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Progressive Metalcore

Also known asMathcore
Stylistic originsMetalcore, Math Rock, Grindcore
Cultural originsEarly to mid-1990s, United States
Typical instrumentsVocals, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums
260 artists
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
AugmentLyricsProgressive MetalcoreUnited States15372
Taming LionsLyricsExperimental Metalcore, Progressive MetalcoreUnited Kingdom890
Wrath of the VanguardProgressive Metalcore, DjentUnited States891
Stargate SynchronicityDjent, Electronic Metal, Progressive Metalcore, MidicoreFrance660
Reach Beyond the SunLyricsProgressive MetalcoreUnited States651
Reshape | ReasonLyricsProgressive Metalcore, DjentUnited States610
AletheiaLyricsNeoclassical Metalcore, Christian Metalcore, Progressive MetalcoreUnited States520
ZonLyricsProgressive MetalcoreUnited States531
Let the Future Tell the TruthNeoclassical Metalcore, Progressive Metalcore, AmbidjentUnited States400
Moths and RustLyricsProgressive Metalcore, DjentUnited States620
Dead YearsTechnical Metalcore, Progressive Metalcore, Atmospheric MetalcoreUnited States400
Perfect War ForeverProgressive Metalcore, AmbidjentUnited States220
Artificial ApexDjent, Progressive Metalcore, ThallUnited States330
Guardians 2.0Progressive Metalcore, Progressive Deathcore, AmbidjentUnited States510
IsolatedTechnical Metalcore, Progressive Metalcore, Atmospheric MetalcoreUnited Kingdom110
Lazarus BirdHardcore Punk, Progressive MetalcoreSweden1320
Life ReaperLyricsProgressive MetalcoreUnited States520
Reticence: the MusicalNeoclassical Metalcore, Progressive MetalcoreUnited States100
abstractsLyricsDjent, Progressive MetalcoreJapan541
CodexDjent, Progressive Metalcore, AmbientHungary220
Let Oceans LieProgressive MetalcoreUnited States330
I'LL SHOW YOU (K​/​DA Djent​/​Metalcore Cover)Progressive Metalcore, Djent, ThallRussia1710
Twenty TwelveTechnical Metalcore, Progressive Metalcore, Atmospheric MetalcoreUnited States300
LumièreProgressive Metalcore, Ambidjent, Atmospheric MetalcoreCanada710
鼓動Progressive MetalcoreJapan1410
Acte 2 : ApocalypseProgressive Metalcore, ElectronicsCanada411
Search PartyLyricsMelodic Metalcore, Progressive MetalcoreUnited States410
VimanaProgressive Metalcore, Technical MetalcoreUnited Kingdom500
In the Taking of FleshLyricsChristian Metalcore, Progressive MetalcoreUnited States400
BreathtakerProgressive MetalcoreRussia610
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Info / Statistics
Artists : 46,070
Reviews : 10,025
Albums : 165,294
Lyrics : 216,786