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Unique Leader Records

FounderErik Lindmark, Jacoby Kingston
GenreTechnical Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal, Deathcore
CountryUnited States
LocationLos Osos, California
Unique Leader Records
105 artists
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
The Harvest WombsLyricsTechnical Death Metal, Progressive Metal, DeathcoreUnited States8726
Lugal Ki EnLyricsTechnical DeathcoreUnited States8561
Consume the ForsakenLyricsBrutal Death MetalUnited States5364
Leading VisionLyricsTechnical Death Metal, Progressive Metal, JazzFrance8332
AutopsychosisLyricsSlamming Brutal Death MetalRussia9220
Path of the WeakeningLyricsBrutal Death Metal, Technical Death MetalUnited States12223
Surpassing the Boundaries of Human SufferingLyricsSlamming Deathcore, Brutal Deathcore, Blackened Deathcore, Death MetalUnited Kingdom12181
Sermon of MockeryLyricsDeath MetalUnited States10120
With All Their MightLyricsDeath MetalUnited Kingdom5110
The CollectionLyricsSlamming DeathcoreUnited States7110
Supreme Knowledge DomainLyricsTechnical Death Metal, Brutal Death MetalColombia6154
GammageddonLyricsTechnical Death Metal, Brutal Death MetalGermany482
DaseinLyricsTechnical Death MetalCanada780
Existential DisconnectLyricsSlamming Brutal Death MetalNew Zealand1080
AbyssalLyricsProgressive DeathcoreSweden870
God HandLyricsDeathcoreCanada360
Hate Takes Its FormLyricsDeath MetalDenmark770
SimulacrumLyricsTechnical Death Metal, Brutal Death MetalItaly673
Societal LobotomisationLyricsBrutal DeathcoreUnited Kingdom670
In Waking: DivinityLyricsMelodic Death Metal, DeathcoreUnited States850
Realms of the UngodlyLyricsBrutal Death MetalUnited States650
ImmortalLyricsTechnical Death MetalUnited States260
A Hill to Die UponLyricsDeathcoreGermany1140
Stench of the DeceasedLyricsBrutal Death Metal, Melodic Death MetalUnited States842
EphemerisLyricsDeath MetalIceland540
UnethicalLyricsSlamming Brutal Death MetalNetherlands340
Extermination of MillionsLyricsTechnical Death Metal, Brutal Death MetalGreece542
MaelstromTechnical Death Metal, Progressive MetalFrance430
Supreme VehemenceBrutal Death MetalJapan1530
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Reviews : 9,403
Albums : 142,474
Lyrics : 190,508