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Kelem Lyrics

Arkan - Kelem cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal
Album rating :  -
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-05)
1. Kafir (5:05)
2. Nour (5:34)
She always does what she is told
She speeds up to reach her parents' house
The school has been closed this afternoon
But as she walks through the door

Oh suddenly the bombs start to fall
She starts to run like hell through the hall
The noise gets louder and she crawls
But everything goes dark

Night has just drowned the day
All hope is fading away

She slowly steps out of the rubble
She starts staggering into the street
The smoke blinds her eyes and dries her lips
But she needs to get away from there
And as she flees the death

Oh suddenly a voice starts to call
Then appears her mother and she falls
She tries to lean against a wall
But everything goes dark

I'd like to live one more day
Rejecting my fears, holding back my tears
No matter, no matter the God I pray
Anger runs in my veins, desolation remains

Everything goes dark
Bombs soaring through the sky
Nothing to do but cry
Everything goes dark
Is this not damnation?
Anytime for salvation ?
3. The Call (5:23)
4. Cub of the Caliphate (4:17)
5. Erhal (4:14)
You who think you're touched by the grace of God
The fear will invade your world

Under the reign of a great butcher
Feelings of hate are growing
We'll break up this unshared power
The alliance of hangmen is cracking down

Forced to fight
Our hands won't shake,
Ignoring massacres,
The dread to forsake

Erhal !
Our dignity is still alive
Plunged into terror
We'll fight to survive

Don't close your eyes
Open your heart
Forget your life
Defy these lies

Can't you see us from beyond the walls ?
Can you hear us stepping to your downfall ?

Beware of the men from the sand
How could we forget repression ?
Prepared, designed to withstand
Bringing an end to annihilation

I cannot stand the way
The world is torn appart
We all have to defy these lies
6. Eib (1:23)
7. Just a Lie (5:49)
8. Beyond the Wall (6:01)
Under the low grey sky
We complain
Waiting for the green light
We remain
And as the days get longer
Hope fades away
Will we find a real shelter
On our way ?

Where's the light ?

And the walk starts again
All : children, women and men
Roam aimless
To the next border to cross
One more step
Through the feeling of deep loss
We need help

No matter the borders
We walk on
No matter the soldiers
We go on
No wall can stop the flow
Cause we know
We should be feeding the crows
So we go

I wish we could go back home
To these lives that came undone
If there's no choice we can make,
There's still one chance we can take

So please just bring us some light
To help us escape the blight
We don't want to steal your home
We just need one of our own
Bring light
Give us hope

My dream is within reach
So close from the peace we all beseech
The light beyond the wall
Expectations before the fall
9. Kelem (2:04)
10. Capital City Burns (2:04)
11. As a Slave (1:30)
12. Jasmine Harvest (6:37)
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