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Cursed Cross Full Album Lyrics

Crucifier - Cursed Cross cover art

Cursed Cross

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 9 Wait (2011-09-07)
1. Cursed Cross (5:06)
Their hatred burns inside while countries conflict
Our nations fighting for peace
Their threats taking of
Nuclear warfare, will it ever take cease
The earth rests on their heads preparing us to die
Their buttons: pushed, our future: dead
The radiation kills, while world decides their fate
Try to save yourselves before it’s too late

There must be no one survives: cursed cross
Both sides will loose, can’t choose: cursed cross
Nuclear atomic warfare: cursed cross
Tomorrow’s never rising

Nowhere to hide from total destruction
That’s the world we are living today
Do they know the fuck will happen
Do they care what we say
All designed for perfect construction
All designed to savagely kill
The radiation kills, while world decides their fate
Try to save yourselves before it’s too late

A raging inferno, engulfs this land destroying all mankind
Any survivors, after the blast destruction will find
A flash of light, cloud of dust radiation filled
Corruption will start, cities collapse weapons construct
2. Realize Life (3:43)
Pain: life causes pain
Dreams are all my gain
Lost: to the few
Scream out to the shame
Life: life is my game
Dreams turn into pain
Lost in time and you will find
In violence not the same

Pay: you made me pay
Watching my life slip away
Pain: my life now fades
My body wretched and cursed away
Hatred: they push me back
I have no rights, lost in the void
Wasted: chains of life
Still secure well and tight

Searching: to have some fun
Find a chick and fuck her cunt
Waking up: everyday, go to job
To find a way
Stop: you gotta quit that shit
Get your cash and take a trip
Get ten thousand drinks with alcohol and then
You have to...
3. Governmental Slavery (4:07)
I heard it yesterday on the news
I only thought it was a lie
The bastards told me i would be free
Crush their skulls dont let them live
They never change their ways
No more lies and disgrace
Trapped in haze of social vice
Challenge liberty in lies

Control: your attidute against society''s
Violence: merciless conviction is their vision to be
Justice: no compliance with their laws or else it will be
Madness: considering their rules and now we live; united by hatred

It''s time today i''ll make ''em pay
There is no hope no other way
The cops are knocking on my door
Money and shotgun on the floor
Still have time to escape
Took my car know my fate
The fucking bastards set me up
I''ll show them now i''ll kick some butt!

Violence grows with their government, we can''t ignore, we must revolt: anger
Living a life without violence, you wishing this it could be true: lies
Hoping we all see that day, protecting our human rights: freedom
The real nightmare now begins, we can''t prevail, we must remain

The innocent free world you think you can protect
Enemies and thieves, who will you suspect
One thing is for certain don''t care about the pain
You think i''m fucking crazy, i think i''m going insane

We disagree
Fight the system

We agree
Fuck the system
4. Drive Intense (3:20)
I told my woman i''m taking the car, going for a drink
She said don''t be late, and i don''t give a shit
This happens every fucking time, i want to go my ways
All my friends are waiting, to get drunked at the place

Drive: like insane
Fast: don''t be late
Thrash: with my friends
Intense: to the rest

I drive intense like insane, don''t care about my fate
And by the time I get back, you start to scream with hate
I''m already tired, I cannot stand on my feet
What''s the problem shut your mouth, i want to go to sleep

The bitch is getting louder, she''s screaming in my ear
Can''t stand her anymore, took a broken bottle with beer
My anger''s growing higher, i can''t control my nerves
Blood''s flowing down her neck, you just got what you deserved!

Drive, Fast, Thrash: Drive intense
5. T.V. (Truth's Vileness) (3:36)
Idols: shine in the children''s innocent eyes
Losers: forced to present the wealthy''s lifestyle
Slavery: nailed by your stupidity praying the view
An endless stupefaction which devours your conscience to the bone!

Greedy tempters rape your judgement through
The pics behind the glass
The more you accept the more you rot
''Till the time you will trust
For brainwashing misery
They''ll never take the blame
Just leave you stuck on the fuckin'' box
Dreaming all that fame

Rich, Talk Show, Sluts: Tv is truth''s vileness
Filthy, Shitbrain, Channelboss: Tv is truth''s vileness


A well arranged row of broadcasts
Are hammering your choises loud
Continuing dehumanization upon the
Exploitable crowd
Lots of crap demolish honesty
To lust for easy money
Whimps and ignorants are starring at
The humiliated land of honey

And as you see: a ruined society ruled by vileness
Paralyzed: unable to react into blindness

Tv is truth''s vileness
6. Slaves Of Seeded Hatred (4:44)
A dead end:
For all those who dream
Souls wrapped up in lies
Pretenders to rectify our grief
Preaching blindness of mind
Waking mankinds greed for war
Seeding hate at all sides
A conspiracy:
For the young thoughts demise
Blaming races for the decay of system
Terrorizing the will for life
Growing fear:
Fed by a nations prejudice
A violent generation approaches
While we speak for rights

Armed and blind they come to torn your skin
An old curse of bloodlust they try to rebreed
And when their time comes they''ll be the ones to decide
Who will live and whose they''ll enjoy the cries

Slaves of seeded hatred: Constant beliefs in lie
Slaves of seeded hatred: Their pleasure is difference dying

Aim for their sickened deeds
Lust for blood and suffering
Still lives on in our days
They''ve never felt no care
Just brain-pounding pressure
Lead in this pride of despair
Desire to feel their bloodstained hands
The opposite of humanity
Imposed to conquer lands
In greater criminals command
But the punishment never finds
The fucking leading head

(Fucked up!)
7. Thrash Till The Death (3:35)
2006, Like ''86
Back on the streets, with aggression
Corruption rules, circle of fools
Multi-death corporation
Ignorance for all global laws
Closed minds, desperation
Reality, misery, victim of rules
Your possession

Thrash ''till the death

Lifestyle, fashion victim
Internet evolution
Tv news, technology
World war 3, detonation
Born again, thrash return
Chaos prevails, devastation
Damage done, we demand
No more lies or demotion
8. Crucifier (4:02)
Living in a terrible reality
Create an aggressive personality
Destroy your victims with hostility
Execute them with brutallity
Attack us if you dare
We will crush you


Cause you were idol
And you were pervert
Then we will thrash you
And you will die!
9. Execute Them All (Bonus) (4:44)
Publicer commandments, ripping at their gardens
Hate, fear, ignorance, a full act of madness
And as we saw, assasins to the core
Blessed death, execute them all
We will say, hang them all
Blessed death, execute them all

Execute them all!

Tv masturbates, socialized hate
Banished on another realm, another of my gain
And as we saw, assasins to the core
Blessed death, execute them all
We will say, hang them all
Blessed death, execute them all
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