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Cult of the Blackened Veil | Full Album Lyrics

Lustravi - Cult of the Blackened Veil cover art

Cult of the Blackened Veil

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
LabelsObscure Musick
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1. In Nomine Cultus (Intro) (0:54)
2. Evil Incarnate (5:37)
Behold masses of Set
Before thee is the witness of the unholy
Exalted in the presence of Lustravi
With us on this day a true spectacle of servants of Satan
Come forth brethren of the black baptism
Converge! Seek Knowledge!
Wash through your slavery to the abrahamic abomination

Brothers & Sisters of the blackened veil
Powerful are thee on the Earth
The demonic pleasures of the flesh
Eden taken from us shall be replaced by the left hand path
Fear us Jehovah!
Parish before the legions! We are many!
O, Lucifer commander of this great force
Cleanse us, guide us
We shall conquer the armies of the heavens
Thou shalt rule all realms for eternity

Jesus Christ! Muhammad! Moses! Abraham!
Shall burn before us!

Chaos the ultimate freedom
Man shall be destroyed
Satan of Adonai guide us in the annihilation of
the flawed breed of ungrateful sons of Adam

I am the goat who walks among sheep
The wolf tearing out the throats of innocent
I will not be overtaken by the weakness of the Christians
I am the flame in the eyes of the predator
The strength of the man who dares to say no

Bring forth Michael in shackles

I am the flame in the eyes of the predator
The strength of the man that dares to say no
I am the voice of the tongues of the wicked
I am evil incarnate
I am evil incarnate
I am evil incarnate
3. The Nineteenth Key (6:09)
Open wide the gates of hell
The lower heavens beneath you
Let them serve
Open the mysteries and make us partake in the undefiled wisdom
Let them serve
Bring forth those that increase and destroy

O ye pleasures which dwell in the first air
Ye are mighty in the parts of the Earth
Unto you it is said, "Behold the face of Satan"
The beginning of comfort whose eyes are the brightness of stars

He that sitteth on the eternal throne
Who rose up in the beginning sayeth
"Let the earth be governed by her parts"
Vexed, true fulfillment of lust
Cast down such as fall
The earth let there be division on her
4. Salute to the Angels (5:11)
I have learned the secret to unlock eternal life
From the heavens, I have fallen
From the god, I raped my life
I sat amongst the angels
These were my brethren
This epic battle we have fought
Of fire, we created

Let the blaze hunger
Scream to silence
Let it burn down
Reveal to us the truth

Spill the blood of the innocent
Open the eye of Abaddon

Hail Moloch
Hail Beelzebub
Hail Lucifuge Rofocale
Hail Asteroth
Hail Asmodeus
Hail Belphegor
Hail Baal
Hail Adramelech
Hail Lilith and Namaah
Hail Azerate
Hail Satan
Salute to the Angels

Brothers and Sisters of Lustravi, I have learned the secret to unlock eternal life
5. Et Plebs Tua Laebitur in Te (1:14)
6. Dona Nobis Chaum (5:32)
May your body be fed back to the earth in appeasement of the ancient gods
May they rot your eternal soul
May you feel every worm, every disease, every ounce of your decay as your body rots around your consciousness
May the gods forget the life you were granted to suffer

And the world will parish as you watch all that you love crumble before you into the mouth of the beast

Jehovah has no power to save them nor his bastard son
They have turned their backs despite the earths beckoning call

The goat though he possesses the key to this world of chaos shall smile in the wakeof this destruction
Though the golden age of his rule is at hand, he shall choose not to take the burden of man

Every memory, accomplishment, victory, loss, failure shall be gone for all eternity for mankind is doomed life without immortal soul therefore shall be lost into the abyss
7. The Rites of the Goatchrist (4:08)
Choke me
Fill my cunt with hatred
The rites of the goat Christ fulfilled through me
Tie me down
Take your sickest desires
As the congregation feeds on our lust
Black mass
Open legs
True desecration of the holy

Cum for me
Seal the mass
Orgasm for the darkest lord
Cum for me
Seal the mass
Make me fucking explode

Come beneath the altar
Defile my body
Whisper to me the things you desire
Ritual sex
Bring me to the highest place

Shove it down my throat
Make it fucking hurt
Push me to the edge
Make me a fucking bitch
For the gods
For the gods
For the glory of Satan

Who here likes to fuck?

Black mass
Open legs
True desecration of the holy
Tie me down and take your sickest desires
As the congregation feeds on our lust

Come beneath the altar
Defile my body
Whisper to me the things you desire
Ritual sex
Bring me to the highest place
For the offering to our request
I'm fucking cumming
8. Dreams Haunt My Sleep (2:03)
9. O, Sanctifier (4:49)
They shall fall before and worship him
They shall be servants of yours
They shall adore thee, my lord of hatred

Rex domine tibi laudamus
Dic hoc sacrificium tui nomine praeparatum
(King of all lords, we give praise unto thee
This sacrifice prepared in thy name)

Smoke for the lord of lords
Satanas oremus tibi (Satan we pray unto thee)
May you smile upon our offering
Veni, Sanctificator (Come O, Sancifier)
Fall, fall on your knees and worship
O, Sanctifier

Hoedus Satani qui rexi in peccata
mundi benedixi nobis
(Goat of Satan at whatever cost guide us in the sin
of the world. Grant your blessing upon us)

For our mass, black in all forms
Find this offering acceptable
And breed chaos with thy spirit
O lord of lords
Orate fratres ut meum ae vestrum Sanctificium
Acceptabile apud Satanam omnipotem
Suscipe hane oblationem quam tibi offerimus
(Pray my brothers that my sacrifice and yours
be made acceptable upon Satan Almighty.
Accept this offering which we are making unto thee)

Satan live
Live through me
10. Terminus Est Aetas (0:56)
11. Sabrina (7:57)
As I walk through the night
I feel your breath
Though bound in death
And softly I begin to mourn
With ashes round your neck
I see your face
Though never again will I hear
The sweet whisper of your voice

Sacrifice my existence
Blood upon the ground
Life to be ended on this darkened day
And still I feel you here

Just like the Friday
Walking by myself
You're no longer there
Tears fell in the forest
I screamed your name
Alone in the dark
Ended before I had the chance
Why could I not know
The day you took your life away

I sit here forever
Lost without my soul
Never to return

Ne reminicaris domine Satanus
Delicta ancillae tuae
Neque vindictam
Sumas de pecatátis ejus
Et clamor meus ad te veniat et cum Spirito tuo
Salvam fac ancillam tuam Sperántem in te
Mitte ei de Namaah tuére eam
Pax huie dómui et ómnibus habitantibus in ea

(Remember not the offenses of thy handmaid and take not vengeance on her sins
Have mercy
And let my cry come to thee and with thy spirit
Send her help and thy protection
Bring peace to her house and all who dwell therein)
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