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Garden of Worm Full Album Lyrics

Garden of Worm - Garden of Worm cover art

Garden of Worm

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDoom Metal, Psychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > G > Garden of Worm Lyrics (7) > Garden of Worm Lyrics (7)
Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-03-15)
1. Spirits of the Dead (6:49)
As the hours decay the light
Rays of sun consumed by night
Only the stars look down on us
As a bird out from your mouth
Spirit freed whirls unbound
By the shackles of your flesh and blood

Cloaked in the shadow of secrecy
Meeting of souls that none shall see
They let the break of day decide
The fragile fabric of your life
Is torn apart by the dawning light
Your voice fell silent forevermore
2. The Ceremony (5:29)
See the horned creature
Looking back from the mirror pool
Bloodstains and feces
Defile the fountain of innocence

And you drink with passion
Lust beyond your control
Still the fever is rising
Down with it you go

There behind black trees
The drunken puppets dance
And the devil runs towards you
You look him in the eye

He is smiling and takes you by the hand

The ceremony is proceeding
Reaching its final words
The virgins are so cold
And your dervishes whirl too fast
3. Rays from Heaven (2:42)
4. The Black Clouds (7:24)
It's too late to cry out all the pain
From now on it is there to stay
Can't erase those sinister visions
I'm striving under this weight

So I turn away and hide my face from the daylight
An attempt to escape this void of false security
Hope I'll have strength to move on
And wait for the pain of life to drag me back to surface again

Black clouds of self-destruction are towering
Now higher than ever before
Casting the gray shade of oblivion
Upon the ruins of my life
5. Psychic Wolves (7:36)
She left me here in this infinite forest
The shadows they're all I see, can't find the way out
I may as well go in circles here obsessed by her dark riddle

I hear the wolves are gathering around me
Their eyes are blind but a hidden inner light guides their way
And though their teeth are weak I know I cannot fight them

Now the silent hunt is on and I'm alone
And my limbs they feel so worn

I see her again she's lying among dead bodies
Rotten fruit on her table swarming with maggots and flies
And there beside a sacrificial knife, it's my connection
6. The Alchemist's Dream (5:53)
Lay my warm seed down, and my blood,
into the caress of soil
To brew new life within this earthy womb
He shall be my image, not beautiful but able
This living being that I've created

More from him I shall gain than I ever did from God
Feeding me with all these answers
And what does this make me then
if not one among the other gods?
Matched by none I walk this earth

But when the rays from the holy Heaven fall down
I'll fall down before the Lord
7. Hollow (10:37)
Wake up from your hollow sleep, it's already dark
For how long it's been like this?
There's no way out, so it seems
Lost all words to describe this feeling
but still you hope for someone will
understand your lonely agony and connect to you

Locked away you see this world
through alcohol poisoned obscurity
Locked away you see this world
now that it is come to this
All the things you ever wanted,
you know by now it's all vain
And the people that you cared for,
they're not with you in the end

Long winter's gone,
But you're too tired to carry on
Still searching warmth...

Behind those doors
just empty haunted rooms
And in the streets
there's only shadows to see
Blank faces stare
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