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Axattack | Full Album Lyrics

Axattack - Axattack cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal, Punk
LabelsPrimitive Ways Records
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > A > Axattack Lyrics (9) > Axattack Lyrics (9)
Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2016-12-03)
1. Beg For Mercy (1:57)
2. Axattack (2:25)
Try to run to no avail
Through the night you scream and wail
We have got you in our sights
Death of steel prepare to strike

Run into the night
No you cannot hide
Stalker at your back
Beg for mercy; Axattack

Screaming death will come for you
Split the head; ax goes right through
Blinding headache, searing pain
Kill again disgusting game
3. Attention All Aggressors (3:28)
Bring me your hatred and lend me your ears
The moment you've waited for is finally here
The state of the world is in futile condition
Society's folly: the source of attrition
We put society out of commission

We join! We rise! We fight!
Tear down the old world and set it alight
The end is now in sight!
Stand up to what once was our greatest oppressor
Attention! All Aggressors!

Tear out the hearts of the cowards in charge
Bring down the law that thinks its still at large
Society's failed us and left us for dead
Our bodies lie bleeding; the streets painted red
So join with us now and off with their heads

We join! We rise! We fight!
Tear down the old world and set it alight
The end is now in sight!
For we all must strive to be worthy successors
Attention! All Aggressors!

Stand up to what once was our greatest oppressor
For we all must strive to be worthy successors
This world now has a brand new possessor
Attention! All Aggressors!
4. Never Again (2:10)
Never Again will I be on my knees
Be it government, man, the divine, or machine
Never Again, be a means to an end
Never Again, Never Again

Never Again will I follow the herd
Be it corporate lies or dogmatic word
Never Again, morals twisted and bent
Never Again, fucking Never Again
5. Beer, Battered, and Bruised (3:18)
Another day, another show
Another pit, another go
We ride tonight on wings of steel
We thrash around the metal wheel
Drink to life, drink to death
Take a hit and bang your head

We are Beer Battered and Bruised
We've got nothing to lose
When you get to choose
The choice is Beer Battered and Bruised

Blow to the back, blow to your head
Never stop until you're dead
You leave the show a bloody mess
You pound a beer like all the rest
Tomorrow you will feel the pain
And do it all over again

And you'll be Beer Battered and Bruised
We've got nothing to lose
When you get to choose
The choice is Beer Battered and Bruised

Beer Battered and Bruised
6. Repent (2:30)
Nuclear warheads are ready to fire
Orders that spill from the mouth of the liar
Praise be to those who can live with their sin
And damn all the rest who still hide it within

Heathens are burned to the bone
And they are never alone
Your aspirations are flawed
Clean up after your own god

Orders from the faceless one their calling out your name
Message from the holy ones to play your twisted game
Everything is clear to you, you have no sense of shame
Clear cut persecution set the wretched ones aflame

Kill all of those you don't think can be saved
Crusading the way for the foul and depraved
Intrepid followers under your spell
Casting the innocent straight into hell

Fight the world 'till your last breath
Those you oppose put to death
Because they have different beliefs
Their blood will run red through the streets

Preaching to the masses while you champion the raid
Killing for religion your tyrannical crusade
Until the day you die and when your body has decayed
You'll end up down in hell and by your god you'll be betrayed

7. Cripple Catapult Catastrophe (3:24)
Crutches, canes, and wheelchairs
Raining from the sky
Bodies flailing as they fall
On those about to die
Load the armaments of war
With those with stunted legs
Launch the cripples through the air
Knock them down a peg

Cripple Catapult Catastrophe
Warfare brought upon a new degree
Carnage the likes of which you've never seen
Cripple Catapult Catastrophe

War has reached a new extreme
Where bombs are not enough
Monstrosity of violence
The pinnacle of fucked
Screams are heard across the fields
And all throughout the skies
Of those who no longer can walk
And clearly cannot fly

Shattered bodies fill the fields
Bleeding rivers red
Broken, battered, bruised they lie
Never walk again
The end is here the battle won
The enemy is slain
All it took were countless lives
Thrown upon the gate
8. Bastards (Until the Break of Dawn) (2:30)
Run they're coming for me
Coming to kill they are coming to feed
Eyes, dead glaring at me
Into my back as I'm running away

Run! Run away!

Undead bastards from hell
Rotting and bleeding you're under their spell
Hands rip flesh as it tears
Feast on the living to join with the dead

World gone no turning back
All the survivors are under attack
Can't stop, can't fucking hide
Can't slow down now or they'll eat you alive

Run! Run Away!
From the bastards...
Until the break of dawn!
9. Bear the Mark (2:57)
We are the ones you hear in the dark
We bear the curse, we bear the mark
We are the ones who make you cower in fear
We bring the thrash, we bring the beer
Mosh in the darkness and thrash in the black
Banging your heads, breaking your backs
We are the ones who will set you all free
Cast you below into hell you will be

We bear the mark

Through all of the bullshit we see everyday
We thrash and we drink till it all goes away
You stare at us blankly, you think us all fools
We'll cut you all down, we make all the rules
We struggle each day of our miserable lives
Through anger we play, through metal we strive
We carry the torch burning brightly and strong
So lift up your glass and drink till it's gone

Another day gone, another night here
So throw back your heads and pound down your beers
Today was a day where nothing went well
So drink up my friends, I'll see you in hell

We bear the fucking mark
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