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Gebroake, gehange en gewroake | Full Album Lyrics

Chain of Dogs - Gebroake, gehange en gewroake cover art

Gebroake, gehange en gewroake

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal, Folk Metal
LabelsWitches Brew
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > C > Chain of Dogs Lyrics (12) > Gebroake, gehange en gewroake Lyrics (12)
Submitted by level ― (2012-04-24)
1. Intro (0:26)
2. Doa is mie land (4:48)
Tussche krakers van de DSM en drej sjteng op d'r berg,
woa fabrieke zie aan zie sjtunt mit busch en hei,
doa bin ich geboare, dat is woa ich leaf,
doa is mie land, sjtad durp en wei.
En al vert 't mich soms wied hie vandaan,
ich keer ummer teruuk noa de bronsgrean kaant,
ich volg nit die pad ich ren hie noeëts weg,
want hej bin ich heem, hie is mie land.

Doe wools ummer mer renne, doa woars nie tevrea,
koons 't neet verdraage, alles woar te traag
en woa hengste noe oet, biste trots op dichzelf,
of zit een sjpriets i diene erm, ligste al in die graaf
biste dat gewoade wat ver nooit zoue doeë,
boavenop die ledder of onge a gen ead,
et woar neet good genoog, et woar ummer te min,
ich han dich noeëts mieë gezieë, höbste noe diene zin.

Wat doong vuur verkieëd, wat is passiert,
wat hat 't leave hej dich aagedoa.
De luuj te bekrompe of de weage te sjmaal,
of woar dat egaal?
Ich ren hie noeëts weg, of ich kom teruuk,
doa is mie land, hie is os land.
3. Good to go (4:43)
From the trenches, rise the dogs of war,
in our hands our weapons of choice,
the fogs of doubt are shredded, it's clear once more,
as steel and blood dictate the noise.

We've been hiding long enough,
but now it's time to go to war,
you want us down, but we say no.
We'll be reaching for the end, no matter how far,
are you ready for the fight, because we're good to go.

I hope you're ready to go down, because i know,
I know this will be your last stand,
fight for freedom, fight to be heard,
you will die or you will understand

We're going faster and louder and stronger and proud
Watch us as we make our enemies cry
Drowning in their blood, they beg for their lives,
But we all know, it's time for them to die!
4. Doe zies mich vannach (6:10)
'T zit hej get in mich, ich kom dat neet kwiet,
ich ken ooch neet doeë alsof et neet bejteet.
Soms kump et noa boave, soms leet 't zich zieë,
ich merk et waal mer 't is al te sjpieë.

Ich zaag dich noe get mer vertel dat neet wieër,
d'r duuvel kunt dich hoale of erger,
's nachts wen d'r moand sjiengt, da is 't zoewied,
da witste besjeed et is tied.
Ich veul et i mich et hat mich genomme,
d'r wolf is los en 't is al te sjpieë.
Begin mer te renne wied zalste neet komme,
al gauw sjpat die blood wie een zieë.

Et sjtiegt mich noa d'r kop, totale euforie.
De wermte pakt mich op, de nach is helder wie nie.

Ich riet dich a sjtukke, ich loat neet veul euver,
weet neet of ze dich nog herkenne,
mer ich weejt waal doe maks teveul kabaal,
al dat gesjrej deet mich pien.
Ich nem mich noe vuur de volgende kieër,
get sjneller te wirke wie noe,
mesjien e sjtuk plakband euver de moel,
veurdat 't blood sjtreumt wie wien.

Doe zies mich vannacg, dus nem dich in ach
't leave is zoa kôt, ja et is zoe vorbie.
5. An't front (2:50)
Ze haue dich noa 't koalefront gesjtuurd,
enne hoave kilometer deep, loogstoe onger vuur.
Doe woars hujjer, genne korporaal,
mer d'r ingenieur voolt zich generaal
en hat dich graad zoe good noa dienge doeëd loate goa.

An't front!
An't koalefront!

De O.V.S of militaire deens, de keus woar sjnel gemaat,
va sjterve hau dich genne get gezaad.
D'r boorwage, genne mitrailleur,
haste bedeend, doa gongste veur,
mer 't gaas koam en wie bomme ging et aaf.

An't front!
An't koalefront!

Ze haant dich noeëts gevonge,
wie zoeveul doeëde van d'r krig.
Begrave onger berge,
van os eige sjtee en grond.
Die graaf is leag, doa in dea hof,
van die kirk die dich verkoch,
an de heere oet 't weste,
ich haat ze doaveur nog!
6. Interlude I (0:51)
7. The hobbit killer (3:56)
Laughing and singing and dancin' and prancing,
the merriest folk of the shire and beyond.
They don't know what's lurking to put out their lights,
they will soon find out i will end their lives.

I am the hobbit killer, i kill the little fucks.
I am the hobbit killer, i hate the little schmucks.

Hobbits aren't cute, hobbits are food!

Burn the hair from their feet, while they're still alive,
I really hate the smelly little uptight pricks,
I torture and maim them, exterminate their tribes,
sell the flesh to the orcs, to roast on their spits.

Burn down their dwellings, destroy all their culture,
don't even bother to sell them as slaves,
kill all the monsters, leave them to the vultures,
genocide on hobbits, none will be saved.

I wait for them to come, from under their hills,
the ambush is set, now it's time for the pounce,
Take my time in torture, i take my time to kill,
I love their screams, the loveliest sounds.
8. Gebroake, gehange en gewroake (4:33)
In 't duuster bezeate en vor d'r duuvel neet bang,
veer wille wraak vor 't leave want dat woar neet zoe lang,
de doeëde tot leave jaage veer op uch,
geer zult leave in angst bis d't letste zuch!

In d'r Schelmentoren gebroake,
op d'r Heesberg opgehange,
mer ich höb mit miene letste sjnik,
dea vlook oetgesjproake.

Ren, ren vor die leave, ren
Doe zals neet ontkomme

Dea Beerens woar d'r ieësjte, de rest van uch zal volge,
krank en corupt durch os hellevuur verzwolge,
de wil jach is geöapend, et is tied dat ger betaalt,
de reakening mot vereffend oh ja ja jowaal.

Verdoomd veur een leuge,
ozze leike kaalgepikt,
mer ich han et oetgesjproake,
mit miene letste sjtervenssjnik.
9. Hibakusha (2:20)
I am become death, the destroyer of worlds,
unholy trinity with man boy unfurled.
Fight fire with fire, destruction's my name,
my hunger for blood, the deadliest game.

Ohoh, survivors of the flame,
shall not escape my radiation game.

I am born of war, it's deadliest child,
my lust for corpses cannot be denied.
I reap what you saw, in a storm of death,
from Enola to Trident, i take your last breath.
10. Interlude II (1:30)
11. The way of the gun (4:24)
With gun and knife in hand i've come to send you all to hell,
Guts and brains line your corpses where they fell.
Time has come for blood to give te devil it's due,
time to satiate our hunger and put an end to you.

I spent so many years with no point to my life
Ohoh, just wondering why.
Things all changed with the way of the gun,
Ohoh, now life is so much fun.

You try to run away from me, you can't outrun your fate,
feel me ripping through your flesh and know it's much too late.

A demon inside, come to collect your soul,
Ohoh, the highest goal.
Lock you up in my special hell,
Ohoh, your eternal cell.

I see the fear in your dying eyes as i close in for the kill.
hear your screams and plead to me as mercy is withheld.

You try to run away from me, can you outrun your death?
Send you to that place beyond, where everything is said.
12. 08/15 (3:12)
Put on your gasmasks and sound the charge,
we'll be over and out with the end of the barrage.
Bullets find their mark between cries and shouts,
you're in no man's land and there's no way out.

Slashing, cutting, ripping, smashing, shooting, stabbing, brainpan bashing,
machine guns hammering, comrades yammering, you start stammering.
'Oh please God, don't make me take this pain',
but there's no one there, your cries are in vain.

You slip in bloody mud by the barbwire fence,
you can see their eyes in the other side's trench.
Bullets find your flesh, they don't treat you nice,
you're in no mand's land, another hero feeds the flies.

Your corpse decomposing in the blood-soaked mud,
you never had a chance, you never had a clou.
All they ever wanted was to spill your blood,
maxim fodder was their job for you.
13. intro to de hujjere (0:46)
14. De hujjere (3:46)
Nem mich mit, nem mich mit, loat mich hej neet blieve,
ich ken hej nit mie teage, mie geduld lup langzaam aaf.
Nem mich mit, nem mich mit, loat mich hej neet blieve,
ich hou dea auwe zak kapot, ich hou 'm in zie graaf.

Doa zunt ver wieër, de hujjere, de piemele d'r crau,
zieste ze wieër kieke, ze bekieke os wie sau.
De christe, de heere, de burgers va sjtand,
motte van oos nieks wete, i sjtad durp en land.

Soms blief ich leever binne, wachte op de nach,
woa d'r moand zie lich leet sjienge en os land baadt i zieng pracht.
Mer 't is toch ooch mie land, 't is toch neem van uuch alleng,
ich ham doch recht op leave, of vingste mich neet reng?
15. Coltaine (6:51)
Ride with the clans, out on the plains,
There's so few of us left who remember the slain.
Choices where made and betrayal was born,
we must stay the revenge, on the jhistal we've sworn.

Coltaine of the crow,
Lead your chain of dogs, lead us now!

your soul free for rebirth after murder most foul,
The 7th army died for the dogs at your heels.
they carries the dogslayers back to their homes,
fooled by their lies they sent spinning the wheel.

But there are those who remember, who will not forget,
when time has come, seas of blood will be let.
Our birthright is claimed and we will strike hard,
to right the wrong in an old soldiers heart.
16. Right round (Bonus Track) (3:18)
I’ll spin your head right round right round,
then you’ll go down, then you'll go down, down!
I’ll spin your head right round, right round
can your hear that snapping sound – down!

Walk out my house for ultra violence,
filled up with hate, I got places to go!
People to kill, time is precious,
don’t need no gun I’m out of control.
It’s on my mind know where I’m going,
no women, no kids, nothing but thugs.
No stopping now, adrenalin’s blazing,
you’d better run when I’m chasing

You know the storm is coming,
death’s raining you know it’s gonna shower.
Tell your friends to run and hide,
I’ll pop your necks around the hour.
I’m the top of the chain when you go down,
I will be throwing your bodies around.
Nothing more beautiful to be found.
it’s so amazing,
the fire is blazing,
I’ll make this hotter than hell.
Time for your paycheck, it’s maximum wage,
death comes ripping, can’t you tell?

I’m spilling your lives,
I’m out of control,
nobody can help you,
when I’m on a roll,
I’m king of the backstreets
and I’m wearing the crown,
popping your necks,
bringing you down.
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