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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Deliver UsLyricsMelodic Death Metal, Metalcore, Hardcore PunkUnited States21697
An Overdose of Death...LyricsSpeed Metal, Thrash Metal, Black MetalUnited States30552
Grimmest HitsLyricsHeavy Metal, Hard Rock, Southern RockUnited States19415
So Sang the HollowLyricsMelodic Death Metal, Alternative Metal, Nu MetalSweden21310
ChimairaLyricsGroove Metal, MetalcoreUnited States19352
De vermis mysteriisLyricsStoner Metal, Sludge MetalUnited States20191
Sonic Excess in Its Purest FormLyricsSludge MetalUnited States18190
Nailed. Dead. Risen.LyricsChristian Deathcore, Christian Death MetalUnited States10180
Terms of SurrenderLyricsTechnical Thrash MetalUnited States4190
The Process of Human ExterminationLyricsDeathcoreUnited States10140
The Great Stone WarLyricsSymphonic Deathcore, Death MetalUnited States13183
You Don't Have to Be Blood to Be FamilyLyricsMetalcore, Groove MetalUnited States16130
InvadeLyricsMetalcore, DeathcoreUnited States1991
Exi(s)tLyricsMetalcore, Djent, Progressive MetalUnited States770
Violent Portraits of Doomed EscapeLyricsTechnical Death Metal, Progressive MetalUnited States560
MaliceLyricsDeathcore, Death MetalUnited States641
Fables From a Mayfly: What I Tell You Three Times Is TrueProgressive MetalUnited States230
SavagesMetalcoreUnited Kingdom430
LifeNu Metal, Industrial Metal, Alternative MetalUnited States420
SinnerNu Metal, Alternative Metal, Hard Rock, Post Grunge, Heavy MetalUnited States920
Saturday Night ApocalypsePower MetalUnited States410
Binary GardenLyricsDjent, Progressive Metal, MetalcoreCanada500
WokeDeathcore, DjentUnited States300
no imageMelodic Death Metal, Industrial Metal, Metalcore, Progressive MetalUnited States000
no imageAlternative Metal, Groove Metal, Hard Rock, Heavy MetalUnited States000
Dream in MotionLyricsSludge Metal, Heavy Metal, Doom MetalUnited Kingdom100
The PhoenixAlternative Metal, Stoner MetalUnited States900
no imageSymphonic Deathcore, Death MetalUnited States000
Circle of DarknessLyricsThrash Metal, Death MetalUnited States300
no imageDeathcoreUnited States000
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