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Into the Night World Full Album Lyrics

Machinae Supremacy - Into the Night World cover art

Into the Night World

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal, Alternative Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-01-05)
1. My Dragons Will Decimate (3:46)
in a universe of nothing, like the sun,
I am one of an infinite number,
all too lost, too undone

I will forge my own world, my own law,
and if broken, my dragons will decimate
without a single word ever spoken

Firelight for as far as heaven is wide
Summon the dragon war
Twilight of the ones, the Children of God
Burning, falling

Why — in spite of great abundance — do we suffer? Die?
The wise know not to off the light at night,
so to watch the lazy waste their lives

I will forge …

We have allowed you to stake your claim,
but you’ll do nothing else, no more
This world is not, never was your domain
and you have lost this war
2. Into the Night World (3:21)
Pulled under,
I drown in search for meaning in this ocean
of self-hating children and blame
Why does the story always end the same way?

The fire’s fading, I am ~

I will decide and shed forever
my frozen image here on earth
I’m being pulled Into The Night World
Enter a Phantom Universe

(This) was not meant for me,
and I feel you owe no emotion
I hold my head high just the same
I will use what I have, what you gave away

We play with our words
and we play with our tongues
And we dream of songs that have yet to be sung
while our hearts grow stale
I know this ink on my skin forms a link
from my sins to my soul
I can see, now, sight beyond sight,
of a world behind ours,
and the truth behind the veil

The fire’s fading, I am playing along, it’s all so fake
The fire’s fading, I am
Enter a new age here on Earth
Enter a Phantom Universe
3. Twe27ySeven (4:16)
A course was set
but with a planet this far gone
was there ever any hope at all?
I vaguely recollect the ache of our ambition,
our brief age of contrition
We set out, we had a mission

Once our common cause, I would give my all
The sun could not outshine me
It wasn’t something new, just something real and true

There is a fire in my heart and somewhere deep inside
a cry for war still overtakes the silence

All they ever see is my face,
it’s all part of the show,
our masquerade, always
Dawn is only so near,
and our pain and our pride
is all we have here,

We are too busy standing tall,
caught up, and too afraid
what happens if we stumble, if we fall?
We build our homes of sticks and weeds
and fear the wind too much to risk planting new seeds
But that’s just what we need now

But you’re still on my mind, in my sights,
and if I have to carry on alone,
I will conquer on my own
I stand outside the world, A Guardian,
I will defend it with my life
and I am soaring ever higher

…all we have
4. Remember Me (5:40)
Life is strange sometimes, wouldn’t you say?
I know it was for us, but that’s okay
You made me smile, I taught you how
and you do it too, even just thinking about it now

I know it isn’t easy,
but nothing worthwhile ever is
It was a dream,
a perfect image of a life that turned out to be
just a moment, lost with me

Our time we had together,
we thought would last forever
You will always know
what we said and what we showed
Stay with me,
in this moment I remain in your arms,
in your memories and dreams
Will you wake up and still remember?

Once you belonged, you had found your way
Oh, to feel alive and safe every day
Those little things that matter most, you know?
We had, and more, it was indescribable

I know it isn’t easy,
but nothing worthwhile ever is
Our love was true,
but now the promise of the future calls to you
I know you hear it, too

Will you wake up and still
remember me?
5. Space Boat (3:32)
Under attack by an alien race
All-out war in the depth of space
This may well be our defining moment
but I just wanna get away
I just wanna get away

Come on baby,
got a space boat just for two
It’s all set, just me and you
Brace for escape velocity, now it’s time to go!
Come on baby,
got a way out, what are we to do?
I would have done it all for you
But ours is a different destiny,
now it’s time to go

You know me, I can’t deal with this ’tude
Oh, I would totally fight for you
but not for this fucking planet
I just wanna get away
I just wanna get away

I will wrap myself in your echo,
dream and imagine
Do you remember the night we happened?
The road underneath and the engine?
I just want you to be here
or I will be anywhere, I don’t care
just as long as you’ll be there
Tonight we will disappear
6. Stars Had to Die So That You Could Live (3:32)
I would have thought to find you somewhere less sinister
I know you know the truth but still act the court jester, still

That is who we are, from the dust of stars…
We fight over ridiculous things
while our sun expands to one day kill us all
A perfect end for the waste of space that we are

How many witches burned,
how many drowned that wouldn’t float?
How many women killed
because we feared they would rock the boat? Still…

(It’s) who we are
7. Beast Engine (4:50)
The ground, torn asunder, foul scent of blood and dirt
Shine a light into a darkness otherwise left undisturbed

Can you tell who they are by the shadows they cast?
Dark souls find ways to pass through the light,
hide in plain sight, they hunt and claim the day and the night

Are these our final hours just before the fall?
One breath and all is lost, once and for all
Fate sealed, the ground begins to roar beneath our feet
One breath and all is lost, the end revealed
(… the end of all)

Your souls will fuel the engine
No end to punishment
Evil must be defeated
‘cause Evil does not relent

What if hell isn’t future but part of our past?
Some always seek to resurrect old ways,
travel back in haste, have the world relive its darkest days

I touch the fire and I soar
embrace your burning heart, be something more
I wear their symbols on my skin,
but I am not like them, not deep within
I touch the fire and I rise, fly again

I touch the fire and I fly

I touch the fire and I rise

I touch the fire — I’m alive
8. Dream Sequence (3:26)
I disappear as the water comes over me
Why is it so hard to keep breathing?

Here is our terminus, and a yellow sky above
tell me, Who are we? What of us?
and Where are you, my love? I feel I…

I’m on the edge of a dark world and I’m scared
Shadows descend on me — Please wake me up!

I know that you’ll find me if I believe, if…
If I keep breathing
I fear my time is here
so would you please,
please hurry, I need you

I need you here, I need you to rescue me
from down where I wander aimlessly

Here is our terminus, and a yellow sky above
tell me, Who are we? What of us?
I don’t know, it’s not enough, I feel I…
9. Sid Metal Legacy (2:38)
10. The Last March of the Undead (4:48)
The things I’ve seen, where I’ve been, if I could tell you, I would
But I’ve no words, I have but these scars under my skin

I always thought they were dreams, certainly not memories
But you are here, what does it mean?
Where do we begin?

From Heaven sent, or the other thing?
I don’t care, I don’t need to know
I am awake, I’m remembering,
our time is never enough

Will you hold on to me?
Embrace me if I toss and turn?
Tell me, do you believe?
Come watch with me, as our world burns
Will you pretend with me,
(that to) what we once were, we will return?
Sky, earth and in-between
Come watch with me, as our world burns

I was alone, it was okay, I never felt quite right in a crowd anyway
My comfort found among selected few, but true to me

I act the part (that) you expect
I was never sure, but it seemed to be
the best disguise, don’t you see?
You never really saw me

We have come to impasse
The universe demands a sacrifice
a balance to restore
That means you and me, not either or
Are you prepared to give everything?
I will not let you go for anything
Screw balance, I want more,
a life worth living for
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