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Neoclassical Metal

Stylistic originsHeavy Metal, Classical Music, Speed Metal, Progressive Rock, Shredding
Cultural originsLate 1970s and early 1980s, Sweden, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Argentina
Typical instrumentsElectric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Keyboards
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Rising ForceLyricsNeoclassical Metal, Heavy MetalSweden4455637
ResurrectionLyricsPower Metal, Neoclassical Metal, Progressive MetalJapan4155646
V: The New Mythology SuiteLyricsProgressive Metal, Power Metal, Neoclassical MetalUnited States1434534
ParadoxLyricsProgressive Metal, Heavy Metal, Neoclassical Metal, Symphonic MetalDenmark3136436
Screaming SymphonyLyricsHeavy Metal, Neoclassical MetalUnited States1529832
Days of DefianceLyricsHeavy Metal, Power Metal, Neoclassical MetalGreece1916010
Only HumanLyricsNeoclassical Metal, Power MetalGermany1214113
The RedemptionNeoclassical Metal, Power MetalKorea3800
Dragon's KissLyricsHeavy Metal, Neoclassical Metal, Progressive MetalUnited States19873
Perpetual BurnLyricsNeoclassical Metal, Progressive MetalUnited States6402
Maximum SecurityLyricsNeoclassical Metal, Progressive MetalUnited States16444
Royaume MélancoliqueLyricsDarkwave, Gothic Metal, Neoclassical MetalFrance15438
Speed Metal SymphonyLyricsHeavy Metal, Neoclassical Metal, Speed MetalUnited States2405
Extreme MeasuresLyricsNeoclassical Metal, Progressive MetalUkraine10339
Les Tenebres Du DehorsLyricsDark Ambient, Neoclassical MetalFrance7454
Time OdysseyLyricsNeoclassical Metal, Progressive Metal, Hard RockUnited States10344
Life of PassionLyricsNeoclassical Metal, Heavy MetalKorea4350
InnuendoLyricsSymphonic Metal, Power Metal, Neoclassical MetalFinland11342
VorvadosLyricsHeavy Metal, Power Metal, Neoclassical MetalJapan3210
Glory to My KingLyricsNeoclassical Metal, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Christian MetalSweden5200
Overture of DestructionLyricsNeoclassical Metal, Power MetalJapan8242
Course of a GenerationLyricsPower Metal, Neoclassical MetalSweden14213
Time RequiemLyricsPower Metal, Neoclassical Metal, Progressive MetalSweden4255
Rain ForestLyricsPower Metal, Neoclassical MetalJapan23230
Prognosis & SynopsisLyricsProgressive Metal, Neoclassical MetalGreece5150
War of the Worlds / Pt. 1LyricsProgressive Metal, Neoclassical MetalUnited States2150
The Fire WithinLyricsPower Metal, Neoclassical MetalGermany3191
Beyond AbilitiesLyricsNeoclassical Metal, Power MetalFinland6200
Embrace the GalaxyLyricsNeoclassical Metal, Progressive MetalSweden3120
Hands Without ShadowsLyricsHeavy Metal, Neoclassical MetalUnited States13200
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Artists : 39,245
Reviews : 9,372
Albums : 141,936
Lyrics : 190,035
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