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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Fetus in FetuLyricsBrutal Death MetalSpain661
Pandemic of ExistenceBrutal Death MetalGermany410
Cannibalistic UrgeBrutal Death MetalItaly110
Cannibalistic TormentBrutal Death MetalUnited States310
Revival of a Nest IgnorantLyricsBrutal Death Metal, Progressive Death MetalUkraine210
Conceived to PrevailBrutal Death MetalSpain200
no imageLyricsBrutal Death MetalGermany500
Feasting on bloody chunksLyricsBrutal Death MetalSweden300
no imageBrutal Death MetalUnited Kingdom400
Promo 2005Technical Death Metal, Brutal Death MetalItaly500
Empires of Great EnslavementBrutal Death MetalSweden500
Decadence of BenevolenceBrutal Death MetalItaly100
Remnants of Chaotic ApogeeLyricsBrutal Death MetalIndonesia300
Transcendental State of Absolute SufferingBrutal Death MetalFrance300
Cycles of EviscerationSlamming Brutal Death MetalInternational200
Molesting the Decapitated - Zombie EditionBrutal Death MetalUnited States300
Furiously ReducedLyricsBrutal Death MetalColombia300
Rocking BuffaloTechnical Death Metal, Brutal Death MetalRussia200
Devastating Defeat for MankindBrutal Death MetalJapan200
Infernal AtrocityLyricsTechnical Death Metal, Brutal Death MetalAustralia100
Procreation of the Artificial DivinityBrutal Death MetalInternational100
Hail the Victorious DeadBrutal Death MetalSweden100
Fragmented PerceptionBrutal Death MetalGermany200
God Spat and the Man Was DoneBrutal Death MetalChile200
Hideous Malformations Through IncestLyricsBrutal Death Metal, Technical Death MetalUnited Kingdom700
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Reviews : 9,049
Albums : 139,464
Lyrics : 185,460