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To the Gallows Full Album Lyrics

Quintessenz - To the Gallows cover art

To the Gallows

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal, Black Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2016-12-19)
1. Zeitgeist (4:40)
In times where the weak and dumb are granted with the loudest voice
And a constant sizzle's vibrating through every scrawny bone
Can you smell the uprising thunder? Can you sense the waft of war?
These times are accompanied by fear, by sloth, by everlasting gluttony

Cover your ears! Don't let their words blind your sight!
Open you eyes! Raise your voice!
This hymn shall asound a thousand times
Zeitgeist verrecke!

As a monument through the void
Raddled, scratched, yet undestroyed

Beyond the midst, in the eye of the storm
Raised on concrete, we shall stand forever

This time, the enemy's within
There are no borders choosing the sides
But an intellectual line, crossing through your kinsman
Choose your side and return the fire!
2. Of Majestic Shores (5:18)
Crimson red await the skies
Below, the engulfing sea
What powers doze beyond your waves
Mortal man shall never see

Bring up the storm!
Unfold your depths and I am yours
The thundering wrath of majestic shores

Maelstorm arise! Sense the current's death grip
The restless force of majestic shores

Fall, drift away, surrender to the shapeless void
Sense the call, the invitation, an utter wish inside
Embrace the beauty, melt together with it's mystery
Transform! Fill your lungs with liquid majesty

Pain through every muscle, convulsions start to rip
Your body's being dragged down towards the unknown pits
Deeper! Deeper! Feeling numbed, this struggle's fatal end
Welcome death's fingers reaching from the bloodsoaked sand
3. The Claws of Nosferatu (4:15)
A black carriage dashes through the alley
As I tremble through the darkest woods
Transylvania, I give up to you!
Fainting, wintered in a bestial cold

Freezing stone embraces my black heart
An archway, heaven's fiery gate
A deadly grasp to ensnare my soul
Begs me, baits me, drags me into
The Claws of Nosferatu

Candlelight comes alive
Hallways haunted by shadows
Spidery fingers dance on the walls
There, at the ballustrade!
The crookedbacked figure, one has heard from the tales
Lifting his arms, brittled and old
Frantic, frantic, dead through and through
The Claws of Nosferatu

Take me down, descend to the crypt
Into your void, bound to your grip

Spiral stairs lead down below, towards the castle's hidden vault
Fangs flashing through the dark, bloodlust's crude assault
Satisfy your hunger on my viscous sanguine juice
Dracula, I give up to you! Defeated and seduced
4. Her Spell (4:52)
Black old stones lay dormant throughtout the day
A whining damsel's ghost, that's what they say
Is Spooking through these battered halls
Everyone daring to witness her infamous yell
Shall fall under the grip of her spell

Doomed to haunt these castle walls
Dressed in white, perdition calls
Possessed by mazy patterns of her wicked wraith
Hear her call! End it all!
Through the halls, I submit to my fate

Lured out of the chamber by a moaning in the night
Black corridors illumed by a flickering light
On the left, from the hall, a ghastly melody resounds
Shadows uprise as I freeze and I tragically fell
Under the grip of her spell

Fulfilling my destiny, side by side, eternally
Her spell, my mortality, forever doomed to secrecy
5. Sounding the Funeral Bell (5:02)
Midnight calling, fog ascends
The graveyards gates opened by shivering hands
Ancient rites, once carved in stone
Archaic spells returning flesh to bone

A final scream, through endless nights
As a companion in this sacred rite
March through fires, towards hell
With the dead sounding the funeral bell

Rhythmic chimes, the bells asound
Vibrating patterns shake the ground
Like an unborn, clearing it's way to birth
Restless spirits crack the earth

When those shivering hands wrap around the bell rope
With one last toll, straight from hell
The final curse evoked
6. To the Gallows (4:43)
The ways of the spirit are not to be taught
But to be understood by the privileged and gifted souls
The ways of reflection, bestowed upon those meant to see beyond
For there is more to find in every word, a hidden truth

Thoughts followed by doubts, doubts followed by wrath
Perpetual pondering confrontation, scorn or acceptance
For there could be more, for there might be another awareness
For there's neither wrong nor right

To the gallows with those who do not dare
To the gallows with thoughts I deep down should not bear

A rogue either around my mind on your throat
For i'd prefer blood over a last bitter note
Slip off and twitch, for your dusk to be my dawn
With the first light of my day, all clouds shall be gone
7. Endless Night (5:47)
Far beyond the mortal realm in chambers devoid of light
The tyrant's souls are gathered, giving up to endless night
Wisdom's being poured with every jar filled to the brim
The world's reduced to ecstasy, goodness turned to sin

Enlightened speaks the elder's tongue
You shall be servant to none!
Inspired chants sound through the dark
And again the elders lit the spark
Tyrants of the endless night

Illumed be sacred thoughts, too complex to be from earth
Appaled by hasty words, spoken too loud to be of worth
Microcosmos long revealed, far beyond sophistication
Microcosmos open wide, this world awaits damnation

Let sunrise come, there's no opponent to our might
We shall drown every stream of fragile light
Nature is just another weakness to overwhelm
There's no dawn to rise upon our realm
8. Seth (4:32)
A caravan, lost in the desert, doomed by the glimmering sun
Ominous sandstorms uprisin', proclaiming Seth's test has begun

God of chaos, unchain all your might
Bow before the caller of the storms

Dunes rising taller the mountains
While pits seem to lead straight to hell
Ground, bound to shake from this thunder
Earth, vibrating from his yell

God of chaos, unchain all your might
Bow before the caller of the storms

At last rain fell down from above into dying mouths
Sand turns to mud as hands reach towards crying skies
Begging to live, Oh, Seth, please release my soul!
Damned to drown, damned to die, damned to rot below his tides

A caravan, dead in the desert, under the glimmering sun
The wind whispering songs of nightfall
All signs of Seth's power are gone
9. Gloomweaver (4:35)
In the mountain clefts of Avathar, the deepest shadows of them all
Weaver, Gloomweaver, adhering Melkor's call
Ungoliant, Gloomweaver

Long and mournful shoes stretched away into the south
Ungoliant, mistress of her lust, devouring all, with her vorascious mouth
Woven shadows uprise, followed by death

Rope by rope, from cleft to cleft, a monstrous evil wrought its webs
A cloak of darkness, surrounding her wrath, on and on, towards the west
Woven shadows uprise, followed by death

Valinor lays open wide, the trees of light shall fall
Weaver, Gloomweaver, adhearing Melkor's call
Ungoliant, Gloomweaver

Feasting on the sap of light, black beak sucking, draining life
Drying out Varda's wells, hideous and vast, the creature swells
Woven shadows uprise, followed by death
10. Cursed by Moonlight (3:52)
The moon, it stares from high above, deep into my soul
Underneath a cloudless sky, my instincts take control
Pale light summons me, my consciousness defiled
Nature, I hasten towards you, out into the wild

Rippin' through the dead of night, claws unsheathed to flay
Cursed by moonlight, deadly fangs maulin' prey

A heart-piercing howl sounding from the outskirts of the woods
Window shutters blocked up all around the neighbourhood
Through the coppice I make my way, coming to take one down
Night-time curfew does not apply to the nightwatch of the town

Tattered cloths, blood stained hands, underneath dead old tree
Survived another night with the beast inside of me
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