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The Tower Full Album Lyrics

Nero Order - The Tower cover art

The Tower

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Sludge Metal, Doom Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-07-05)
1. Signs of Five (11:20)
Whoa! There rides Geburah
From the right arm of man
He scribes five!
As the surgeon of the skies, grinds he all
Limitless, volcanic sire of war
He brings fire!

The blade cancer invites
Completion renewed in strife
All is slaved to Fear
Fear is one with Justice: The scourge of God

Fortress crumbling, upheaving light
What’s been denied is stirred…

Locusts come and hum the song of knowing
Receive the swarm and find divine insight

Wellspring exhausted, cups now dry
Stagnant waters putrefy
Thus ferment and so transform
In great torment change is born

(Visit the interior parts of the earth: by rectification thou shalt find the hidden stone)

He hath come and set alight in katabolic sacrifice!

(Visit the interior parts of the earth: by rectification thou shalt find the hidden stone)

(All of nature is restored by fire)

Every value overturned
The universe is rendered…

We are beyond apology.
The time now has come to make things right.
Inner shadow, wishes consummate
We all are invoking our end

As failure crashes upon our heads
We imbibe the blood of success
And so it has been, and so it is written, and so it is done
2. Celebration of a Wounding (9:00)
Welcome the spear for the sake of love
Light penetrates; this wound lets darkness celebrate
An invocation to upheaval at faults
The ruin is divine as all boundaries dissolve

If thine eye be single then the whole body shall be filled with light

So surrounding shadows rise…

As ascensions are traced with blood
The hordes resound, believing the light is warm
But the cold was kind and the Sun is growing

In blinding truth ignite the sphere
The eye of God opens and the walls all come crashing down

Welcome our fall and the rising tides
Love the adversary dissolve and thrive!

As oceans dry the buried depths shall be brought to light

Recognize the cycles of no again
All worlds end

In perfection we are as none…

Particles strike!
In blinding truth ignite the sphere
The eye of God opens and the walls all come crashing down

Amidst the rubble, the wretched feeding
Then from the darkness, a light comes streaming
From the mouth of the morning a song is keening
And in their wounds is offered a meaning
3. Every Pillar and Its Crumbling (15:54)
Biting off the wicked tongue
Mute libation to a conquering sun
There beyond the lowest low, so it is above
In flame ascends the all-devouring dove

The Great Beast comes down
And it is good!
You cannot damn God
For where is he not?
For thine is the kingdom
And the power and the glory forever

Oh how the night shines with light of dead stars
Yet we are blind to their igniting…

The first stone was cast and united with its mark
And thus it was without sin
Let us not forget that it is the other
That forms the division that permits existence
Lift up a rock and there I am
In every pillar and it’s crumbling

Welcoming the churning divide
A higher Order to arrive
Why hide?
All is revealed in due time
You may call it unity
But God is fuck, whatever way you ride

The earth below us opens wide
As we're engulfed by howling light
But its okay we’ve did all right…

Frantically grasping for pieces of a falling sky
Oh child, there's no need to cry, it's quite right
Something's Great Eye is smiling down with a fiery, purifying love
Return to one; thy will be done
For thine is the kingdom!

Now we're really going to shine - brighter than a million suns!
From the fire, the fire of our True Will
Mountains are gonna move, the seas are gonna part for us

And we're washed over as the miracle arrives
And all our prayers are answered
We're delivered from the evil of our own minds
As we wish upon every falling star

Yet you understand it not
Screaming for God?
Fools! His face has never been more clear
Open your eyes and finally comprehend what it is you have invoked
Here is Justice: Today, his name is Fear
Here is your Rapture!

Where is God not?

Oh, how the night shines with light of dead stars
Yet we are blind to their igniting until now

Why hide?
All is now revealed - now is our time
We tried and now in flame we're one
Thine will be done!
You may call it unity
God is fuck and now we ride

Called onwards to our reward
Some pray, some claw at air as if to carve their mark
After it all disintegrates something remains like some divine scar
4. Leveling (17:36)
Looking back with sight beyond time
An aeon changes at the rest of the celestial I

Destroyer lifts a heavy lid
It’s sure felt like a while
A great exhalation and a parting smile
Where all paths converge and fade to an aether of blood
Procession unto the final stage
Gaze at the face of all we’ve loved

The tower’s coming down…

We come in reveling
Great day of leveling
Our symptoms are all the same
These Cities of the Plain

Now walk against the ash of all we’ve sown
With embers of the old, the new way shone
Within the burning hall of shattered thrones
The fallen shall not rise
Still something builds a home
So marks an end to all that we have known
The dead past quickly fades
The gates crash closed
And the walls crumble as we greet our foes
The jaws open; flames enclose our world

No words spoken
Figures broken
Pouring from the opened skies
Surmise reason
“Because” stops breathing
Witness at the melting of our lives

Lay waste!

Receive: God Mind
False belief falls away
Open: Great Eye
Lightning enlighten the soul

And so unfolds
The augurs’ prognostication…

Now great birds paint our horizon black and red
And in a swoop devour nations
While on the microcosmic plane
So too do old structures fall

Ride forth on splintering wheels
How our world reels as its engine stops

Our answers came for us today
They’re all we dreamed
Though not as we hoped

And so it goes sometimes
And so it goes away

Babylon, Babylon
Upon the Beast she rides
It is one, as we fall down
The future is bright!

All fall down like children, tumble like statues, fall like great Rome
Rise, rise, rise like monuments, like crucifixions, like ascending Gods
Torrent crash forward, clearing the way, breaking old forms
Current rush onward, love under will igniting our blood

The drawing storm clouds look like war
The struggle’s over
There’s nothing left worth fighting for
And likely, there never was
Now in unity: Cessation

Here as flames rise and owls descend
Songs all once sang no one sings again
But laid in the tarot and cast in the runes
For a new aeon there comes a new tune

The stars are revealed and fall from the sky
The pyre we’ve lit devours the night
The decree is given, great Order arise
In glory crowned we meet our demise

Walls to the heavens we built with our hands
Rendered to the void, they forever stand
Striking the shell, that vast enemy
In ruins of self, at last we are free!

And now the rites of old are black
End of a universe; last vision – look back
To an evaporating road of marrowless bones
As one eye opened the other closed
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