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Technical Thrash Metal

Also known asTechnical Thrash
Stylistic originsThrash Metal
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Terminal ReduxLyricsTechnical Thrash Metal, Progressive MetalUnited States132429
The Violent Sleep of ReasonLyricsDjent, Progressive Metal, Technical Thrash MetalSweden2731213
Never NeverlandLyricsThrash Metal, Technical Thrash Metal, Heavy MetalCanada4718910
Punishment for DecadenceLyricsTechnical Thrash Metal, Thrash MetalSwitzerland11971
КровоизлияниеLyricsTechnical Thrash MetalRussia1776
Dimension HatrössLyricsProgressive Metal, Thrash Metal, Technical Thrash MetalCanada58772
Dances of Death (And Other Walking Shadows)LyricsTechnical Thrash Metal, Progressive MetalGermany16511
NetherheavenLyricsTechnical Thrash Metal, Technical Death MetalUnited States13530
Concepts of Math: Book OneLyricsTechnical Thrash Metal, Progressive MetalUnited States11263
In Hatred's FlameLyricsTechnical Thrash Metal, Death MetalUnited States14340
IllusionsLyricsTechnical Thrash MetalUnited States13290
Excursion DemiseLyricsTechnical Thrash MetalDenmark10220
World CircusLyricsTechnical Thrash Metal, Speed MetalUnited States9201
Raging SteelLyricsThrash Metal, Technical Thrash MetalGermany4151
Terms of SurrenderLyricsTechnical Thrash MetalUnited States4190
DejavoodooTechnical Thrash Metal, Speed MetalSweden4110
Syzygial MiscreancyLyricsTechnical Thrash Metal, Death MetalUnited States1791
Live to DieLyricsTechnical Thrash Metal, Speed MetalUnited States680
SuicietyLyricsTechnical Thrash Metal, Thrash MetalUnited States650
MoshPiritThrash Metal, Technical Thrash MetalSpain330
Heralds of the StarsLyricsTechnical Thrash Metal, Progressive Thrash MetalItaly451
25 Years of ChaosLyricsTechnical Thrash Metal, Progressive MetalUnited States1130
Electric ScumTechnical Thrash MetalGermany710
LabyrinthTechnical Thrash MetalNorway910
A Pill Hard to SwallowLyricsTechnical Thrash MetalSerbia511
Biotronic GenesisTechnical Thrash MetalBrazil610
Knowledge at Hand: the AnthologyTechnical Thrash Metal, Progressive MetalUnited Kingdom111
Visitations from EnceladusDeath Metal, Technical Thrash MetalUnited Kingdom310
Reality Turns to DustTechnical Thrash MetalSwitzerland310
Subterranean ConstellationTechnical Thrash MetalSingapore210
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Reviews : 10,003
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Lyrics : 199,998