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Blessed by the Beast Full Album Lyrics

Terrorist - Blessed by the Beast cover art

Blessed by the Beast

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Thrash Metal
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Lyrics > T > Terrorist Lyrics (9) > Blessed by the Beast Lyrics (9)
Submitted by level 3 Mystherion666 (2013-05-28)
1. Possessed by Evil Hell (3:43)
The witching hour, the time of The Beast
Evil soulds rise from cemeteries
Seeking for week souls, they creep in the night
Becoming they're nightmare bringing them fright

Possessed By Evil Hell

As they awake with a vision of death
They smell the horrid smell of the devil's breath
Having no control of their body & soul
Demons attacking with the unknown force
2. Blessed by the Beast (4:18)
Watch as the fallen angel falls from heaven
Lucifer lord of your flame
Seeking for victims to from His legions
Branding them on their foreheads
Withour weaponry we have to attack
In the name of our unholy father
He has given us the force of evil
To start the holocaust

You have been blessed by The Beast

Your the destroyer of the holy seed
Chosen for your blasphemy
You know you're the only one
The destroyer of the holy one
Destroyer of religions

The blood spilling begins
Angels are dying
Lead them into Satan's lair
Surviving angels, they will be captured
Leading them into the flame
Crushing their skulls and running some thread
For souveniers around our neck
We will destroy them, bury them with the dead
We are now blessed by The Beast
3. Satanic Propaganda (3:07)
Die for your sins
Die in the name of Satan
Come shed your blood
It's needed for the ritual
Deny the cross
Forget the life that once was
A bastard child
On the wooden cross we have nailed

Satanic Propaganda

Blaspheme the holy ghost
Blackness lies within our souls
The God in fire
Meeting him is our desire
Upon his throne
We will purify our souls
The book of the dead
It will come capture our souls
4. Biological Terroristic Warfare (2:31)
When I poison the water line
Your gonna die
You'll never survive this warfare
Hell with you and the book of lies
This is the true revelation
Gather your families and pray for your lives
Soon you will be obsolete
When all your bodies are lying on the ground
Demons living saprophyte

Spend your time with the ones you love most
Before this world lies to rot
You will die a horrible death
Fuck what the bible once said
So gather your armor and artillery
And now prepare for war
You will lie out in the battle fields
Left screaming to die

Hear the children cry, watch as people die
Feeling the pain
Corpses lie to rot, all in one spot
From breathing fumes
Lying to waste in toxic waste
Drenched in chemicals
Biological terroristic warfare
5. In the Name of Satan (2:19)
I puke on the cross and then blaspheme again
I shit in the basket and say "Give me my change"
I walk to the alter and then punch Christ in the gut
I look at the priest and told him "I don't give a fuck"

Terrorize - Blaspheme Christ
Terrorize - In the name of Satan

The priest looked at me and told me "Demon, hold still"
Fuck you, motherfucker, I walk out at my own will
The priest runs at me and points at me his cross
Another victim turned to Satan, this is your loss
6. Evil Forces of War (3:52)
I have opened up the passage for the demons to escape
From behind the scorching fires of Satan's evil gates
Hell is breaking loose and there's nothing you can do
But escape the demon that is chasing after you
You will se images like you've never seen before
In another dimention or another world
Once the demon enters and captures your soul
He'll take you to the dark side and no one will ever know

Lying on the pentagram you're now possessed by evil
No longer under command of the deceiver
Baptized on the ring of five you're the chosen one
Walking to the alter, Satan's work shall be done
Stabbing, slashing, spreading the disease
For his own pleasure fucking the deseased
In the name of Satan worship at his feet
Kneeling on the altar you bleed from your knees

Worshipping Satan, invert the cross
Satanic children, circle of cult
Satanic witches and demons of doom
Gather the evil forces of war
7. Suffering Death (3:27)
Fear for your fucking life, everytime that you awake, Death is always there
It seems like fucking everyday life is a fucking joke but we don't fucking care
And when shit gets serious and your problem comes around
You get blasted in the face, then everyone with gather around
Stepping on your shattered skull, laughing at your splattered brains

When you died, it was a suffering death
Your only hope, is to lie in a closed casket

Same day that you died, everyone began to cry the next day they fucking mourned
Maybe you're a bastard, that never deserved to live, to hell you're sworn
Next day at your funeral angels fell from the sky, made the Devil arise
Striking at my enemies from behind the gates of Hell, saving me from Jesus Christ
8. Victim of Sacrifice (2:16)
Sacrifice upon the alter
Violent screams are growing louder
Severed head the noise is gone
Another corpse to feast upon
Another day, another night
The Devil's lair is then filled with fright
Another victim comes along
Marching to Satan's song

Another bloody cunt will bleed
Another body for the feast
Another body we will see
Death will come before us all
Who will be the next to fall
Just await on Satan's call

Victim of sacrifice
Welcome to Hell, sinner in Heaven
Bastard in Hell, your worthless body
Will not remain, you will be sacrificed
In the Devil's domain
9. Chalice of Blasphemy (3:36)
Inherit the oath in the name of Satan
Eat from the flesh of sin
Satan our master bring us closer to you
Give us the power and evil within
Take us away to the darkness
We'll ride away on the three headed beast
With leather spiked harness strapped to his neck
Cerberus the evil hound of Hell

As we take a trip through the fires of Hell
We will arrive at the altar of death
Then we will speak to our master unholy
A slit to the wrist for the Devil we bleed
Take us away into darkness and death
We've sacrifice our souls for the Devil
Satan or master, evil blasphemy

Drink from the chalice of blasphemy
Bless your soul with evil purity
Ride with the Beast, die with the Beast
Die for the Devil on the pentagram
10. Commander of Evil * (3:28)
11. Visions of the Beast * (2:36)
12. Death Thrasher * (3:12)
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