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Monologue Full Album Lyrics

Conflict Theory - Monologue cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-05-22)
1. Cognitive Dissonance (3:26)
Drugged into an obedient daze
A slave of systematic health
Repressed, controlled, enraged
Mentally misplaced, alone in disgust

Sickened by health-for-profit
Medicine meant to distort our minds
An artificial system of trust:
Wonder why we can’t get enough?
Children hooked from early on
Jailed for using what doctors prescribed
An artificial system of trust:
Wonder why we can’t get enough?

An image of perfection paints the news with synthesized power
Reject the medicinal circus, all it’s corporate interests

“Take this pill and swallow, we promise you’re in control”

If you’re thinking, you’re a threat.
They’d rather you be dead
Or just another buyer,
to pay the crooks they hire
The fear on the news about global disease
Is security for the pharmacy

A cognitive dissonance
A world doped on loss of control bears open arms;
a cognitive dissonance
2. Shadows of the Financial District (3:23)
Liars, put on display
Rulers, without a crown
Dollars, the modern day chains of enslavement
Exist to fuel the ruling class

Shadows, of buildings, cast darkness, on homeless
In cities, where richness, is built to, hide poorness

The financial disease infected all the sheep,
who live a breed and die without a chance for life

Wages kept under lock
Debt is systematic
Reduces the competition
Leaves them at the top

The workers are left
To break their backs
While rulers pay dollars
to cash in their millions
And live their worry-free lives
In tops of their buildings
And cast down a shadow
of financial reign


Shadows, of buildings, cast darkness, on homeless
In cities, where richness, is built to, hide poorness

Broken, overworked
Ignored, the working class

It’s a shit show of labor, barking their orders, and workers risking lives just to pay for their life, an overflow of money just piling into nothing and a world I don’t want shit to do with

We’ll break your fucking backs
3. Vulnerability Index (4:33)
Point at you

Once living free, free was just a masquerade
Credit economy, won’t shit on me
Hopeless intentions living paycheck to paycheck
But freedom lives in the shackles of loans

They’re freedom loans
Disguised in dollars

Our bankruptcy was the banks intention
Keeps us depending on the list

One bank, foreclosure, reels in the, business loans
Leaves us, without jobs, without checks, without freedom

And those who, depend, wake up, stranded in
the vulnerability index

measured, listed, hopeless, homeless

Those who, depend, wake up, stranded in
The vulnerability index

Weighed out the risks of death and poverty and misery and tragedy

The bureaucratic system
Corruptly manages
the lives of those left homeless
and ranks them by their risk
but takes the easy victories
and leaves the ones who need them most
to continue on their subsidies
live in debt and die in pain

It’s so easy to point and blame until they point at you
4. Substance Abuse (3:19)
Remember when addiction didn’t cloud the sky?
Ignorant about our vulnerability
We freely lived in our highs of youth
But how sobering this has become

Like cupping water in the palms of our hands,
Cherished because it won’t last long enough

We struggle to drink the vanishing nourishment
While our lives collapse against all intentions

Malnourished begging for a drop of relief
It blinds your eyes into tunnel vision
Our days are never coming back
Now all that’s left is just a memory

We’ll never get back that sweet guiltlessness
We’ll never reclaim our once devoted friendship

Time blurs our memories
Bags and needles erase them
5. Reminiscent (1:39)
Silence charms the sunset into a darkened space, reminiscent of the closed doors that plague your case

As vibrancy fades and turns to gray, remember the joy once they once created?

Now all those nights of anxious delay, wither into disheartening memories

As years of progress sink into the horizon
Unfaithful tomorrow the sun will rise

We reminisce in silence

As years of progress sink into the horizon
Unfaithful tomorrow the sun will rise
6. Institutional Terrorism (4:12)
Demagogues of rage
Consumed in nationalism
Leaders of disgust
Infects the weak with fear and hate

Corrupt and biased education blinds the youth into molds of the state
Manufactured religion sustains the fear of the rest of the world


Perpetual warfare
built on lies
It’s aimed at us
So we obey them

Institutional terrorism
Institutional terrorism

War is their business
War is their business

Legislation fueled in xenophobia, media attention and artificial propaganda

Fuck the united states of terror

Exile myself from this fucked world

(Rise) If you’re not listening
(Rise) Then you’ve become a slave
(Rise) Bought out by the terror
(Rise) Voiceless with no control
(Rise) We need to rise and fight
(Rise) And take our voices back
(Rise) I won’t accept this shit
(Rise) It’s time to rise and fight
(Rise) I won’t accept this fate
7. Seeds of the Singularity (3:54)
With our heads in our phones
Life will go on alone
Devolving us with subtle, total control
The controlled information age
Devolving us with subtle, total control

When the green of trees is replaced with a screen
I can say I’m ready to die
When the life of a mind is binarily timed
I can say I’m ready to die

The only disease we prolong and feed is the human race
and its technological advancement

Our minds become one, tech will overcome

Seeds of the singularity
Birthing a new society
8. Monologue (4:16)
The time alone dissects my mind
The disconnect enamors me
Well aware of the fate that takes us all,
We chase our fears of death through a fear of life
An unkempt frame of mind, shattered, decaying
There’s an honesty best found in solidarity

An unwritten monologue

I know I drove myself to this
My eyes fixed on the clock, my mind fixed on the years
All that’s left are traces and memories
When the lack of words dulls the meaning
Language fences in the memoir that dies with us
But life is more than what we say or leave behind

An unwritten monologue

We all fight internal battles and try to find a meaning
We push our deaths away while life just passes by
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