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Yodh Full Album Lyrics

מזמור - Yodh cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDoom Metal, Black Metal, Sludge Metal
Album rating :  87.9 / 100
Votes :  23
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2018-07-24)
1. I. Woe Regains My Substance (13:38)
Awakening on the other side of catharsis,
Returning from a coma of unknowable extent,
Baffled, aghast, dumbfounded.
A sort of "enter scene
I repossess body, reason and sentience.
My sorrow a ready mnemonic.
Like bitterness wafted under-nose
I'm birthed again
Into my own awareness
That black dog and that old friend

And I begin to remember...
In place to assassinate his holiness
I was supposed to arrive, pass through,
Cease, or retire, have learned, or come home to graduate
But the alleged rite of passage eludes me
There is only another horizon
This memoir more a saga than a simple tale
Beginning and end seem synonyms
Impossible to trace and nevertheless infinite
There is always another horizon.

Set up to slaughter god, but now it's time I kill
I, entitled to my death and passing
Now pass nothing but time
Endless frontier, awash with years
Eternal pilgrim, brimming with tears.
So this is survival.
2. II. A Semblance Waning (11:35)
I am the iota, the fragile reminder
The most meager piece, a fragment enduring
The left behind and carried forth
But this scrap is empty, hardly the strongest
Still standing for it could endure
I am like chaff, a reed that is bruised
The smoldering flax and flickering wick
I'm utterly hollow - devoid not pious
The one who has tasted and can't be restored

As if some descendant of my very self
I roam and scrounge and fight for life
A shard of some former glory
I scavenge in search of reason, motive or cause
Any old morsel that I might feast
Or begin laying a brick upon
But what's unearthed is nothingness
The all-encompassing nullity
What do I think I will uncover?
What do I expect to change?

Survival driven by pain and fear
In efforts to save the helpless soul
Answers itself to nothing at all
A suspect of gravest suspicion
And therein lies the great dilemma
Might death provide the only rest?

But I cannot cause myself to sleep
The inmost always tends to err on the side of life
Enduring through existence often seems to me
An ailing and crippling fixation
True life one cannot be freed from
But rather, somehow, freed into
3. III. The Serpent Eats Its Tail (14:39)
Survival, the only necessity in life
Is surely comprised of struggle and strife
An endevour of stasis and preservation
Adversity the very fabric of being
To be human is to hurt
Pain, a condition for life
Inseparable from existence
It enables and disable the ability to be
And so they command one another

But must this cycle be unbroken?
Woe, the key of continuance
And survival is to live...
Life through necessarily painful
Is not essential in itself
It needn't happen, is a bestowing
Accident or chance
This, it's most terrible wonderful secret
Tis a blessing and a curse

Birth seems an anathema
Full of cries and wailing
Humanity begins in utter discomfort
How augural a welcome
And so we live... i live...
And here is our very burden
To not abort what eventually still ends
To invert the agony, the very air,
And we begin to appreciate
4. IV. Inertia, an Ill Compeller (10:54)
What then shall I say?
What sermon do I have to offer
Or legacy to pass on?
I give no wisdom nor have I knowledge
Always cleaning the slate and restarting
Endlessly retracing steps
Returning my soul to the start
Or perhaps my own vomit

Should not a brick already be laid?
A monolith however poor?
Though I have lived, it seems I have not learned
With no foundation on which to stand
But I cannot unearth the truth
I fail to expose him
Yet surely the laws govern nature
For it exists and functions all around me
Yes even in spite of me
Within me and without me

I ask again what is my statement?
Can this current ambivalence remain?
It appears sheer lunacy, if without goal

Is it enough to be undead
Directionless, wretched and confused?
Logic whispers of my arrogance
To think I could myself presume
And make the great decision
To end my days and simply cease
Nothing left to glean
But life inside me counters
FOOL! the possible outcomes
And paradigm shifts
Who am I to make that call?
Thus here I am, as if waiting
In some stupor deeply lodged
Between life and death itself
Utterly appalled by both
I see myself in this slumber
Hooked up to machines
And wonder ought I set it free?
Or if all life however awful
Is sacred and worth living.
5. V. Bask in the Lingering (10:37)
And now we've come to the crux
The apex and the even horizon
But I have not some epic thesis
This more a rambling monologue
The an illuminating treatise
What is there to cull or gather
From this deranged utterance?
I want to say "since we are here,
Might as well enjoy the ride."
But find this trite and heartless
For many fail and end their lives

Still I cannot escape this fact
Survival and conatus reign
After all is said at days end
Mother nature, even i,
Go ever forth like it or not.
Understand it or not
Inertia is a mighty force

Perhaps our bane is asking why
And this is solely human
Disaffected in knowing how
We always beg the question
To what avail? to what avail?
Lower life has not this plague
That blessed curse unique to us
But ought we to suppress it
Shouldn't we instead engage?

It is with grief that I report
My still and ever present void
I do not know why I am alive
The urgency of my tortured soul
Does not necessitate an answer

But reason and humility
Encourage me to linger
So on I go, forever striving
To make sense of my environment,
And even enjoy it.
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