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Pathologically Explicit Recordings

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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Cadaveric Rigdity + From Grave to CradleTechnical Death Metal, Brutal Death MetalKorea6171
S / 2 0 0 4 S 3LyricsBrutal Death MetalInternational371
Humiliation-Ridden EviscerationLyricsBrutal Death MetalIsrael490
Cannibalistic Gore of GrotesqueSlamming Brutal Death MetalJapan830
Deformity of Human ConsciousnessLyricsSlamming Brutal Death MetalChina640
Eternity AwaitsLyricsDeath MetalUnited States330
Suffering MutationsBrutal Death MetalIndonesia220
Threads of DesperationGoregrindBelarus420
From Russia With GoreBrutal Death Metal, GrindcoreRussia310
Of Martyrs's Agony and HateLyricsTechnical Death Metal, Brutal Death MetalSpain310
Goregrind Mafia / Oh My GoreDeath Metal, GoregrindMexico920
Revenge Beyond the GraveLyricsBrutal Death MetalSpain410
no imageDeath Metal, GoregrindNetherlands210
SinnerLyricsBrutal Death MetalSpain400
Order of the EnslavedDeath Metal, GrindcoreCanada300
Insights of a Rotten TheatreBrutal Death MetalSwitzerland510
no imageBrutal Death MetalItaly300
no imageBrutal Death Metal, GoregrindItaly400
The Day God DiedLyricsDeath MetalUnited States600
Disfigured FetusBrutal Death MetalRussia100
The Suggestion of the Last DaysBrutal Death MetalPeru100
Echoes of AbominationBrutal Death MetalSpain100
Parasite of SoulBrutal Death MetalIndonesia200
Soulless LegionsLyricsDeath MetalSpain600
Promo 2017Brutal Death MetalUnited States100
Collision Of WorldsBrutal Death MetalColombia200
UnderlyingBrutal Death MetalSpain100
Excruciating Severe LacerationLyricsBrutal Death MetalUkraine300
Biomass AdaptationLyricsBrutal Death MetalUkraine300
no imageBrutal Death MetalUnited States500
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Reviews : 9,936
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