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And Life Begins Full Album Lyrics

Terra Prima - And Life Begins cover art

And Life Begins

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Power Metal
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Submitted by level 8 Carlos Acioli (2013-04-18)
1. GateZzzZzz (1:50) (Instrumental)
2. Time to Fly (4:53)
Walking on a place i’ve never been before
This time i realize how life moves on
Nowadays a dream has strenght enough
To change our world, to change our roles

Is your life a real life?
Or a prison of desires?
Is your life a time to fly?
In your dreams you’ll reach all heights

Wasting all the time i’ve been denied in life
Reality could be the perfect scene
In this world i fly, i reign, i don’t cry
Int wings of dreams i’ve got no sins

There’s no time to waste
3. Rage (5:09)
While you're moving by your boiling blood
You're facing more defeats
And as you live for revenge and hate
Your soul starts to bleed

Rage is your way, pain is your prize
Blood and soul, death is your crime
Corrupting your mind, pay for your sins
Pay with your life again
You choose so wrong

You can't fight off this endless pain
You just want to live in sin
It grinds your heart in chest
An explosive deadly scream

We choose so wrong

We don't change that fast
Please don't ask too much
Let us learn but save us from
those dreadful nightmares

Let me stand out
while you're choosing destroy life
While you're blowing up all minds
Stand out while you cross all lines
Shut your rage up!
Stop your crimes!
4. Await the Story's End (5:51)
Falling into Wasteland
Riding cold winds of change
Nothing can prevent us from losing
Crawling to a painful way
you cannot see the end
Remember! We are learning to live
Await the story's end

We're looking forward for a better time
The waves keep coming against our ways
And grass looks greener on the other side
Seasons pass but our cry remains

They're leading us to fight and leading us to die
Tears falling from our eyes
Blood shed by our hearts.
In the wars of life we keep losing
Dreams are fading

History tells you a million of crimes
They're tearing our hearts. I wish I could die
Sorrow has taught us to await the sunrise
'Cause after all nights comes a dawn
Await the story's end

Why can't we see all these signs in life?
Desires changing into tragedies
Why do we keep walking on Earth like blind?
Open your eyes, you'll pay for your deeds
5. New Dawn (5:12)
So you're insisting to make me come back
All the chances are gone but I'll never forget
All the efforts we've done,
they will finally be tested
And the answer told so long still will be there
'Cause I'll leave this ground!

How many tears do you want me to dry?
I'm leaving past for behind. Now party is over.
It's a new dawn
for the ones who have given me smiles,
not their lies for my life

Now I'm so sure that I'll never come back
All the tries we have made are not going to last
Simple tries and not more, a point of no return
'Cause the book is now closed
The end of the story
Then I'll leave this ground, baby

Why should I give you another chance?
If I don't live on chances
I live to find something that's real
The real dreams

Never look behind
Make your walk ahead
Bring your past to death
Dawn is coming for us
6. Prelude to Life (1:55) (Instrumental)
7. And Life Begins (4:56)
Here I am
looking at the course of life falling back
My open eyes just see death
We're hurting ourselves, no regrets

There is another way,
love is the key, the miracle of life
Maybe someday,
with the awakening of dreams,
may this life begin

Immortal fire, burn in the hearts
Guiding us all through the times
Immortal fire, burn in the hearts
Leading us all through this life
Now we are alive
8. Step By Step (4:47)
I've been searching for somewhere to lay
my anxious head, my trembling hands
In this silence I break down in tears
by seeing your portraits

I'm still looking for a thing that makes
I forget your smite and our days
But this thing is the same
that takes me to my old state
into the memories of your face
And I keep awaiting a new chance

Since the day you've gone away
Life has been so hard to live
I'm living alone

Time goes by,
Step by step we rise
There are more places to go
Future we must build from here
Where now we are

The storm has calmed down
And our sins washed away
Our sentence is to live again
Our home made of sand
became a stronger place
Our tries were not in vain

Time is gone...
9. Gain (5:24)
Turning your pages, leaving your sins
Break the chains of life
Wash away the sorrow, then unlock your heart

Take one last breath and don’t be afraid
It’s your last decision
Keep your mind in focus and unleash your spirit

There’s a brand new life coming ahead
Beyond this cage of pain you live again

‘Cause beyond this life and these times
There’s more to find
Much more than we know
Find the truth
Search inside you heart
Inside your mind
There’s much more to gain

Get back to sense.There ain’t no more mess
It’s not just a vision
Cleared up all the secrets. Embrace a peaceful future

There’s a brand newcoming, do you see?
A new life for our dreams
We’ll live again

Search inside you heart
Inside your heart you’ll gain
Inside your heart you’ll gain
Your life again
10. Life Carries On (6:03)
Miles and miles yet to my home
Years and years I haven't grown
Living now seems like we are waiting
awaken for dawn

Sorrow soon comes and brings its test
Why fighting hard to make dreams last?
The happiness we search for
makes us become slaves without rest

How many lines should I then write
to make you understand?
How long should I wait for your sign
to then realize that

One day I'll have a magic place to live
'Cause all I want is a better life
A life without pain and again
I'll have a burning heart again
The love I once felt here will raise all its flames
And then I'll believe that life carries on

What from the future will I get?
What kind of magic will it cast?
The hearts inner-fears taking our
whole existence to end

Life carries on

And then for your soul, for your life
I will pray every night until
Life carries on
11. Essence (5:40)
How long "we'll" stand? Forever I'll say!

We've been searching for
the perfect rhyme, the perfect tune
But these times are here
to show how life can be so rude
Endless days that show
a million sides of the same old story
And somedays our feelings go so low
That we think to give up

But we just can't wait lied on our beds
For upcoming days
Time to wake up, not for giving up
Back to work again
Don't wanna be just one more portrait

How long "we'll" stand? Forever I'll say!
We're here to stay! Time will never ever break
Our hearts: unite! Our souls, one life
Our dreams came true
We will never lose this fight

Never lose!

Our hopes, our tries. Our tears and smiles
The essence of life
The love inside our hearts

The essence of life. Our hope and tries
Our tears and smiles
The love inside our hearts
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