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Rotten. Dead. Forgotten. Full Album Lyrics

Tortorum - Rotten. Dead. Forgotten. cover art

Rotten. Dead. Forgotten.

GenresBlack Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-01-07)
1. Iao Al (1:57)
2. All Suns Black (5:59)
Rotten, dead, forgotten
Is the world, the world within
And every newborn maggot and dying child
And every tear and ugly smile
Decayed and black
All horizons within me
And each abortive voice
A leper's faith born of a fucking mistake

All stars, abide within
All stars, all things
All lies, that you persist
And untruths born of a waking dreams.

The Devil and idle god
So too all and none
Neither sin nor grace
Carry I upon this tongue

Upon this life, Upon this earth...

Merciless possession
Now all I see is mine
All is within this kingdom
And of each infant I am sire

Rotten, forgotten, but alive
Grant unto this night the revelation
Which told me I am not in this
That this in truth is all within
So I can bring the end
Of all the beasts I bear inside
Who speak unseeing with my words
Who listen with my ears and hate with my perverted heart.

All in death when sleep commands
The gnostic nightmare drag me down
Drag me down... Drag me down...
Drag me down... Drag me down...
Drag me down... Drag me down...
Drag me down... Drag me down...
3. Night of the Witch (5:06)
On the night of the witch
On the fire's descent
I saw the light turn her head
Into the breast of the night
And a thousand waves
Of wretched seas travailed
To attend to the seed
Of an unbidden fruit

From a silent
And glorious tree
Which I never graced
With rain or sun
Never bade with voice
To manifest or come
Though greats work I wrought
In a phosphoric past in flesh...

Sweet benediction of obscure rites
In dead hours, of dead hands
Yet in glory, in blazing beauty
She stands before me, and my sulphur requests
Across a threshold
The butterfly's egg
Where passions rest
Thence came the final immolation of the blood

Unspoken gift, spatter the night with ruin's sands
Dine and drink with me, and pour your eyes into these hands
Blight the earth, tonight, for only we...
And bite, black witch, at the heels of the dawn!

So, wind your claws around my starved, devoted throat
And let me drink from you luciferous cup
As you brand my skin with your signs
Sending suns in storms...till the end...
And after...
4. Life Is the Enemy (3:41)
Enchained within the bounds of the strictures of breath
Lased upon the yoke of existence and pain
Better to fucking renounce humanity in all its form
Because no one is innocent who is in human form.

You do not exist!

And I am not bound to compassion, not the wheel of return
A spirit empty of pity to pour on your kind
Sentenced to the world, fathered by nothing but mind
Accursed and aghast, by the lives that we spawn
It's better to cast to hell all fires that don't serve the end
That do not cast into ruin all life in this fucking world

Abyss sing! 294! Abyss sing!
All for the whore...

This is not my existence, my cosmos has a silent crown
And I am he beneath and vindicated above
Gifting hatred upon your speech, thoughts that crawl
Better to renounce this piece of shit you call "soul"
For you and your vision are the enemy
And each bloody corpse is highest ecstasy
5. Lucifer Victrix (6:19)
Swallow the meat
Of the dead wretched earth
Devour my mind
And allow me to feed
On Your egg and seed
Whose yolk and coarse crop
Give sight to the blind

Upon Your Crown of Death!
Upon Your Burning Brow!

In rapture devouring like bread
Lead us to partake of our egoic self
We who by light are already dead
Consecrate souls to the blackest privation

Blood-lipped and blue in hide
Devour this carcass and give me life
That my barren skull can reverence give
Brandished to ornament Your breast

Upon Your Crown of Death!
Upon Your Burning Brow!

When the sun sinks on its frozen knees
In the cold winter's abyss
All old life, crushed to the spirit
Shall be exiled in desolation

Ever again shall I bow my head
To She whose Head is Severed

And in worshipful adoration
To the Purifying Presence.
Upon a Crown of Death
To be mother to myself
And the movement of stars
And the falling of sands
Never again shall I subject my back to the whip of tides
Death again, and surpassing death, Again, Again, Again and Again!
6. Black Mantra Mysteries (6:57)
Draw in the cold air
And close all perception
Draw in the cold fire
Fall away into redemption

Rise up and descend
Through the breathing corpse
To tarry fibrous dreams
And embers of the unbound will

In the sleeping roots
Of Chaos' arteries
To rise as great oaks
Through a soil that is diseased

In states of sleep or war
The decay of the doubt
Great monolith of fear
Which falls with a gesture of thought
And the coiled one awakes
In a halo of stones
And each beat like hammers
The interior of the sky... The Sky...

To manifest my highest
And greatest commands
For the demon of the sun, present a mirrored dance
Scrying for Chaos in Darkness, and death in steel...Instil...

Breathe in the signs
Of the Pandean trance
A banishing laugh
Yet hatched in negation's glance...


I. A. S. O. D. D.!
I. A. V. R. R!

T. H. B. C. V. H. V. H.!
T. H. R. W. W.!

Z. Z. N. Z.!
Z. Z. N. Z.!
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