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The Twilight Enigma Full Album Lyrics

Dusks Embrace - The Twilight Enigma cover art

The Twilight Enigma

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal, Progressive Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-12-05)
1. Armageddon (0:44)
2. Imagination's Cruelty (4:43)
Through this world shines our eyes
Both on our face and from our minds
What is real
What is truth
What a miserable existence in this wake
Imagination's cruelty burns
Were we just given
This imagination to torture our souls
Or was it given
For us to see some far away hope
Imagination’s cruelty burns
We dream of so much more
but we are trapped here forevermore
(We are trapped This reality is a prison)
We are condemned to forever lose our will
We are the glorious failure
And the terrible majesty
It's all a lie
We were put here in this chaotic world
Enduring misery and pain
The truth seems so close
Just out of reach (out of our reach)
Our destiny lies in stone
3. Desecrated Labyrinth (3:08)
Faith is not an answer to hell....
Waves of shallow time are flowing like the wind
Chaotic events unfold in this reality
Pollution infecting the mass herein
Tainted souls now wander by
The end is drawing near
A dark atmosphere covers it all
Let the morality lie bleeding in the dust
And the cries from below tear at the heavens beyond
Dimension walls colliding as thunder roars
The shore of souls now washed in chaos
Pain etches amongst this ablaze
A soul implosion emanates
A vast distortion radiates
A forest now withered as from disease
Clouds of ash pour into my eyes
And as the end draws near
Lost are all those in this desecrated labyrinth
4. The Twilight Enigma (4:58)
In a single restless moment
Time becomes paralyzed
In this moment a failure to recognize
The truth within me fades
The terror I see in your eyes
(I can see your fears)
A grand field of desperation
A finale to despise
Here in the twilight you see heaven and hell
Here between life and death the darkness surrounds us
Behold the twilight of the dusk
and the twilight of the dawn
In this enigma is where you stand
ravaging your mind
The lightning strikes the surface
Shattered and driven insane
An eruption of obscurity
Within revelations arise pain
Disintegration of the nuance
In docile thoughts remain
A bleeding wound in chaos
Upon life a permanent strain
5. Ambivalence Stray (3:28)
Sovereignty is made of graves and those too weak to speak
Force-fed enemies and artificial sleep
Lest we not remember
The falsities we made
Bleed the needle, feed again and drain all will to stray
These days fall hopeless
Hopeless as we always feared they'd be
The end has waited endlessly and it never dreamed our peaceful dreams
So let us sink here
Where upon we laid our truths
May we be endless
Endless as the end whom always knew our ruse
We demand nothingness
Yet beg for all that never came
We loathe the ordered path
But never pray for those who stray
We created this
In wishful alms of hopelessness
But never could we sate it
Now as one we drown
Look upon this censure
This cataclysmic cull
If it was for anything the reason now rings null
6. Oblivion at Hand (4:24)
This day we walk this path
We wear our masks in company
Hiding the shame of ours within
No witness to true self
but to those lying in the dust
Our failure lasts forever
As the ashes fall from the sky
We paint our masks to look alike
We deny our liberation
We feel pain in every breath we take
We howl to the sky
On knees, screaming in defeat
Conquered by the exterior
Begging forgiveness from the emptiness
We lie in the dark waiting for inevitability
To wash ourselves free in the storm
To rise as one and stare up in exultance
Longing for the caress of another soul
Hearts pounding as we see mortality fade
Threshold so close its scent acrid
The last century looming
Unblinking to see time crashing away
And so we find our senses fading
Oblivion is at hand
The ashes coat all we were meant to be
And so we burn away
7. As Vestiges Pale (5:07)
Built blinding
To tower grand above all else
Successors born in shadows
Cast by iconoclasts subsided
Imbibe them
Dream what they once dreamed
Steady yourself upon their fall
And lay your name beside them
We Were Great Once
Lay waste so stars may know us all
We Were Great Once
but no one will know
We Were Great Once
Vacated halls sing the praises
of our false intentions
No one will remember
Upon this plane of scars
No semblance of our fallen arts
Dreamt of dreams gone dead within
we carve existence out
Within our toils
The fate of works made but for lore
Absolved in endlessness they sink again
unto the void forevermore
The works of man shall traipse the never
What once was grand now lay a fault
An homage to the grace we severed
8. Waking the Omni (3:53)
A cold awakening
A shatter through the winds
A bid to end subservience and bend the endless whim
Painting the flames as I fall
The grandeurs of the omni
A game so fragile
Receive my fettered scorn
and know that it was left for you
Before I'm beckoned back
Before my reign is gone
Tell me you know my pain
Tell me I am not alone
Devastated I revive
Returned unto the toil
Bled of my omnipotence and robbed of every spoil
A fatal decision, a grasp beyond control
Dominion reaching beyond sight Even stars bow to my will
Wake not the omni from this truant dream
You needn't know what ever holds
A thousand lights set to die here in me
Darkening a sun left cold
Subdued insanities
A somber glimpse of doom
Amalgamated cavalcades parade these skies of gloom
Scarring the dawn as they go
The trappings of a failed breed
A world left broken
9. Behind Our Silence Wall (4:52)
We raised this hollow place for nothing to claim
Silence sheathes this world ever dull and undaunted
We craft despondent leaders and gaze through the wool
These sightless eyes indemnified ever pulling us through
Teach us to sleep
As you wake the end
Shield us from our flawless faults
Demagogue the dream
Set upon the meek
Nurture the wounds of a world obsolete
As we fall
Forever the silence
Forever the cull
Forever the mindless
Forever the Silence Wall
Bearing down with nothingness the colors drain
Leaving us with all we'd begot and forgotten
We swore to tear these days down and reclaim the lost
But woe we gave up hope at first sight of the cost
Forever inside us it waits to be whole
Forever imbibing the quiet invite of our shame
Forever the silence wall
We learned to sleep
As they woke from the end
We dream of gleaming cages and walls to hold us still
Our want for stifled pleasantries and our need to never feel
10. The Oracle's Song of Unceasing Wrath (4:25)
Fire rips the sky apart
Revealing the dead soul of earth now sundered
A cloud of black, red and grey pours from the wound
There is nowhere to run
There is nowhere to hide
I see a world encased in ash
acidic rain pours from the sky
Chaotic winds tear through this ravaged scape
an ecstasy of chaos amongst the scenario scorned
With a solid fury the end comes to mankind
A failure of humanity divine
Angels torn from the sky with tattered wings
Greeted by rocks below
Burning darkness consumes all
Reality inverts
The souls are rent apart
The world’s end begins again
Behold the waves crashing in anger
The rift from hell sits gaping wide
The battle is lost
11. Moondial (4:44)
Dreaming through the daylight again
Another solemn step on the night sky
A revival for the birth of fear
And a feast made of silence so the wicked may dine
Another call to the cursed dawn
Another still-life rescinded and gone
Memories of a future blank
And visions of a past too far
The endless turning of the bleakest tides
And the fall of the deadest stars
May it's sway hold us ever
In subtlety
May we never learn of eminence
May we dream it eternal
It's sanctity
And may we never know the consequence of our ways
Slipping through the cycle again
Another dredging of the cold
A burial for the incandescence
The remnants hung high so the pure may know
Another plea to the skies undone
Another bleeder who claims he's the one
Visions left of the ages passed
And memories of the dread to come
Clots gathered in the sands of time
And the errant rise of the blackest suns
Sanctified in pale light
Sworn unto the anti dawn
Rectified with night's shine
Revived in daylight's doom
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