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Into the Void Full Album Lyrics

Guillen - Into the Void cover art

Into the Void

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Metal, Experimental Death Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2016-11-18)
1. Spatial Cosmic Fields (7:20)
What's the purpose of the life I'm living
Question could be the answer all along
And the voice that calls out and keeps me
from my sleep
Its beckoning me from so far away

Hear the whispering clearly,
Tells me to seek the unknown
If I follow where I've never gone before
My senses scream, perception not what it should be,
I throw my head into the wall, break from the scene

I'm filled with visions from a blinding light
I hear the calling far beyond my sight
"Take me to the place where all shall be revealed, take me from my vessel unto Spatial Cosmic Fields"
2. Chance for Novel Concepts (1:57)
3. Spiraling Ascension (8:16)
Who is this that lies here before me
Hollow shell of a man
Seems to be in need of sedation
Can you speak, can you stand
Let me show you the way to take flight
I know that which you see
Step outside of the square my friend
Now on the way to be free

I try to blink my eyes in desperation, to clear illusions to no avail
Here I stand on a platform of surrender, I stare direct into myself
Losing grip of reality, with every passing moment

Take the step and you'll see quite clearly
Let go all that shall bind

I stare direct into the future

Gravity, a concept my body starts rejecting
weightlessness comes into existence
No longer held by the limitations I've created

Above the ground, away I must find
Now my doubts come to rise
If this is the time for what's to come
How could I truly know
Do we ever truly know...
Spinning out of control, away away.

Into the stream, beyond the stratosphere I've gone, a panic increases, I must focus and release.
Uncharted turbulent journey I am on
Now is the time for what's to come.
4. Moon (5:00)
Your words replaying in my head
On my course to you
Like swimming in the blackest sea
Yet I feel serenity

Sudden clinging, like a cloak draped over, changing the path.
Pushing pulling move. Feel the drag of the moon.

I try to swim and break away
Harder as I near
Intoxicating poison beams
Keep me locked in place

In a state of paralysis, I struggle to breathe,
Trapped by submission that I must break,
flooding my mind with memories,
keep me from slipping Into the depths,
wrapping my body like vines

I Break free
Can't go back
Center align
Pivot myself back into the stream
5. Frozen Particles (7:24)
Heading straight into this purple haze smeared cross the sky
Enters my body shoots into the back of my mind
Slowly I'm losing vision all structure of my being
Ripping the forces that mold the in between

How can it be, I know I'm in this moment, yet here time begins to cease.
As my body begins to deconstruct, fibers of the skin become unwoven,
As I start to dissolve into the same, Magnetic haze, like grains of sand,
Only held together by faint kinetic fields
The constant movement of this cosmic blue, Concept of existence becoming unglued
Time Frozen In this Moment

As particles start to collide
I focus all I can
Rebuild a form of self
Through this now I can see
What must be left behind
Swim towards the open
This moment breaks away
The shimmer dissipating
6. Ashes of Burnt Wings (5:28)
Some people look towards the sky
See a dead ending
Many reach further they say
Only to fail

True nature starts to Unveil
Shown by the pressure
Come crashing down to the sea
Or live to tell tales
Only time shall reveal

As I move past the sun
I see fragments of those long gone
Signs of what could have been
Ashes of Burnt Wings

Can you live with yourself never knowing
Better submerged by the flames
Then live lost in wonder
7. Into the Void (7:41)
Here now we are eye to eye
Never have felt this alive
Move closer within my reach
Lady of the Blackened Deep

Takes me in with open arms
Over me a soothing calm
Turning to a Fevered Drive
Welcomes me further inside

Called to me and now I seek
The answers that you keep within
Invites me to indulge
I feel the will begin to break
Piece by piece I lose control
Feeding on my life force
Starts to change to twisted form
Lured to the abyss only to be consumed

Writhing in Dismay
Won't see another day
It's More than a passing dream
Nothing is what it seems
Chased down the rising sun
Wish now I had burned
All hope has been Destroyed
Taken Into The Void...

Feeding off my Desires, to drain all I am
Eating away at my form, this Hollow.

I just need some form of light, fire, escape here I must try to scream while I can.
No help comes, I'm dying, now my final seconds, No, I see a sign flickering.
8. Resurgence (6:31)
On the brink of my own demise
I found my true release
Brought me back from the oblivion
This fire that burned in me

From the embers it churned
Set my soul ablaze
To burst into the atmosphere
To brush away the pain

I'm rushing out from where the void appeared
To feel the earth again
To Taste the dirt and breathe the sweetest air
Emerging from within

Maintain my strength, Move past the stars
I've wanted this truth to move along
Focus my mind, I close my eyes
There's no way back, Could it ever be the same
I've seen your eyes before, I've seen this light before
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