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Quintessence of Dawn Full Album Lyrics

The Lightbringer - Quintessence of Dawn cover art

Quintessence of Dawn

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Power Metal, Black Metal
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Submitted by level 10 LightListener (2015-10-25)
1. The Septentrional Tower (9:23)
We came from far away
Beyond the death and cold
‘You forgot what you were fighting for’

Sheltered by our lost shadow
Is where we spent those years
‘One by one, shattering your dreams’

Sleeping in the comforting coldness
Of the darkest winter days
‘Emotions were frozen inside’

Wounded by the verse
Of countless frozen nights
‘Could your inner flame warm your heart’


Once I was sustained by this empire
Of coldness, of stillness, of silence
My feet were taking root through the stones and ice

-Chorus part 1-

Now rise… Head for the tower
Where skies are closer
Now rise… Head for the tower
To release the fire

We inherited
This lonely part of the earth
‘Under the spell of the Bleeding Moon’

Awaiting the harvest with the wish
To gather the fruits from
‘The scattered seeds on a lunar soil’

The meaning of hope we forgot
Blinded by the dark
‘Lost are all horizons’

Wounded by the verse
Of countless frozen nights
‘Could your inner flame warm your heart’

-Repeat bridge-

-Repeat chorus part 1-

‘The Enigma of the Sphinx appears only
At the watershed of one’s destiny
Leave your past behind and you will find
The arcanes of wisdom, lost since the night of time’

-Chorus part 2-

When the solstice of winter comes
The Tower rises to the Zenith Sun
It opens the way to the Gate of Gods
And one day the guiding star will shine on
Invading light, a new cycle has just begun

- The Sphinx -
‘Remember a time,
In the Garden of Forsaken Souls
Under the Bleeding Moon,
You would remain motionless
The deformed reflections
You projected onto yourself
Left you petrified, without emotion, without soul
You shall resolve the enigma of your life and find your way
Or in the depths of the abyss, I will cast you away’

I belong to the sky and the stars are my eyes Feeling now the power of the Crystalline Light
From my inner flame, I shall be reborn
Heading for the tower to return where I belong

Listen to the voice that echoes from the sun
In the streams of eternity you shall hear my song

-Repeat chorus part 2-
2. Garden of Forsaken Souls (7:25)
I remember those I left behind
They are always in my mind
We share the very same blood
Bringer of the light of Gods

They ended their journey
Saw their dreams just fade away
Unable to break the spell
Their souls asleep in a frozen hell

I still hear their cries
I still see death in their eyes

Hear the laments of lost souls dying
Tortured souls, human-shaped trees
They can’t stand the pale spectral light

Of the Bleeding Moon
Their skin-like bark
Their shield against a world they can’t confront

Suffering from the curse
Inflicted on themselves
Taking root in their despair

Hanging on this sorrowful tragedy
Seeing life slowly fade away
I was one of them

‘As their souls lay trapped
In wooden lifeless shells
As their hearts stop beating
Life slowly fades away’

‘A thin stream flows
Eyes weeping hopeless tears
Crystallizing into a stone
A power it concealed’

This stone is the heart
Of an ever flowing source
Where can the true essence
Of their souls escape


‘The fountain flows
And drives out all their sorrow
This stone, from tears they cried
Is a heart beating in memory of their lives’

The garden of forsaken souls
‘In the stone, they sealed their tragic fate’

I remember those I left behind
They are always in my mind
Unable to break the spell
Their souls asleep in a frozen hell

I still hear their cries
I still see death in their eyes

Hear the laments of lost souls dying
Their skin-like bark
Their shield against a world they can't confront

-The forsaken souls’ last will-

May this precious stone we leave for you
Free our souls from this curse
May those endless tears drown the fire
That consumes every heart

-Repeat chorus-
3. Confront the Great Abyssal Flames (8:13)
‘By my own will, I throw myself in the abyss
Even though I resolved the enigma
And the Sphinx knows that I chose the longest way
But I swore that I would free the souls of those I lost
And fulfill their last will…’

-Chorus part 1-
Of dust and fire
Atmosphere of an underground cataclysmic realm
A place where flesh is damned
To be shredded by the fangs of infernal creatures
Ruled by ancient demons
That come from the ages predating the era of light

Into a dead-end, inferno, I fall
There is no one to hear my call
‘Never lose your faith in this fight
You bring the Crystalline Light’

Those demons, tormentors of souls
Use my fears to rip apart my hopes
‘The brave always use their will
As their most powerful sword’

Don’t let the hatred in their eyes
Re-ignite the fears of ancient times
‘You, son of the stars
The key to the Gate of Gods’

Chorus part 2
- Lord of the Abyssal Empires -

I, the Grand Devouring Mouth
I Crush your body, grind your bones to dust
And reduce you to a lifeless carcass

Where your soul, horrified
Unites with the sulphurous ethereal ocean
Feeds the famished flames of my growing hatred
‘Breaking the cycle of reincarnations’

As I confront the Abyssal Flames

Repeat chorus part 1

The precious stone from the Garden conceals
The great power to open the seal
‘A thousand tears shall be released
The deserts shall turn into seas’

This part of themselves they leave
Yearning to see their souls released
‘To become like the waves
On a journey lasting nights and days’

Now it’s time for deliverance
This reign of inferno has reached the end
‘Throw the stone in the blazing flames
In the memory of their names’

Repeat chorus part 2

‘Open the seal
Unleash the raging streams
Drown the flames
Waters of precious fountain'
4. Guardian of the Celestial Spheres (9:32)
‘Drifting along the myriad souls
Delivered from the flames
The waves becomes your wings
In their torrent, you travel the Ocean’

A vastness of eternal becoming
She gives birth and then brings death to all beings
‘She softly speaks with forgotten tongues
Of the story of this world, a charming song’

Concealing wonders and knowledge in sacred shells
Guarding those secrets forbidden to tell
The hidden depths of your conscience
Mother and witness to all existence

Ocean, your womb as terrible as the unknown
Is where the seeds of ancient
And mystic creatures were sown


The primordial cradle
Origin of all life
From her entrails emerge
Frail but magic beauties
Uncanny, fathomless mysteries

Leviathan, Dragon of the Apocalypse
Serpent of the primitive chaos
Emerging from the depths in his awakening‘
As the storm breaks, he swallows the sun’

The eclipse unveils a passage
Towards immaterial worlds
A connection between
The Celestial Spheres from high above

He is the guardian of this mystic gate
A gate he will never enter
A serpent that drinks deep
From mankind’s pool of blood…
Will I be the next to bleed?

-Repeat Chorus-

Leviathan, Dragon of the Apocalypse
As he awakens he will swallow the sun
Leviathan, Serpent of the primitive chaos
The eclipse reveals the passage
To the Celestial Spheres

Through the Maëlstrom, overwhelmed by the storm
Deeper and deeper, I sink through deep waters
Breathless and helpless, I am drowning in the darkness
The serpent tears the sky, as sunlight slowly dies

-Repeat chorus-

‘I am changing…
I feel all the stars on my fingers
Slowly becoming feathers
My being is power
Brighter than every solar colour

It is running through my veins
It is erasing all the pain
The Grand Peacock Spirit will rise up
All the stars, my thousand eyes’

Creating an aura of Crystalline Light
Transforming the power of the core of myriad suns
I am the catalyst of this primal energy
A descendant of the Light Bringer dynasty

Supernova obliviation, I defeat
The Apocalyptic Dragon of the Deep
5. Constellation of the Gate of Gods (9:02)
Where am I… What am I…

‘You are in the hearth of the soul of the world
Life and death, good and evil
Here nothing can become everything
And everything, nothing…’

How flows the sand of time makes no difference
Centuries dancing among the memories of all existence
Celestial theatre, orchestration of primordial powers
Evolving through those dynamic fires of creation

But if I fall in emptiness …‘Will you fade away…’

Celestial spheres fuse together
Leaving behind the material world
Through this soul’s journey, I follow the sign
Is it void or infinity that I will find

‘Your constellation is calling you
Your radiant star is shinning for you’

‘Following the light of the Worlds Beyond
That guides you towards the constellation
Of the Gate of Gods’

Is it hopes or fears that will show me the way?Trapped in the silence of eternity, alone will I stay?
I have to reach the light from the Worlds Beyond
To complete the work I have renounced for so long

-Repeat bridge-

-Repeat Chorus-

I am but one of the Grand Peacock’s creations
Emblem of the descendants of the worlds beyond
Symbol and protector of the Light Bringer’s dynasty
Your feathered tail, the wheel of immortality

Reflecting all incandescent star lights
The eyes of the world from which you see

Your knowledge is infinity
Your wisdom is eternity

‘Feeling the warmth of pure solar energy
Reaching the Gate of Gods, you are the key
The Zenith Sun reveals the way to your destiny
This guiding star above the tower, you will be’

‘This guiding star you will be’
6. Light Bringer- Quintessence of Dawn (6:28)
-Chorus part 1-

‘Can you remember the sun
Casting the light of the new dawn
Can you remember the sun
A new cycle has begun’

The Light Bringer is now rising
The guiding star, can you see it shining
Bearing the flame that lights the withered hearts
The gate is unlocked, the cycle starts
The tower is a stairway
Leading those who have lost their way

The road that leads souls to their achievement
In symbiosis with the divine
Was lost behind the fog of pride
Hiding behind the monuments of selfishness

Show them the hidden stairway
to bypass all their suffering
Show them the hidden stairway
that leads to their innermost dream

Bear witness to all
The miracles the earth has to offer
And then carry the torch of the Light Bringer

-Chorus part 2-
‘Show the way, SHINE! Guiding star
You are the Light Bringer’

-Repeat chorus part 1-

And this time we can hope to cleanse their minds
Open new spiritual dimensions they never expected
Heal the wounds from their prisons made of their flesh
Annihilate the curse they inflicted on themselves

Break the spell with wise words and truthful intentions
In the streams of eternity, now hear my song

-Repeat bridge-

-Repeat chorus part 2
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