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Blackhorned - Lost in a Twilight World cover art

Lost in a Twilight World

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBlack Metal, Thrash Metal
LabelsUndercover Records
Album rating :  -
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Lost in a Twilight World Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2013-07-13)
1. Floating Darkness (6:33)
These eyes of endless emptiness
A cold stare of hollow dark
Feverish hallucinations
Silent screams of cold hysteria
Seek thy salvation through pain

Suffering Divine
Holy stench of rotten blood

Shadows of tormented souls
Lurking in the darkness
Waiting for the weak to fall
Drowning in an endless sorrow
Held down by the lack of reason

Floating liquid darkness
Feeding on innocent fear

Hear the whispers from below
Lifeless eerie voices calling
Tempting with the freedom of death
A reward second to none
Eternity in agony
2. Those Below (4:56)
Transformed to existence in utter darkness
Mutated beings so grotesque
Condemned, cursed and demonic
Forgotten for ages in the underworld
Shadows of evil descend to Hell

Naked and blind but lethal
Sensing innocent blood
Total denial of mercy
There's no existence of emotions
Cold and endless blood thirst

Feeding on fear and helplessness
These demons - shadows of death
With horrific voices they confuses the mind
These blind eyes always follows

Existing like this for ages
Those below are many
Senses beyond the natural
Living nightmares in physical form
From the deep they haunt those above
3. Embraced by Shrouds (5:34)
Scream - and you will see
The feeling of pain
As you wander
By dark paths
Through the woods of twilight

Alone - alone
Always alone
Never lonely
Always by myself

Feeling the freezing breath
On the back of my neck
Rushing of my blood
Through pounding veins
The stench of rot and decay
Smells deep in my mind
Scratching in the stumps of hatred
Taste of mould and clotted blood

Eyes wide open
Turn and look
Never alone - never lonely
Taking cuts - in the mouth of hatred
Wide open - in the middle of the scream

Alone - alone
Always alone
Never lonely
Always by myself
4. Lunatic Full Moon Syndrome (5:48)
The church bell rings for the Dead
Darkness falls and the pale moon rises
The chill of the skin - the creeps on my back
Eyes in the dark
Dead voices speaks to me

The wind blows cold
So cold - so deadly cold
I see myself DEAD

Nerve system stunned
Hair stand on my back
Whispers all around me - ghostly chants
My blood freezes to ice
My limbs stiffens by fright

They arise from their graves
Stumbling lifeless nowhere

Nowhere - going nowhere
Under the full moon lunacy
Lunatic full moon syndrome
Lunar sick!

The church bell rings again
By hands of the Dead
I feel the no more life - skin turns blue
My eyes dry out - I ache as I move

In the graveyard - the icy shadows
The thumb sounds of bodies falling
The moon is Red - I am DEAD!!
5. Dungeons of Death (5:54)
Sweat runs from my body
Roses wither in the garden
Stay! You strange creature of the dark
For you have taken hold
On my neck - stranglehold
Eyes wide open in fear
Mouth open in a death scream

It flies grey
Against the wind
Can you see it?
It was nothing more than ashes in your hands

One night - and another
Before I let you in
In the halls of ten thousand fires
Sweating violently again
Burning op down here
In the realm of the infernal
This is where I died

Death never lies
Death is pain
Death carries nothing
Chan roses on my grave
Death sets me free
6. Misquoted Incantations (6:39)
Never to see the sun
Never to feel the air
You see it everyday
Abbreviating life as a contest
Listening to the lies
Abandoning of your life

Misquoted incantations
Failed Metamorphosis
Mutation of your limbs
Cursed to a life in the abattoir
Underworld of terror
Dispraised existence in torment

Agony and pain
Suffering and torment
The lustrous blade
Ready to cut up your veins
A release from this living hell
Of the existence as a mutated freak
7. Ever Tightening Tunnels (5:14)
Hands grasp
Bones of the dead
The mouth of vomit now screaming
Strange lifeless howls
The absurd rotting of the earth
Worms left behind - dancing in the dirt

Abandoned moulded crypts
The blitz of the eye in the absence of the mind
My body's decomposition in the prison of my grave
The tormenting pain eating my coffin

Always alone
Never present
Never away
But never alive!

Black eyes of death
The fury of insanity on a demon ride
Bloody hands reach
Through the rotten earth
Deformation of a reality - unreal

Tied by ropes of flame
Swimming in a sea of razors
Dreaming with open eyes
A nightmare wide awake
8. Sacred Insanity (4:44)
To live
To feel that you live in decay of the mind
Destroying barriers
Between lust and pain
Boundaries floating
In gloomy colours

Black is the painting of life
In the grave's unbroken coffin
In the gloomy chamber
Pale lights of candles
Throwing figures - dancing in the wall

To die
To feel that you die
As the worms slowly
Eat your mouldy flesh
And devour the pain
Life brought along

The silence of the end
The grand roaring of nothingness
It is the holy illusion
Of the light at the end of the tunnel
It is the darkness at the end of the world
9. Another Dying Life (5:00)
By the chaos in my brain
The darkness of my mind
Eating the lust of life

Do you curse the path
On which your body walk?
Do you cry upon the possession
That leads you to pain?

The run!
Down the stairs of existence
To death's hateful destruction
That leaves you
To the souls ending

What lies behind the haze
Of the burning bridge you left
For another dying life

So die
And let me show you hell
And will you question what you see?
Or will your soul be free?
You'll never see
What lies behind my eyes
Forever falling through glass
Another skull for my collection
10. Blazing Possession (4:22)
To destroy everything around you
In a psychotic madness
Banging your head against the wall
And screaming uncomprehending sentences

To rip out your eyes
To anticipate the Dark
Impale and impaling
The twisted faces all around
And the inexistence of the pursuers

To cut out your tongue
In one sharp cut
So you can no longer speak
These words that confuse
I am possessed!

But at night, in the dark
They come dancing, flouncing
Behind the eyelid's skin
On the banners of dreams
It is the thoughts, the great ones
Raised by the day
The agonizing laughter of the light
Only dusk opens depression
In the skull, within the heart
Father Chaos reigns
Oh, madness - take me with you
On your nightmare ride
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