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The Artisan Era

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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Our Cursed RaptureLyricsTechnical Death Metal, Black MetalUnited States552
Illusive Golden AgeLyricsTechnical Death MetalCanada483
DemiurgusLyricsTechnical Death Metal, Progressive Death MetalUnited States281
RevenantLyricsMelodic Death Metal, Technical Death MetalUnited States8181
Emptiness Fills the VoidLyricsMelodic Death Metal, Melodic Black MetalSwitzerland830
MetamorphignitionLyricsTechnical Death MetalUnited States720
QliphoticSymphonic Black Metal, Death MetalUnited States220
A Never-Ending Cycle of AtonementLyricsTechnical Death MetalUnited States520
Psalms of MisanthropyLyricsTechnical Death MetalUnited States330
A Universal PlagueLyricsTechnical Death Metal, DeathcoreUnited States430
AdventTechnical Death Metal, DeathcoreUnited States420
Place of ChainsLyricsTechnical Black MetalUnited States730
AletheiaLyricsTechnical Death MetalCanada210
I: VoiceLyricsBlackened Death Metal, Black MetalUnited States210
ApparitionsMelodic Black MetalUnited States111
EmergenceLyricsMelodic Death Metal, Technical Death MetalUnited States200
Fruit of the Poisoned TreeLyricsTechnical Death MetalUnited States100
NeoconceptionLyricsTechnical Death MetalNetherlands200
Perfect World CreationTechnical Death MetalRussia200
no imageTechnical Death MetalUnited States000
no imageTechnical Death MetalNew Zealand000
AbsentiaLyricsTechnical Death MetalUnited States200
PerspicacityLyricsTechnical Death Metal, Progressive MetalUnited States200
Myth of ILyricsProgressive MetalUnited States100
Throne of MisanthropyLyricsTechnical Death Metal, Melodic Death MetalUnited States300
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Reviews : 9,371
Albums : 141,911
Lyrics : 190,003
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Gojira Fortitude (2021)
VOLA Witness (2021)
Epica Omega (2021)
Synsnake Fluxus (2021)