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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
EarthlessLyricsFuneral Doom MetalSweden4194
Ave Maria IIBlack Metal, Death Metal, Doom Metal, Funeral Doom Metal, Post-Metal, Electronic, Neo Classical, Dark AmbientBelgium43140
The Mirror of DeliveranceLyricsGothic Metal, Doom MetalPortugal8179
Abhorrence in OpulenceDeath Doom MetalGermany987
As All Torn AsunderLyricsDeath Metal, Doom MetalSweden352
Horror VacuiLyricsFuneral Doom MetalRussia563
The Darkness at the Edge of DawnSymphonic Metal, Funeral Doom MetalUnited States787
The Shortest WayLyricsDeath Doom MetalSpain653
Wrath MonolithDeath Metal, Doom MetalGermany655
Not a Gleam of HopeFuneral Doom MetalRussia432
As We Slowly FadeLyricsFuneral Doom Metal, Death MetalBrazil930
Spiral-Shaped HopewreckFuneral Doom MetalBelarus332
Ea TaesseFuneral Doom MetalUnited States521
Diary of LossFuneral Doom MetalArmenia1030
Ashes to AshesFuneral Doom Metal, Death Metal, Symphonic MetalUkraine232
All Alone with the ThoughtsLyricsDoom Metal, Death MetalUkraine222
Mramornye Tona OtchayaniyaMelodic Doom Metal, Death MetalRussia411
In the Depths of R'lyehLyricsFuneral Doom Metal, Death MetalUnited States220
We Have Been Dead Since Long Ago...Funeral Doom Metal, Death MetalRussia611
ChthonicLyricsFuneral Doom MetalInternational410
Where Are You Now​.​.​.​?Death Doom Metal, Depressive Doom MetalPoland110
ИнталияLyricsFuneral Doom MetalRussia311
Fragile MonumentsDoom Metal, Gothic MetalSerbia421
Broken LeafDoom Metal, death metalBelgium110
Mistery of WinterGothic Metal, Doom Metal, Black MetalRussia210
Regression to NothingnessLyricsDeath Metal, Doom MetalFrance300
Beyond Good and EvilSludge Metal, Doom MetalSweden100
ХолодDeath Doom MetalRussia400
Balls to AllStoner Metal, Doom MetalNetherlands500
F:allSludge Metal, Funeral Doom MetalBelarus100
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Reviews : 9,675
Albums : 156,184
Lyrics : 208,817