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Laws of the Occult Full Album Lyrics

Slaughterday - Laws of the Occult cover art

Laws of the Occult

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-07)
1. Unseal the Gate (1:08)
2. Ritual of Sacrifice (4:16)
Phantoms of terror evoked by the priest
Hideous mockery of organic life
Nightmare sculptures awake from their sleep
Monstrous spawn from the edge of time

Chants of blasphemous insanity
A slave to the shapeless gods you will be
Dreadful symbols of human demise
Savage ritual of sacrifice

Kneel down before the ivory throne
Worship the symbols of the grotesque
Offer the blood of man and beast
To feed the horrors of the unknown

Bodies distorted in spasms of horror
Incisions and circular wounds
Hair burned off by pungent acid
Dispersion of acrid fumes
Mutilated beyond recognition
Exposure of bloodless skin
Faces transformed by soulless torture
Into staring masks of fear

Hallucinating echoes in your mind
Subconscious fear and agony combined
Howling in the maelstrom of insanity
Where reality ends and morbid dream begins
3. Sepulchral Ways (5:04)
Obsessed with the unknown
Gruesome prophecies of doom
Secrets from fiend-inspired books
Dreadful visions from the catacombs

Sepulchral ways – Voices from below
Sepulchral ways – Penetrate your soul

Beyond the ancient graves
Monuments of rotting stone
Past the portals of the moldering tombs
Horrific work is to be done

Crushing the silence of centuries
In this forgotten necropolis
Certain bodies never decay
Legions of horror crawling in their graves

Descend into the chasm of immemorial decay
Horrified in this ossuary of the insane

Ghastly illusions and morbid phantasies
In the fatal grip of this blasphemous disease
No escape from this deserted city of the dead
Disembodied echoes penetrate your head

Necrophagous shadows
Ichor of the inner earth
Miasmal gases intoxicate
A morbid end of life is what awaits
4. Beyond Body, Beyond Life (4:19)
Repulsive forms to gain immortality
Black magic rites beyond sanity
Malicious exchanges of personality
Bodies switching with morbid intensity

Hideous journeys to stygian gates
Cyclopean ruins in the woods
Staircases down to nameless abysses
Forbidden places beyond space and time

My soul is locked inside this corpse

Vanquished souls – Engulfed by decay
Horrendous ways – Never to die

Beyond body – Monstrous intrusion
Bodies twitching in shivering motion
Beyond life – Twisted demise
Faces gazing with alien eyes

Ancient horrors from realms of corruption
Monstrous priests to keep them alive
Secrets of spiritual abominations
Blasphemous studies of the insane
5. Torn by the Beast (5:14)
Addicted to frightful emotional needs
Abhorrent practice of robbing the graves
Choosing the trophies with satanic taste
A nameless universe of terror and decay

Decomposed faces staring from jars of glass
Shrine of rotting decay
Pages of madness bound in human skin
Treasures of the defiled

Amulet of the unspeakable beast
Frightful symbol of the corpse eating cult
Violating the grave of the ghoul
Exhuming the grinning secrets of the earth

Torn to shreds by the beast

Leering jaws of horror
Shreds of flesh and hair
Centuries of corpses
Fleshless terror from the grave

Tortured by the bowls of the dead monstrosity
Drowning in a nightmare of morbidity
Haunted by the claws of the shapeless nemesis
Your reality nothing but a mass of mangled flesh
6. Church of Dread (4:36)
7. Eyes that never Shut (4:28)
8. Feeding the Ghouls (4:38)
9. Forbidden Wisdom (4:41)
10. Plunging to Megadeath (4:47)
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