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Symphonic Deathcore

28 artists
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
...And I Return to NothingnessLyricsSymphonic DeathcoreUnited States11591
ReclaimerLyricsSymphonic Deathcore, Melodic DeathcoreUnited States10431
The Great Stone WarLyricsSymphonic Deathcore, Death MetalUnited States13163
God of NothingnessSymphonic DeathcorePortugal620
Lore of LiesSymphonic DeathcoreUnited States410
The Symphony of HopeSymphonic Deathcore, MetalcoreBelarus410
no imageDeathcore, Symphonic DeathcoreDenmark110
AkkaLyricsSymphonic DeathcoreUnited States310
Tutor of the DyingLyricsSymphonic DeathcoreBelgium510
Thy Devil's Fetus Has BornSymphonic DeathcoreChile210
FirekeeperSymphonic DeathcoreInternational110
Athena's PlagueSymphonic DeathcoreUnited States200
Birth ChamberSymphonic DeathcoreSpain200
This is HalloweenSymphonic DeathcoreUnited States200
Absentia MentisSymphonic DeathcoreUnited States300
117Symphonic Deathcore, MetalcoreUnited Kingdom100
PestilenceBlackened Deathcore, Symphonic DeathcoreUnited States200
no imageSymphonic DeathcoreRussia000
no imageSymphonic DeathcoreBelarus400
no imageSymphonic Deathcore, Progressive MetalcoreUnited States000
no imageSymphonic Deathcore, Death MetalUnited States000
no imageSymphonic Deathcore, Metalcore, Death MetalAustralia000
no imageSymphonic Deathcore, Gothic MetalAustralia000
Ashara: The Face of RetributionSymphonic DeathcoreUnited States200
Force-FedBlackened Deathcore, Symphonic DeathcoreUnited States400
Tragedy EternalLyricsSymphonic DeathcoreUnited Kingdom200
And the Sun Never Again Rose (2022 Re-Recording)Symphonic Black Metal, Symphonic DeathcoreUnited States400
The HereticSymphonic DeathcoreUnited Kingdom200
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Artists : 45,578
Reviews : 9,976
Albums : 163,250
Lyrics : 216,072