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Soulflesh Collector Records

32 artists
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Souls Despising the GodLyricsTechnical Death Metal, Brutal Death MetalRussia450
Dominant InhumanityLyricsBrutal Death Metal, Slamming Death MetalRussia630
Element of ChaosTechnical Death Metal, Brutal Death MetalRussia320
no imageBrutal Death Metal, GrindcoreRussia420
Proud to Build the Insidious CatastropheLyricsBrutal Death MetalFrance130
no imageBrutal Death MetalUnited States910
OssificationBrutal Death MetalUnited States210
DeathvilleBrutal Death Metal, GrindcoreRussia410
Grind BreedGrindcore, Death MetalRussia210
Awakening of sinsTechnical Death MetalRussia110
Transcendence in ImpermanenceTechnical Death Metal, Brutal Death MetalUnited States110
Say Yes to DiscomfortTechnical Death Metal, Brutal Death MetalBelarus310
Back of BeyondBlack MetalRussia200
Division by ZeroBrutal Death MetalUkraine300
no imageGrindcore, Death MetalPoland600
no imageBrutal Death MetalRussia200
Demolition OverdoseBrutal Death MetalRussia200
Light My FireGoregrindRussia200
PigumanityGrindcore, Brutal Death MetalRussia100
no imageGoregrind, Death MetalUnited States200
DefiledLyricsBrutal Death MetalHungary400
Troops of Eternal WarTechnical Death Metal, Brutal Death MetalBelarus100
no imageBrutal Death MetalBelgium300
no imageBrutal Death MetalBelgium100
Pit and hopeGrindcore, Brutal Death MetalUkraine500
Bhytpn Cebr (Inside of Itself)Brutal Death Metal, DeathcoreRussia100
Divine ImageLyricsTechnical Death Metal, Brutal Death MetalBelarus300
Essence of ExtinctionExperimental Brutal Death MetalFinland300
no imageBrutal DeathcoreRussia100
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Reviews : 9,464
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Lyrics : 191,745