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World Collapse Full Album Lyrics

Unpure - World Collapse cover art

World Collapse

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Thrash Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-03-27)
1. Never in Gold (3:43)
No golden wings to twist my path
No tempting light to make me blind
No dance around the gods of gold No shining glory to obey their law in my life - no room for weakness
dreams of gold - beneath my grandeur
The Universal truth is black and death
in the world of black only sliver's might
power of guilt is the knowledge of still
the knowledge of sin is through golden dream
no surrender - i paint my walls in black
relase the blood - i masturbate upon our lives
prowling in the shadows to avoid the sun
watching a camonedy from my throne
fools seeking the treasure in gold
not to see the path is black
power of peice the silvers might
the light of life black is all
the mighty truth is hidden below
you cant know when blinded by gold
angel tears drowns in the sky
share her sorrow to make our lives complete
are we winners without lust and pain
are we sinners under golden wings
spreading war and fornicate the lust of man the eternal band give and take lust and pain the beast of man nature of the black
never in gold
2. Stolen Sun (4:31)
Welcome child to out work
say goodbye to your sun
the radiance of your big wide smile
and the happiness in your curious eyes
but oh, ever so blind
as you stumbled across the darkness you heart dances in the garden
tasting the flesh of the vicious fruit
infantile wish for the golden sunlight
did you about the legend of the serpent
your blindfold trust, an easy prey for our crooked ways of lies and frauds
your body and sould an open market a living toy upon the soil
were robbinh your innocence so pure
getting drunk on the flood of tears
the tortured sould a perfecy satisfaction
your pain , so wonderful
the precious heaven for a fool
under attack and cobreed in black
this lustful joy brings us glory
we sing the songs of infernal grace
human child is an easy target
we feast upon all their senses
their lust for sun and affection
stolen by malignant forces
under the broken sky
we celebrate a sick feast our glory and wirship the sucess of our deeds in the nmae of devilry we stole the sun
wicked hunters enjoys thier festival
another soul in control
another fool for amusement
a solemn and grand atmosphere
the serpent king is our father
our venom hides in tempting fruits
to take advanage of human weakness
dont search the sun it is gone
hear my words so bright and clear in pain you might have learned a lesson to stay away you infidel otherwise we wish you death you freak
3. Rapist (2:46)
He’s sitting alone
lurking in the dark
waiting for the night to come

Tension’s running high
it’s a battle in his mind
but his lusts still confirm what he wants

He is tired of women
that can’t say no
only fear will confirm his greed

So if he assaults you
and you make resist
he will fuck you so hard that you’ll bleed

He fills the society with terror
he runs like a beast in the night
they give him pleasure, he gives them pain
you’ll turn him on with your fright

He is tired of women
that can’t say no
he wants them to scream and cry

So if he assaults them
and they make resist
he’ll just fuck them so hard that they’ll die

He’s sitting alone
lurking in the dark
waiting for the night to come

As night is closing in
his lust grows more
and more.......
and more.......
and more.......
4. Sawnsong of the Ancient Stream (7:31)
Here lies an ancient stream
Of a dying river
My heart in its stones
I’m suffering

Cursed be the new-age man
For burning the roots
My soul drowned in blood
I’m suffering

The blood in pain
The thirst is strong
Gone be the stream
Burnt be the stones

I’m struggling
To the last drop
Of my black blood
Oh, I’m struggling

This is my swansong
The sand has won
I’m passing away
Away to nothing
5. Quest for Hell (3:58)
Riders of the storm - Bring me a challengef
Chanting through the night, And by its call my hunt starts
Big dead landscapes in front of my hungry eyes
The Black Bull Beast running the stormy fields

Through plains of no life, Over mountains of cold
Across seas of LeviathanLs wrath
My hunt is lead by the strong arm will

Beyond all monuments of time the city of Oblivion appears
Skeletons in slavery, Serving the city for the high race
Inside the tavern of Silver, The dancing beauty unleash her magic
My soul falls into deeper trance, To join the dance of the dead

An orgasmic sea floats before my eyes
Blood of the Black Bull Beast drips on my face
A chalice with the venom of the serpent I drink
Nocturnal feast for the unliving warlords

Under the dark skies I open my sleepy eyes
The wind tells me to rise, And to search my goal

In the eternal hall of dying souls, In front of the statue of the Abyss King
An introduction to the Quest of my goal, Witches and Warriors – I have to meet

Chosen are we – 7 complete
Witches and Warriors – A fire of war in us

Years of battle never seen before
One after one – Witches and Warriors they fall
The seventh year - alone I stand
To meet my final war in Hell

The Abyss King in Black, The seventh and final war
I kneel in blood for my strength, Let me reach my goal
6. A World Below (5:22)
Where the fire flames reach for the heights
where the pain tears your mind
where warmth has defeated the cold
where every lie has been told

Where sinners pay for there crimes
where the sun never shines
where everyone cries of thirst
where everything‘s beyond all curse

You were lowered into a grave
to live your dead life as a slave
maggots eating your bodily shell
as your soul is trapped in hell

Screams of pain is all you hear
You’re stuck down here with all your fears
No more you’ll hear, the song of a bird
at this place your prayers aren’t heard

You were lowered into a grave
to live your dead life as a slave
maggots eating your bodily shell
as your soul is trapped in hell
7. Stormattack (4:45)
Emerging from the storms, reflected by the night
Structures built since birth, orders equal destiny
Contract in blood and flesh, the need is in the law
Evolution in the art, focused from the heart
The process of the course leads to an obssession
Possessor of the night, assassin brought by storm

Extended is the release, to form this mass attack
Atoms organized through hate, a sphere in black dominates
The union of revenge, assassin brought by storm

The spear of hate ejaculates to arouse the haunt
The instinct force set attack as the direct response
And upon the lines of concious world the assassin lurks
An entity brought by storm in for the kill

Through the planes, the assassin´s flight
Rides the storm, attack of hate
Chanting powers brought from birth
Leads it to destruction mode

The eye of storm, the assassin´s gate, a face of death
In shadow realms lurking lust of the mission´s might
Whirling form and rising pain of conspiracy
Focused mass for the world collapse and death of life

Stormattack through the planes
And the spear of hate ejaculates
Swarm of doom – No escape
Target´s set – Here it comes…

Assassin !

Assassin brought by storm
8. Mark of the Beast (9:34)
Forgive me father
For I have sinned

I gave my soul
For the Lust of Darkness
I gave my soul
For the nocturnal feasts

Forgive me father
For I have sinned

I gave my trust
To infernal lust
I replaced my soul
With this inferior ghoul

Mark of the Beast – In flesh and blood
Mark of the Beast – It eats your soul
Eternal Life – In the darkest castle
Eternal Life – In the Mummy´s tomb

Are you my father?
Have I sinned?

Marked by the glory of night
And doomed in eternal life
The pain of your children
Is the greatest pleasure I crave

Chorus x2

Burn that father
I live for sin

I rule in darkness
With my thousand shapes
Marking your children with fright
Legions of me in might


The Mark of Me – In flesh and blood
The Mark of Me – I eat your soul
Eternal Life – In my mighty palace
Eternal Life – Through my portals of fright
9. Sabbath (2:38)
We raise our cups
we drink your blood
and swallow with delight
In the evening
almost twilight
waiting for the night

The wolves are howling
moon is full
it’s magic in the air
At night
we’re beasts with red lips
practising unholy witchcraft

Attacked in sleep
we are the beasts
that haunt you in your dreams
You think you are awake
but it’s not
always what it seems

The scalpels rip
we lick your wounds
won’t loose a single drop
You scream in pain
you pray to God
you want this torture stopped

We raise our cups
we drink your blood
and swallow with delight
You’re drenched with fear
You’re bound to die
your body’s drained on blood

Your soul is weak
There’s no escape
from your eternal rest
Cause tonight
we’re beasts with red lips
practising unholy witchcraft
10. Black War (1:39)
Oh, torment me
Embrace me with plague
Delight of chaos
Black war lust

Legions on march
Spreading the stench of death
Hail the power of pain
Black war lust

Destruction on our path of might
Warlords gathered in the night
To rule in the name of pain
Lost souls forever in vain

Our force is fed by hate
By oath it is our fate
A pure attack of fucking hell
Give us your souls to sell

Oh, torment me
Embrace me with plague
Legions on march
Black war lust
11. Risen and Bound (4:43)
Back to concious world I arise
Once again the vision in front of me
A creation of flesh upon the altar
A palace for the pillar of lust
The radiance of the lines of might
Flies alluring and hamper the sight

The hidden gates to the abyss of the beast
Found and crushed to the use power of instinct
The vulcano roars out the awakening
And the reptile found his prey
Abuse and worship lines of might
Fall in trance by the radiance´s flight

Black is the glory
Mighty is the lust
Walls erased by fire
Chaos rapes the world

Burn the sky
For our mass
Ride my storm
Queen of the Black

A force of darkest realm
A beast in devotion
Joined in the parade of aeons
Bound by the oath of silver

Burn the sky
For our mass
Ride my storm
Queen of the Black

Hungry powers collide into a mass
Explosions in the halls of the palace
In and out and all around
Exploring all the ways of the inclination
Abuse and worship lines of might
Fall in trance by the radiance´s flight

Destruction of the sky when convulsions attacks
Flesh and soul torn in total orgasm
Semen and blood
Juices of life as waste
Abuse and worship lines of might
Fall in trance by the radiance´s flight

Chained by the force
Sworn by the oath
Forever we will march
The path of dark glory

Burn the sky
For our mass
Ride my storm
Queen of the Black

In pain and chaos struggling for the kingdom
Leaning over the edge of disaster
Burning fortune for blind wrath
The conquering of the target not in sight
Abuse and worship lines of might
Fall in trance by the radiance´s flight

Equilibrium of powers to seal
Yearning for eternal abuse
Coition as the climax of the mass
Ultimate triumph over life
Forever bound with the lines of might
Forge into the world of darkness
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