mind;
Dead memories lie all around me.
5. Heiress to Melancholia (5:59)
He read in me things still unwritten
The rest he had learned in my diary
In the end, what did it change ?
I have grown older, darker, and the blood speaks

All my certainties have faltered
I have become estranged from myself
All that time, I have been justifying
A sickly condition I was not aware of

Have I ever had free will ?
Have I only made my choices In the grip of a mere
Body and mind disorder ?
Will those things I hate save me ?
Will the ones I love kill me ?
Will I never know again
That bliss called ignorance

I could have left without knowing
But man’s science decreed otherwise
In the end, where is my truth ?
I feel lost, adrift, and the scars weep
All that I took for convictions

May have been inspired by bile
What is left when you realize
Your mind has been driven by drugs

I am so helpless against myself
That I try to hide from my own eyes
And no use looking for sympathy
When you are consumed from the inside
Drugs give the quiet shades of sanity
To the defences in my head
I know the pills will never heal me
But I have been prescribed life
6. Ghosts of Winter (6:22)
7. Pretium Doloris (1:46)
8. Death in Your Eyes (4:14)
Now I would suffer a thousand wounds
To see you again if only once
To hear you say that even I could not
Change the course of things here below… Here below


It’s so cold in here beneath the shivering stars
In the surrounding silence of ice-cold stones
Frozen echoes of our past (swallowed up in the night)
9. Shareholder of Your Ruin (5:07)
10. I Shall Not Die Alone (6:03)
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