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Dead Seeds, Barren Soil | Full Album Lyrics

Horseburner - Dead Seeds, Barren Soil cover art

Dead Seeds, Barren Soil

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresStoner Metal
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1. David (6:26)
Buried and surviving on dead sees which fall from above
Or be cast aside, left to starve, proclaimed useless by the machine
The hopeless and the diseased dine among rodents
Rotting bone, teeth, and minds under shadow of a dying sun

Trust in the Machine

We shall return no more to the surface, fear of radiation
Peace of mind known never again, rendered useless by the machine
Surely it's best to dig upward and vaporize, quick and painless
Circumstance, no choice but to suffer under shadow of a dying sun

We must preserve our finite resources
We must keep the Machine turning
2. Replenishment (6:10)
All which was gone, reborn again

A second chance to breathe like ages past

Drink not from poisoned stream

To taste the salt and sulfur, never after

Choke not on burning air

Cherish the flora cleansing, water condensing

Crave not to feed for long

Fruits from the garden gifted, ecstasy lifted

Dream not desert these fields

To seek knowledge or power, a useless venture

A covenant to forge between the Earth and Man

Replenish and corrupt, Goddess Nature be damned

All which was gone, reborn again

Another chance to live like ages past

Desire and lust for more

Salt of the earth look outward, grow beyond her

To tame a perilous sky

And stoke the ashen ember, it's human nature

Sever her roots and vines
Resist! Evolve! A greater question must be solved

Courage! Too strong to fight the cosmic siren song
3. A Newfound Purity (6:18)
Impossible outliers, last known survivors

We feed, extraction to avoid extinction

Legacy immortal, we writhe and smile

Exalt our savior

Eternal turmoil beneath seed and soil

Blessed be our days

Grateful and sick, we colonize

A kingdom underground

Revel in our awful plight

No sorrow in our prophet's eyes

We celebrate our hopeless hive

The insurgent dares to sing

"Freedom is waiting, for no machine is king

Unstrap yourselves, arise!"

None shall defy its word

All traitors trapped and bound

To weep alongside the devoted

We will let the past dictate our future

No savior left unsung

A newfound purity locked within our agony

Its grace, o' we will sing

Peace and discomfort it will bring
4. Into Black Resolution (6:07)
Ancient sin long foretold
Prophets warned, prophets ignored
Magic beheld by nature damned
Gods abandoned, inflicted the scar to rot the Earth

Within our flesh, coursing through our veins, is the Black Resolution
The fall of man kept in our blood, therefore it is written

In the northern sky, when the stars fall from sight
Evils arise in the hearts of men
Wondrous lust stains the Earth with blood
This law obey, bow to me and destroy your brothers
5. Psalm of Kingsfall (5:43)
And these calloused hands will shake and grasp at the mouth of kings
Cut out their tongues
Sing the psalm of blood as a song of holy words
Rain down from the highest throne
Golden robes lay torn, idols taken to the torch
Remnants of these righteous men
The monuments they’ve built, their vanity will turn to ash
In the age of kingsfall

The mark of the servant burned into the hand that fills the cup
The hand that plows the field, the hand that quenches lust
The calendar’s stones worn away by the ages in holy bonds
Buried too long in darkness, are you meek and humble

Find your courage, raise your anchor

Servants and sinners listen all. Loose the shackles bled your wrists
We become the secret words that slipped your fathers’ lips
Assemble at the gates. We ascend unknown
Stone by stone, they are entombed in their gilded, holy halls

Find your courage, raise your anchor
Find your courage, rise to anger
6. The Soil's Prayer (6:39)
Communion, sea to Earth to sky. Sons and daughters born of mud
Earthen child swaddled by leaf, Mother's wisdom in salted wave

We roam the Earth secretly. Till the soil 'til our fingers bleed
We plant the seeds of time, antiquated relics of another age

The ruined world, machinations from the mind of man
These tears soak the soil as we dig
Mother's anger, rise with the dawn

We reside in majesty, in fertile fields and oceans deep
We move unknown, but nature sees a burden to our Mother's need
7. Eleleth (7:52)
Ascension! The call, ethereal
The voice, heaven sound
Hear his song awind to ground
Seduction! The light in morning sky
Ecstasy of knowledge learned
Watch in awe, the world will turn
Elation! My burden left behind
Escape the seed, the plow, the field
The aeon’s song will teach us yield
Aberration! The pleading, silent stares
Words cannot change the path
A reckoning has come at last

We felt the call from the realm where dead men dwell
Above the earth we will rise to final light

Unburden! Breathe deep the sour wine
Gaze upon your world of dust
Drink but quick, and stay the cup
Awaken! You bold and loyal men
Lie and free the third
Hear now my whispers
Envision! Your place at my hand
Your palace, grand and gold
Glory now yours to behold
Abandon! Let go of the earth
The life inside your lungs
My son It is done

From the ground in shadow
Hidden in the halo
As they sleep evermore
Barren lies the Earth below
Darkened land, waters still
Commence now, night untold
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