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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
.​.​.​and in the Glade a Light Was SeenLyricsAtmospheric Black Metal, Dungeon SynthRussia21243
Поминальные холстыPagan Black MetalRussia865
Symbols That DisappearedBrutal Death MetalRussia730
ScourgeLyricsTechnical Death Metal, Brutal Death MetalBelarus620
Purification Through PainLyricsBrutal Death MetalRussia520
Breakpoint '33Gothic MetalRussia1410
Anal Supersonic SexGrindcoreRussia210
Duality of ExistenceLyricsBrutal Death MetalRussia710
Real'naya Zhizn' - Zhizn' Zdes' ILyricsFolkish Black MetalRussia800
Virgin BloodExtreme Symphonic Metal, Melodic Death MetalUkraine200
Two Pipes to HeavenGothic Metal, Black MetalRussia200
AssaultBlack MetalUkraine400
Veritas Odium ParitLyricsMelodic Death MetalRussia300
Dysfunctional DivineDeath Metal, Black MetalUkraine700
SepticaemiaBlack MetalUkraine200
Симфонія ЖиттяPagan Black Metal, Folk MetalUkraine400
no imageBlack Metal, Death MetalUkraine700
0105Black MetalUkraine100
Воды ТундPagan Black Metal, Folk MetalRussia100
Marvin John HeemeyerLyricsBrutal Death MetalRussia600
Interstellar Hatred VoidSymphonic Black MetalRussia100
Posthumous Blasphemer / Mutant Factor / Anal Nosorog / Prichudliviy ZarodishGoregrindRussia100
Paradigma DigitizedLyricsIndustrial Black MetalRussia100
Encrypted Future ContingencyTechnical Death MetalRussia200
Клетка для мозгаBrutal Death MetalUkraine300
Burial MutilatedBrutal Death MetalRussia400
Blast from the UndergroundLyricsBrutal Death MetalBelarus200
Shadows of the Last BattleSymphonic Black MetalRussia500
Fat of the DeadDeath MetalRussia100
Scum BrigadeMelodic Death Metal, Doom MetalRussia400
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Reviews : 9,984
Albums : 163,452
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