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The Dawn of Vengeance Full Album Lyrics

The Synics Awakening - The Dawn of Vengeance cover art

The Dawn of Vengeance

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Black Metal, Death Metal
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Submitted by level 12 모흐 (2016-10-09)
1. The Day Knoweth No Man (1:38)
(Mattew 24:36)
For the day an hour knoweth no man,
not even the angels or the son himself.
But only the lord father knows.

(Matthew 4:10 -11)
Get thee hence Satan for it is written.
Thou shall worship the lord thy God,
and him only thou shall serve.
2. Spellbound (4:54)
The Spoils of treason, spreading like a black plague
within our hearts, becoming entralled through his every deciet.
Infected by the invalid one. he laughs at the crys of our defeat.

(Job 40:2)
Do u still want to argue with the almighty
You are god's critic, but do u have the answer.

His Deception reigns down like total chaos
leading us down his crooked trails.
Our faith in god will be are only way out
our only way from becoming spellbound.

His terror rules the soul. haunting lives through his torment
for murder is yerning, to take this world.
but is his jealousy enough to break the true an faithful.

From out of the mist calls the great one.
speaking his vengeance through the whirlwind.

(Job 38:2-3)
Who is this that questions my wisdom
with such ignorant words ?
Brace yourself like a man
for i have some questions for you.

Beware, el diaboli

(Job 38:4)
Where were you when i laid the foundations of the earth?
Tell me if u know so much.
for the serpent is out to curse, an to fool mankind.

His Deception reigns down like total chaos
leading us down his crooked trails.
Our faith in god will be are only way out
our only way from becoming spellbound.

We Have Been, Spellbound..........
3. Bringer of Light (3:36)
As i lye, clinging to you on my deathbed
thoughts speak out like chaos.
i ask lord, why do i feel like everything's so lost
and yet so cold.

Yet so cold...

Taunting of razors, yerning to breach thy temple
breathing in pain, my echo's cry out. Save me...

Oh God, Bringer of light, save me
Oh God, Show me the light. before i, Die....

As darkness surrounds me throughout every corner
Somehow your love, destroys all evil....

Oh Lord, my heart is calling out tonight.
deliver me from evil, destroy all with your everlasting light.

Oh Lord, let your grace deliver me from evil.
destroy all with your everlasting light

Oh God, Bringer of light, Save me
Oh God, Show me the light. before i, Die
4. A Thief in the Night (1:34)
(2 Peter 3:10)
The day of the lord will come as unexpectedly
as thief in the night. In which the heavens shall
pass away with a great noise.
An the very elements themselves will dissapear
in fire. The earth and everything on it, will be
found to deserve judgement.
5. Thus I Have Spoken (4:32)
Beware the claiming of prophets
yearning to deceive you with my name
Kingdoms will lead into warfare
nation against nation the blood will spill.

For sin will rampent throughout the lands
The Love in the world will grow cold as stone.

The quakes will shake the surface
poverty will sicken the lives of mankind
Gatherings of vultures will feast
Off the remains of the flesh, that plagues the land

For these are the signs
Of the end of it all. and yet to come

The sun will fade to black
The moon will shine no light.
Stars will fall from the night.
and the heavens will be shaken

For thus i have spoken
these warnings at the temple
Lighting will flash throughout the skies
when the son of man returns.

For the day of the Lord
Will come like a thief in the night
which the heavens shall pass
away with a great noise....
6. A Hail to Christ (5:14)
You can hear his whispers
throughout the skies of night.
With pure gratification
tranquilizing your soul.
He is the bringer of light
the destroyer of darkness.

God of Life
Cleanse thy soul
Bring me the light
Hail to christ

Theres nothin left for me thy savior,
deliever me from this world.
To the heavens

These blackend days are growing short.
For Satan is alive
Chaos, destruction,
The silencing of all exsistance.
The cries of innocent beings,
shall bow before the Savior..

God of Life
Cleanse thy soul
Bring me the light
Hail to christ

Death is near
Time is short
Only one way out
Hail to Christ
7. Whispers in the Dark (1:50)
8. The Return (2:13)
The Lord has come to make his return
With Power and Glory His Voice surrounds Thee Earth.
As Angels Desend, Gathering the ones of his chosen.

(Revelations 1:7)
Behold he cometh with clouds
and every eye shall see him.

Clothed In Greatness, For every eye shall dwell
Bow before the king, for he has returned.

He will send out his angels
with the mighty blast of a trumpet.
An they gather his chosen ones
from all over the world.
The Lord Has Returned.
9. Tribulation of Mournful Souls (5:38)
Satan's arrived. His vengenance is rising
The countdown of destruction has begun.....
His Plot for Christians. is to meet there demise.

(Revelations 13:18)
Let the one with understanding
solve the meaning of the number
for it is a human number, his number is 666.

Before the council, This is the test of time.
beheaded or be marked with the number of the beast.
The cries of beings will reign throughout the world.

Perplexed by the roaring of seas
Nations will live in turmoil.
With satan enthroned and chaos alive
This world is shure. to meets its doom.

(Luke 21:20-22)
Then satan surrounds the city of jerusalem.
forceing the people of judea to flee to the hills.
for a period of time the city is trampled down by the gentiles
For These are the day of God's Vengeance

(Rev 19:14-18)
From the skies came the armies of heaven
The lord has returned
An Angel called to the vultures,
To Feast off the flesh of the wicked.

(Rev 20:2)
Satan i bound you in chains.
and throw you in comtempt for a thousand years.

(Rev 20:3)
The Angel through him into the bottomless pit
which he locked so satan could not deceieve the nations any longer.
until the thousand years were firfilled.
after that he'll be released for a short season.
10. Kingdom of Light an Glorification (1:03)
11. The Dawn of Vengeance (3:32)
(Rev 20:7-9)
Satan has flead to nations
the final battle has come.
His army of darkness desends
towards the beloved kingdom of god

As Fire reigns down
from the heavens devouring evil..
Satan stares and wonders
as he excepts his own defeat.

(Rev 20:10)
Covered in his flesh
of burning sulfer he'll reign
Dwelling his eternal torment
forever till the end of time.

(Rev 20:11-14)
Sinners of earth its time
for the judgement has arrived.
Stand before his majestic white throne
the book of life is open.

Thee End has come

Death has come for the earth.
As cataclysmic storms
rain down like thunder.
At The roaring sound of his voice
he speaks with wrath.
For i am the alpha and the omega

He desends upon them with fire.
for the world and its sinners
are left to meet their doom.
12. At the Gates of Immortality (1:47)
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