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Symphonic Black Metal

Stylistic originsSymphonic Metal, Black Metal
Cultural originsMid 1990s, Norway and the United Kingdom
Typical instrumentsElectric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Keyboards, Vocals, Violin
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Cruelty and the BeastLyricsSymphonic Black Metal, Gothic MetalUnited Kingdom4267059
Enthrone Darkness TriumphantLyricsSymphonic Black Metal, Melodic Black MetalNorway3139034
In the Nightside EclipseLyricsBlack Metal, Symphonic Black MetalNorway2123918
Dol GuldurLyricsAtmospheric Black Metal, Symphonic Black MetalAustria2020512
DrudenhausLyricsSymphonic Black Metal, Melodic Black MetalFrance1017920
As the Angels Reach the BeautyLyricsMelodic Black Metal, Symphonic Black Metal, Gothic MetalItaly1517722
The Sham MirrorsLyricsProgressive Metal, Avant-garde Metal, Symphonic Black MetalNorway1311016
Anti-Life SaviourLyricsMelodic Death Metal, Symphonic Black Metal, Melodic Black MetalFinland111055
The Lord ov ShadowsLyricsSymphonic Black Metal, Gothic MetalKorea71018
Cast Into Fields of Evil PleasureLyricsSymphonic Black Metal, Melodic Black MetalDenmark7564
Revelation 666: Curse of DamnationLyricsSymphonic Black MetalNorway8465
The Highest of DystopiaLyricsSymphonic Black Metal, Melodic Death MetalJapan4302
WitchcraftLyricsDeath Metal, Symphonic Black MetalNorway5332
GriseusLyricsAtmospheric Black Metal, Symphonic Black MetalAustralia6303
LammendamLyricsSymphonic Black MetalNetherlands11437
The Crescent Moon PalaceLyricsSymphonic Black Metal, Atmospheric Black MetalSpain24275
Голос Сталі (The Voice of Steel)LyricsPagan Black Metal, Symphonic Black Metal, Folk MetalUkraine22302
Echoes of BattleLyricsAtmospheric Black Metal, Symphonic Black MetalUnited States1212
Volume I-IVLyricsSymphonic Black MetalNorway15305
Fires of LifeLyricsMelodic Death Metal, Symphonic Black Metal, Power MetalUnited States9263
DionysosLyricsSymphonic Black MetalPoland6235
The Nightmarish CompositionsLyricsSymphonic Black MetalIsrael6213
The Three-Faced PilgrimLyricsSymphonic Black Metal, Melodic Black MetalFinland10151
The Dynamic Gallery of ThoughtsLyricsSymphonic Black Metal, Industrial MetalFinland11192
Ite Missa EstLyricsSymphonic Black MetalFrance4112
Mare NostrumLyricsSymphonic Black MetalItaly14181
Damnation of RegiomontumLyricsSymphonic Black MetalRussia490
Methad / SkyggenSymphonic Black MetalKorea3122
Theatre of DeceptionLyricsSymphonic Black MetalCanada380
AbschiedsreigenLyricsSymphonic Black MetalGermany781
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Info / Statistics
Artists : 46,430
Reviews : 10,071
Albums : 166,546
Lyrics : 217,450