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Mirrorworld Full Album Lyrics

Serious Black - Mirrorworld cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2016-11-21)
1. Breaking the Surface (1:52)
2. As Long as I'm Alive (4:01)
So many roads
So many choices in this life
So many wishes
And this hope that never dies
I never hesitate
I know it can be mine
And if I choose to be
A master of disguise

So many give their life
Without a second doubt
Too many die alone
Don't die without a fight
So many towers
But no wizards ride the skies
I'll take my chances with this ride
As long as I'm alive
As long as I'm alive

So many mean so well
But always do you harm
Too many die in vain
Why some will take up arms
I never hesitate
I know this life is mine
I'll tell you what I need
Without you I'll be fine

Too many grains of sand
And snakes hide in the grass
So many hours
And the walls are made of glass
I never hesitate
Don't care about the prize
I'll take my chances with this ride
As long as I'm alive
As long as I'm alive

And when the night comes down
It makes no difference
And when the night comes down
I stand my ground
As long as I'm alive

If you're still standing now
I guess you've got it made
Out of this camouflage
Out of this old charade
You've built your paradise
I've seen it so I know
Too many lives are lost
And plenty more to go

Don't sell me paradise
I know this heart of stone
Hell-bent on sacrifice
Leave me the hell alone
Too many hearts
Too many minds, too many doors
Too many question
And you've heard them all before
Too many broken wheels
Revolving ever more
Some never will decide
Some always seek control
I'll take my chances with this ride
As long as I'm alive
As long as I'm alive
3. Castor Skies (4:23)
In our near distant future
Can you see such a thing?
I could dream of a dream
Filled with such wondrous things.

Well, it's surely imagined:
I'm a light to the moon,
And the Earth starts to roll
Lights out too soon.

Where are you now?
Living your life on a sun-punished ground,
Tilling the land with the knocks of the plough?
Tell me, I'm dying to know.

Reaching out for Castor skies
We might ever never die.
Be the first ones out alive,
Don't you wonder?

What it's like to roam at night?
Endless wander, endless flight,
Be the first ones out tonight,
Don't you wonder?

So we gather our fortunes
Out of many machines,
And the day is to go
For these things I've seen.

Well, it's surely imagined
When the Sun burns the Moon.
Well, once leaving Earth
But a second too soon.



Starlight, shadows,
Paint your face so everyone
(is) broadcasting dreams you have found.

4. Heartbroken Soul (3:45)
Changing colors as I walk along the street
Just like last fall, I'm here
Can't imagine such a change of scenery
Would make a difference to me

And now I find
It all so strange
And not the way I thought it'd be

Can't deny
This summer is over
Can't you see I've just a
Heart-broken soul to give?
Tell you why
It's already over
I'm just another weary
Heart-broken soul

Hand in hand we made our way
Across the bridge
Now I'm here all alone
Can't deny the hurt inside
That love is gone
Pretending this choice was my own

Just another broken heart
Just another broken soul
Just another broken heart
In another, just another
In another broken mind

Can't deny
This summer is over
Can't you see I've just a
Heart-broken soul to give?
Tell you why
And over and over
I'm just another weary
Heart-broken soul

Find another broken heart
From another broken soul
Why can't you see I've just a
Heart-broken soul to give
To any other broken mind
And any other broken heart
I'm just another, weary,
Heart-broken soul
5. Dying Hearts (5:02)
I see no shinning in your eyes
There is nothing we should hold in line
I've lost my key to your soul
We tried so hard to built our lives
On our dreams we dreamt in former times
But ended up in sorrow
All the feelings we ignore
I am broken, you're just cold
We'll never be the same again

What we've loved, what we've adored
Is dying from inside
I can't live this pain forever
All our memories, let it go
We cannot turn back time
We have lost this love forever
We're just dying hearts

Would there be a second chance
You and me could set the world on fire
No lies and hate would break us
We would die and fighting for
All our moments, still want more
This love would last forever
Is it time, for us to return?
To start over again?
One last breath, ready to fall
Awaiting for the dawn
To end this, now or never
6. You're Not Alone (3:41)
There's so much darkness in the world
Don't live in fear of death
He's not our master
No, just remind yourself
Your time on Earth is short
It's time for us to truly live

No second round
No heaven found
Except the one
Where we find love

This life is all we get to live
Don't you believe them
There's no god in heaven
No prize awaiting
No award for sacrifice
Still there's a reason to believe
In life like never before

'Cause there's a light
When you give love
It reaches deep inside
and so I'm never alone
When you give love
With all your heart
I give you all I am
And everything I can
You're not alone

Let's make a promise you and I
To never waste this life
To take our chances
Burning bridges
Tearing all defenses down
With open hearts we stand so tall
Never, ever, alone
7. Mirrorworld (5:01)
Can you tell me
The way this world disappoints you
And I will show you
The scenes behind that wall
And is the fabric they weave for you
Much too frail
Or way too dark?
Let me show you there's more
Oh, there's more

Is this all there is?
Have we made the grand last stand?
No more boundaries
No uncharted lands to explore
Has this journey
This grand transition
Made hollow what was whole?
Let me show you the door
Oh, there's more

Don't let go!
Don't let go!
I said don't let go
Don't let go!
Now let go!

Lost in a mirrorworld
That's all we ever were
Lost in a mirrorworld
Can't find the door
Let me out!
Lost in a mirrorworld
Don't leave me here
Get me out!
Hear my final words
Lost in a mirrorworld

You let go
I let go
You let go
Any second now
I let go
You let go
We let go
Now let go!
8. State of My Despair (4:27)
Trade on your life inside
Buy everlasting lies
Find all you need tonight
Then hide inside that electric sky

We want—We need—You'll find

Time enough to circle 'round the sun
Light enough to realize it's gone
When you find there's nothing left to buy
You stand aside, watch life pass by

I realize there's
Nothing can't be done
But time that's lost
Won't ever come back round
In this moment
I reflect a lifetime shown me
Now I know
The state of my despair

Now I know I'm not afraid to show
I'm breaking down inside
The cracks appear so clearly now
The framework of my life
comes crashing down tonight
It's time you know
The state of my despair

Give up on your dreams and call it love
Well, all I see's a world that's come undone
Before too long there's nothing left inside
You stand aside, watch life pass by

Despair under the sun
Is everything I've got
I have to change my ways
Now I know what I 've become
I see what I have done
My life was passing by

I realize there's
Nothing can be done
'Cause time that's lost
won't ever come back round

I'm not the only one
To find myself all
Broken up inside
The whole world is falling and now
The framework of your life
Comes crashing down
And now I know you know
The state of my despair
9. The Unborn Never Die (3:52)
The devil that you know
Is the company you keep
Can you tell me who you think you are
And why the devil you never sleep?
Take a look around
There's terror everywhere
Before too long the sun goes down
And night is in my care

The unborn never die

I can taste it in the air
The dark seed has been sown
A taste of immortality
The devil's never known
Climb the golden stairs
You're never going home
Cause when it comes to playing life
You lose it on your own

A child denied forevermore
Resides inside you all
No more deceit
I told you so
Take my hand it's time to go

There's a sadness in my heart
There's the mirror to my soul
There's a sea of broken lives
A sea filled up with whys

No sadness, no pain
No struggle in vain
All that matters is
They've nothing to lose
No reason to cry
There's nothing to choose
And the unborn never die
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