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Nexus Full Album Lyrics

Monolith - Nexus cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Metalcore
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2016-05-04)
1. Origin (4:04)
I am a man created in the image divine. (breathed into life)
I bear the name disgraceful from the first bloodline (resigned to die)

Remember from the beginning
Remember it wasn't so
Remember all that we are
Our state of Origin

How did we come, forgetful, to be so far fallen? (our exodus)
How can we go, eternal, to a place forgotten? (the journey's end)

We can't forget our state of Origin.

The place I fled has become an abomination.
I know not how I came nor where I am.
For all we've lost I take account, I need restoration.
Our first disobedience is not our first Origin.
2. Engineers (3:25)
Follow the trail of lies “and man shall be brought low.”
This is our humble enterprise.
Swallow your pride. If not, we'll make it so.
We aim to misbehave or die.

The way ahead is never clear to us,
But there's no need to try to make it alone.

Sorrow consumes their lives. We only help them know:
The one with less is who survives.
Tomorrow we cross the skies. Your heart prepare to go.
The time of reckoning is nigh.

This brood of vipers, they wear a mask.
Come with us to tear it off, to see the face, to see the eyes,
to see the face beneath.

I cannot go. This burden's mine to bear alone.
The way is lost. I have no hope alone.
I cannot go. How can I bear it on my own?
The way is lost. I have no hope alone.

The way ahead is never clear to us,
But there's no need to try to make it alone.
The journey's end is never obvious,
But you're a fool to make it on your own.

This brood of vipers, they wear a mask.
Come with us to tear it off,
To see the face, to see the eyes, to see my face beneath.
3. Fugitive (4:14)
The skies fall and I am loathe to look back.
Be not afraid, not all dangers can destroy you.
The waters surge. The pass That left no man alive.
Look not behind, aid unseen lights the way ahead.

The signs fail. My surest foot is behind.
Be not afraid, not all dangers can destroy you.
The light breaks, but I am forced into shadow.
Look not behind, aid unseen lights the way ahead.

Fix your eyes upon what lies above the climb,
On the source of all desire.
Fix your eyes, for you have left the storm behind,
For the Origin awaits.

Oh, in the face of the abyss I unwill what I once had willed.
Assailed by cowardice, a wound that can't be healed.
In the tempest of my thought I annul the task I chose.
But as light breaks, a shade, my guide; the blessed pray: Arise!

My will to yours united. Your wisdom, my guide.
Three blessed souls my strength. Go forth, as worlds collide.
4. Darkness Visible (4:06)
“Light will be unseen. Darkness be thy light.
One subtle deception, thy fatal fabrication.”

I heard of the prehistoric oracle, it holds the wisdom of a thousand worlds.
Not one of these can understand me. I must withdraw if I hope to return.

“These ancient words of invocation will make a master of you.
Nature, by artifice, your subject. Your heart's desire by your own command.”

“Darkness made visible: What is dark will be light. By this power you return to restore your paradise.”

Wisdom, power, all that I want come to me, what I desire.

I feel the ancient power, it pulses through my veins.
I see the veil of nature falling away.

I raise my trembling hand, I cry “my god, pluck me out”
And my creation is complete.

Among the falling stars, the planet groans in convulsion,
The universe cries.
All is lost.
5. Psychomachia (4:57)
Clarity, come silence. Conscience splinters within.
Constancy, come sanity. A tear in the web of reality.

We chase a red horizon beneath an open sky.
Clear waters line the rugged lands.
The crew has called me their own. I wish I could belong,
But they can never know what I hold inside.

Our hopeful destination, where central powers reside,
Is full of pride to mortify.
I long to join their mission, to know fraternity,
But my creation haunts and I can't abide.

I don't belong here.
God, I want to.
Where no path is clear
I can't hear You.

For a time the wind is silent, and I am far from alone.
For a moment all is quiet, but I'm so far from home.
Alive for once, but once is all I would ever dare to feel.
For the storm always returns.

All I ask is just an answer.
All I want is Unity.
These voices clash. Don't leave it up to me.
Just make a way out of this endless ambiguity.
6. Pandaemonium (6:15)
This flood of poison outpoured, this horde of demons unleashed.
How many are my foes,
How many rise against my soul, my life.

I believed the words that I said would mean deliverance.
I believed the work of my hands would give me freedom.
So deceived, the bonds of the vow, the call of the siren,
all empty promises.

No matter where I run, the darkness I unleashed surrounds me.
No matter where I hide, I can't escape the evil inside.

I alone awoke from the depths the fabrication.
I alone opened the way to the host of shadows.
Leave me to face what I've done, to fall to the swarm unholy.
Save yourselves.

By hope unreal I brought this endless scourge upon us
I was deceived to think that redemption was in my hands.

Standing on the edge of ruin, my conscience weighing,
With the darkness pursuing, the lie is revealed.

The weight of guilt is crushing.
The endless ranks approach.
7. Compassion (3:40)
Let's go!

Against your demons we rise.
Who is your enemy is mine.
And if our fates must be divided,
Know that we suffer in this united.

I see it in their eyes,
They see the shame in mine.
This legion's my creation
A devastating recognition,
To face the weight of what I've hidden.

Eyes of mercy, piercing through me,
Break my vanity, rend my heart.

My sin is only mine.
Why should they share my plight?
Just Let me take the blame.
I would be better off abandoned.
I don't deserve what grace I'm granted.

I see it in their eyes
They won't leave me to die.
A triumph of volition
An agony that can't be fathomed
Is swallowed up
By this Compassion,
By this one act of suffering with me.
8. Ninth Hour (4:57)
How far do I have to go to get just a glimpse of you?
If your burden is easy, then whose is it that I carry?

There are no heroes here; the tower that I've built collapses.
All that I thought I knew, like smoke begins to vanish.
Dissolution: foundation turned to fragments.
A heap of broken images is all I know.

Who has authority? Who can answer the question?
Who can bring water to the wasteland?

Where can I go to find refuge?
Who else has claim to this truth?
Show me a path of transcendence, tell me,
What greater power than you.

I see no vision here, the looking glass to pieces shattered
I would trade everything for just the darkened image.
Abnegation: my sense of self, it clashes.
With each reality I'm blinded by the truth.

I'll go as far as I have to go just for one piece of you.
If your burden in easy, then all others, I refuse.
9. Enmity (3:11)
On wounded heel I stand, with wounded heel strike back.
The mortal blow is fruitless, is not the last attack.

Oh! Point out the error,
It can't survive the light.
Oh! Now show what you're made of.
Add faith to force, open the great divide.

And it deceives us with beauty atrocious,
And with cunning it feeds us the lie.
It whispers the seed of seduction,
marking forfeit our souls so we die.

The great deceiver ever pursuing
A fatal bite, but a sterile wound.
The great deceiver ever confusing
A shed skin, an enduring soul.

Oh! Don't heed the horror.
Fear not the narrow gate.
Oh! Now follow the windings,
Sever the source, lest it should take you alive.

Although the payment is bloodshed, the surrender of flesh,
We relinquish the body and look to the Ascent.
We will rise again.
10. Search (4:33)
All is shrouded in mystery.
A word pierces the silence, calling me to come away.

A cold burn, a hollow aching,
A search for phantom shades in empty places.

Is this a hopeless aspiration or am I coming to the dawn?

I will not rest until my eyes behold what calls beyond,
What follows me to every world.

The bitter wind, the laboured paces,
The yearning for an unknown destination.

Long ago I heard the voice that brought me here.
Ever since, I strain to recall.
11. Oracle (4:23)
Before the world had ever come to be,
This was set apart for you and I alone.
Although we go as shadows wandering,
Together we will make the journey home.

I've come so far
to see that every light will fade on the horizon
What do you seek?
Don't you know that there are eyes that see beyond you?

Countless days of solitude.
Frozen, my heart is frozen.
I feel the wound In my side
Open, I feel it open.

Who calls to me?
Will you fade into the wind like those before you?
In all your searching
What have you found that did not bind you or betray you?

Countless days of solitude.
Broken, my heart is Broken.
I feel the wound In my side
Open, I feel it open.

The woman came to me, clothed with the sun,
So wrapt in living flame, I begged to serve at her command.

This fire will not overcome you.
And fate is not bound in the past.
These flames will consume fear and weakness,
So don't forget where we began.

The same curse broke better men
I bow my head in shame
The same curse is set ablaze
as I walk into the flames.
12. Vision (8:58)
Be not afraid my son, for I have given you a name
That will never be erased, that will never be undone.

And oh, I knew you long before her.
You are enough, you will overcome.
And oh, I made you for this purpose.
You are enough, you will overcome.

I have called you out from the wilderness.
Your wandering is over now, and the journey's just begun.

If there is any hope for me,
It isn't in return.
If this is what is meant to be,
I say let it be done.

At the center of the universe there's a point that doesn't turn,
Intersecting every world, the only gateway to the source

We are many, but part of The One.
Seeing darkly, but soon face to face.

The Witness to the first descent,
Watching death infect every age.
This is the reason for the burn,
consuming darkness with its flame.

My eyes fail, but still I see into the heart of light, the silence.
The Oracle is now revealed.
I see a vision of a throne,
The Fire and The Rose,
Two Golden crowns intertwined,
A flood of Blood and Water.
Overflow the void.

Take it all, I give it freely,
Place my life in your hands.
Take it all, I give it freely,
Bend my knee to your plan.

I am given a cloak to cover me,
Hope in suffering.
There may be no return,
But there is another Way.
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