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Vana Vigala Loïts | Full Album Lyrics

Bloody Sign - Vana Vigala Loïts cover art

Vana Vigala Loïts

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal, Black Metal
LabelsIbex Moon Records
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > B > Bloody Sign Lyrics (22) > Vana Vigala Loïts Lyrics (7)
Submitted by level 12 모흐 (2016-09-24)
1. Possessed by Ancient Earth (4:40)
Marching toward the gates of ancient feeling
I invoque the strong elements
Iron, stone are the primitive fluids running in my veins

Absorbing the divine alcoholic substance
To worship the ancient ones
I sacrifice this essential liquid to the earth

As I walk in this savage land,
I feel a primitive strength
Flooding my ethylic body
And will bring my soul to a place
Where life isn’t a shame

I am one with this lascivious flesh
No more guilty to feel the pleasure
Because here’s only the primitive essence that counts
My soul is becoming flesh
And each cell is filled
With an intense frenzy
Nothing can stop my will to be a part
Of the land of the true ones.
2. Unleashing the Power of the Bloody Sign (4:51)
Listen to the Voice of the Ancients
An immortal powerful symbol
Which is here for a very long time
It has seen the birth of the Ancient Gods
It has the power to destroy the world
Priests of the new order have sealed it
We’re here to restore the Old Faith

Walking through bloodstained plains
Crossing snow-capped mountains
We are following the sign in the sky
We can’t touch it
We can’t have it
It hasn’t got any shape

You’ll find it in flames coming out of earth
You’ll find it in blood coming out of veins
You’ll find it water coming out of stones
You’ll find it in sap coming out of trees

By following this bloody sign
Made of blood and wood
We are sure to revive
At the side of the Ancient Gods
Without the fear to die
We’re going into an endless war
To keep the Old spirit alive
Until the world will ceased to be

We’ve found an ancient temple
Hidden in the middle of the forest
We will unleash its power
Cast it!
3. Conquering Pain (4:24)
In a suffering consciousness.
Against any tranquillity.
Inner fight
Feeds myself with hate.

Torment’s like a salvation tome
A struggle which is sick and disgusting.
Deceived by a life I once loved.
Absurdity’s striking down my brain
I’m screaming for a vengeance
Which is only directed against me.
I am no one, I am fulfilled
With frustration, I have to kill.

You have to die to be someone.

I shooted these bastards
Who thought they were chosen.
Bullets are incarnating my pain.
My heavy hate has to kill them

Now that my needs are fulfilled
I have to go ahead this life
Dying to prove that I’m someone
Thanks to the guns my frustration’s gone
4. Vana Vigala Loïts (Part I) (Intro) (2:43)
5. Vana Vigala Loïts (Part II) (3:30)
Tee meil oli pikk ja rusuv
Ängistus meil hinge tummus
Pöhja tuul meil luudes puhus
Uku hääl meid hiisse kutsus

Peoks Vana-Vigalasse
Rahvas vöimas tulemasse
Söjalasi ilmumasse
Igast kaarest törtamasse

Vina puudest voolamaic
Paneb pillid mängimaie

Hiiglased sääl Mants ja Raido
Nöidusraamat rüpes Kaidol
Paganuse jöud on vainul
Sajatuste tuli vaimul

Hard Rock lööb me vere lökke
Taeva töuseb öine röke
Kaos vöimul ilma tökked
Loitsust sünnib tulemööke

Siin on uus ilm sündimaie!
6. Parricide (Pestilence cover) (3:17)
A life in desolation, remained in naivety
Criminal aberrancy, they rest among their ancestry
As an adolescent his life was filled with agony
Rancour put a tragic end to the affinity

His childhood and puberty were consisting
of maltreatment and abhorrent humiliations
His accumulating fury leading to an
unimaginable horrible escalation

Disposed of his relatives one by one
Convulsive twitch, morbid homicide
Increase of the dreadful phobia
Parental slaughter, infanticide


Hatred actuated by the next of kin
The culprits of his painful education
The moment of judgement and punishment is there
Murderous massacre, obtruncation


Sickened thoughts in his mind without repent
When he carries his mind to their fatal and
A reminiscence of death, disreputable history
Motive of retaliation, a revolting event
7. Banished (4:59)
Ancient feeling trapped in stones
Lost for centuries, locked by wooden doors
Humanity forgot he keys of wrath

Buried by priests’ knowledge
The Old spirit wants to escape from the stone
Nobody knows its hiding place
Young humanity denies its sounds of war!

Spirits are still alive, waiting for the new call
Ignored by new consciousness
Humans destroyed the places
Where alcoholic wrath
And rhythms of carnage
Could give the power to regenerate

In this desertic land
Only one can hear
The melodical breath of leaves
And the drumming of thunder
Ancients gods hide behind the trees

Pathetic evolution
Enthroned by false prophets
Evolution against
Musical tradition

Prophets destroyed altars of madness
Where alcoholic wrath
Could give the power to regenerate
Forced to become as a stone, to be ignored
8. Master of Nothing (Live La Laiterie - April 2003) (2:47)
I have grown in the mountain
I felt life under my bark
But now it has all finished
All my vitality’s vanished

Am I Master?
Am I Master?
Am I Master?
Am I Master?

I wanted to look like a philosopher
I thought I was in quest but I was wrong
Even several centuries don’t make you wise
Iconoclasm seems to be the only way

I’m just master of Nothing…
Fighting to survive.
I don’t even know why I try to obstinate.
Consumed by hate.
I guess it’s the only reason to keep
On living in this world.
Made of flesh or wood,
The only thing I earn is only pure suffering.

I have grown in the mountain
I felt life under my bark
But now it has all finished
To hate is my only way

Am I Master?
Am I Master?
Am I Master?
Am I Master?
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