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In Embraces ov Eternal Darkness Full Album Lyrics

Scarlet Moon - In Embraces ov Eternal Darkness cover art

In Embraces ov Eternal Darkness

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSymphonic Black Metal
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Lyrics > S > Scarlet Moon Lyrics (25) > In Embraces ov Eternal Darkness Lyrics (10)
Submitted by level 8 Carlos Acioli (2013-05-23)
1. A Dream of Scarlet Moon (5:44)
Crimson luna from the sky
Mesmerising jewel with jade eyes
Eclipse sun forever
By veil of night

I awaitng between the graves
With cruel heart
Pain of others
Is my fate

I feel their fear
They will die for my pleasure
Screams turned to weep
Are buried in me so deep

Scarlet moon drip form blood
Ruby in the crown of night
Hasting my nocturnal pulse
Appoint time for (bloody) sacrafice
2. Eternal Winter (4:11)
Cold kingdom
In the land of north
Where sun never rising
Eclipsed by deadly shadow

In land of endless winter
Fullmoon scarlet forest snow
The queen of ice is throned
I worship her frozen soul

Standing before hills
With rage of winter in the eyes
Blessed by carnivorous winds
And ancient spell from the past

Icy cliffs at the horizon
Phosporing by the moonlight
White wolves on the snow
Calling me so I will follow
3. Forgotten Altar of Gloomy Shadows (3:48)
Cold lake between the hills
In depths of secret forest
Where wolves howling in the mist
Worshiping fullmoon shield

In the land of the dead trees
In depths of secret forest
Lies forgotten altar
Of ancient shadows

They rise by night
To take their revange
They live inside
Inside of me

Demanding sacrafices
Enrobed in death
From bloodbaths of their grief
No one alive will left
4. Birches Forest in November (2:21) (Instrumental)
5. Ominous Fog Blinded Pagan Lands (5:38)
Rich were the lands
Protected by pagan gods
Brave were the warriors
Obeying ancient laws

But dark clouds were gathered
Above their heads
When conquering christians
Were looking enviously
For those free hearts
Ominous fog with hate unfurled
Entwine pagan lands
Under mark of cross they resolved
To turn them to the slaves

Rifled were the lands
Ivaded by christian knights
Dead were the warriors
Defending ancient rites

Sons of the Thor
Where are your fearless hearts?
Blinded by christian cross
Stained with pagan blood

Now church-bell
Is wakeing us
From asleep
Enslaved live in forest
Prayers are they weep
Now is time for revange
Our lot will turn
Their blesses are in vain
Churches of nailed lamb
Will burn

Sons of the Thunder
Where are your fearless hearts?
Blinded by christian cross
Stained with pagan blood
6. In Land of the Dead Sun Not Rising (3:24)
I reign in darkness
Cause in land of the dead
Sun not rising
Fear of the light
Will always dwell
In my mind

Dark throne in the land of immortals
Great monument of my power
I awaiting in thick eternal night
And pleasuring gloom that entered my heart

Night is my bride
Bury in me deep inside
Abhorrence to light
Was written in my blood

In the land of the dead...
7. Nocturnal War (4:55)
Rape, slaughter, blood and fire
Unholy war it shall be
Screams of fear, rotting corpses
Sign of our victory

Winged by bloodlust
And supreme dark power
We shall show no mercy
Victory will be ours

Under mark of hell we march
Through the night
From chalice of their blood
We draw the strenght

Hold strong, strike hard
Time is at hand
Falling pale stars
Announcing their end
8. On Graveyard Lies My Heart (4:45)
I've returned from the hereafter
My rifled grave was lit by the moon
Enslaved by greed of revange
I haunt place where lies my heart

My lost soul
Is growing cold
Without hope
Without pray
I am thrist
Of innocent's blood
You will be
What I've became

My hert is so cold...
Feeding only on your blood...
9. Death of Mother Nature (5:44)
Wind form the horizon
Carries the stench
Announcig our death

So enchanted is that night
Bejewelled and lit by moonlight
Sharpened peaks wed the starred sky
By distant wood paled in mystery

When dense fog is rising
In cold autumnal rain
Yelp of the wolves
Calls my name

Nature's unhealed heart
Cries for freedom
Torn apart
Trying to braeath

The storm is aproaching
Chaos reign
Agony of nature
Will be our end
10. Cliffs of Suicide (7:49)
Raped were their souls
By nails of cruel world
As the moon
Shows the way to the stars
With shattered mind
Forgotten temple they will find
The cliffs of suicide

In the world of thousand faces
Where they are convicted for damnation
Now they are free from dreaming
Memories and pain

Suicide is the best way for release
Set free thy courages soul
Let her rest in peace

Blinded by fear
You will never feel
The taste of freedom
Do you hear?
Mother death calls you

Now it's time
The last farewell has begun
For your mind
The gates of eternity are open

Raped was thy souls
By nails of cruel world
As the moon
Shows the way to the stars
With shattered mind
Forgotten temple you will find
Thy suicide
11. Agony (5:53)
Unbearable pain is piercing my flesh
Bathed in endless tortures
Every day I must suffer...
I am damned

I writhe in pain
Circulating in my veins
My screams will trail
To the heaven
Flesh raped
In endless tortures
Will know mercy no more
No more!

There is no slavation...
The darkness calls...
My fate is foretold

I call upon
Supreme forces of hell
Do you hear great horns?
Announcing armageddon

They'll writhe in pain
Circulating in their veins
Their screams shall trail
To the heaven
Their fleshes raped
In endless tortures
Will know mercy no more
No more!
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