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The Illusion of Randomity Full Album Lyrics

Exile of Heaven - The Illusion of Randomity cover art

The Illusion of Randomity

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal, Power Metal
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Lyrics > E > Exile of Heaven Lyrics (9) > The Illusion of Randomity Lyrics (9)
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1. Marching for the Moon (0:56)
2. Even Warriors Fall (4:45)
Facind Death, terror in stealth
Outnumbered again, chaos in hand
Defending their land, united they stand
At the gates

Iron will, bones of steel
Deafening cries, fire burning eyes
Ready to die, look at the sky
To be born once again

Even warriors fall when their time is up
They will never kneel, they'll be standing up
When their shields are off, and their swords long gone
They will bleed to death, for the oath they sworn

Never retreat, defy defeat
Breaking the chain, counting no pain
Ignoring fear, devided with spear
To own their fate

Blood stained trails, faith prevails
Eternity calls, they broke through the walls
Craving their names forever retained
In all tales

Even warriors fall when their time is up
They will never kneel, they'll be standing up
When their shields are off, and their swords long gone
They will bleed to death, for the oath they sworn
3. Bloodstorm (3:48)
On a mysterious day
When it was dark as a night
Your road went astray
There was more wrong than right

It's the rage of the wronged
It's the anonymous war
That explodes in your way
When you manage to see

Anima Cruor

Right in the eye of a bloodstorm
Right where your veins feeling warm
Right in the eye of bloodstorm
Screaming the name of the thorn

Your mind was racing
So many struggles inside
One false step
And you fell to a shrub

The spikes vut you open
Blood over your hands
It was the last straw
That drove you insane
4. Sky's Embrace (5:06)
Do you remember falling?
Do you remember seeking?
Do you remember losing everything you had

Do you remember crawling?
But then you started speaking
And you regained your strength like a lion going mad

You gathered up your pieces
you found your inner flame
It's time, the heat increases
To get outside the frame

To the sky's embrace
A never ending space

At night you always wondered
How can it be so certain
That you will be betrayed, that you'll always fight in vain

But then a strange moment
You chose to pull the curtain
And you unveiled the truth that drove away the pain
5. Path of Heaven (4:23)
Walking the endless fields of fate
Trying to keep myself from hate
You know I’ll always be, standing by your side
Even if I have no one to blame

At the gates of Hell is where I stand
But I turned the wheels before the end
My life has tortured me so long
To the path of heaven I belong

Hearing the words you never told
Touching a fire that was always cold
You know I’ll always be, untouchable in time
Even if you burn the ruins of my mind
6. Graveyard of Dreams (4:10)
I follwed a dream
A detected motion
I tried not to scream
Somewhere lost the notion

Have you ever wondered what the eyes can't see
Deep in out sleep where the mind finds release
So many times that our spirits fly free
I know there is a place where our dreams may rest in peace

And I found myself in the verge of going insane
Buried again in the graveyard of dreams
Relentless fate, my soul lost in vain
Death awaits, paid for someone else's sins

So there was a night, when I knew I had to try
I was on and off, my awareness on a dime
And I found a place, where our killed fantasies lie
The deepest desires meet for the very last time
7. Infernal Maze (3:06)
Are we burning?
Are we turning?
Are we striving in the maze that we're in?

Are we learning?
Are we yearning?
Or are we keeping all the lies that we've seen?
8. Candlewish (5:02)
The sun has set
The light is long gone
Inside my cave of thoughts
I always come back for more

The darkness rising
Shadows haunt every part of myself
My meretricious form
Has met its final rivals

Born into a candlewish
The fear consumes whatever's left of me
Born into a candlewish
The tears cannot restrain the pain

The flame lingers
Last hope's faded away
Outside my inner shell
A dead freezing silence

An abyss portrayed
My questions echo in the void
But when you pray for the ending
The flame of the candle remains
9. Venomous Stream (0:51)
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